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2016 eCM XVII: Stem cells, Bone Fixation, Repair & Regeneration
20th – 23rd June 2016, Congress Center, Davos, Switzerland

Due to TERMIS-EU being hosted in Davos, there will not be an eCM conference in 2017.
eCM will hold a special symposium from the Scientific Editors during TERMIS 2017.
eCM will return, as normal in 2018 on the theme of Cartilage repair (at the time of the football world cup again).


2017 TERMIS-EU Conference (no eCM in 2017) TERMIS-EU
26th-30th June 2017 Congress Center, Davos, Switzerland.
Conference Chair: Prof. R. Geoff Richards, PhD Conference
Program Chair: Prof. Mauro Alini, PhD

2018 eCM XVIII: Cartilage & Disc: Repair and Regeneration
25th - 28th June 2018, Congress Center, Davos, Switzerland


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Last modified July 23, 2015
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