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2006   Volume No 12 – pages 92-101

Title: The structure and function of cartilage proteoglycans

Author: PJ Roughley

Address: Genetics Unit, Shriners Hospital for Children and Department of Surgery, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


E-mail: proughley at


Key Words: Proteoglycan, aggrecan, link protein, hyaluronan, decorin, biglycan, fibromodulin, lumican, cartilage.


Publication date: November 30th 2006

Abstract: Cartilage contains a variety of proteoglycans that are essential for its normal function. These include aggrecan, decorin, biglycan, fibromodulin and lumican. Each proteoglycan serves several functions that are determined by both its core protein and its glycosaminoglycan chains. This review discusses the structure/function relationships of the cartilage proteoglycans, and the manner in which perturbations in proteoglycan structure or abundance can adversely affect tissue function.

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