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Volume No 10- Supplement July 2005

Abstracts of TCES (Tissue and Cell Engineering Society) meeting 2005
May 20-22, 2005 - Queen Mary, University of London

Abstracts listed in order of presentation at the meeting

Page 1: A Lloyd Keynote Lecture
Cell/Biomaterial interactions for ophthalmic applications

Page 2 : P De Bank, Q Hou, RM Warner, IV Wood, BEEM Ali, LDK Buttery, S MacNeil, DA Kendall, B Kellam, KM Shakesheff
Enhanced formation of three-dimensional cellular structures via biomolecular engineering

Page 3 : U Cheema, HM Zuijdendorp, HV Neck, RA Brown
Collagen conduits for neural repair

Page 4 : H Shearer, MJ. Ellis, SP. Perera, JB Chaudhuri
Sterilization of PLGA flat sheet and hollow fiber tissue engineering scaffolds

Page 5 : I Liu
Nanomechanics and nanomanipulation of soft biological materials for tissue engineering applications

Page 6 : A Andar, JM de la Fuente, N Gadegaard, C Berry, MO Riehle
Effect of fluorescent micropatterened self assembled monolayers on cell behaviour

Page 7 : L Csaderoma, M Riehle, A McIntosh, M Robertson Cell response to microfabricated surface rigidity patterns

Page 8 : J McWhir Keynote Lecture
Human embryonic stem cells for bone repair

Page 9 : J Curran, R Chen, JA Hunt
Utilization of silane modified surfaces to control the osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells

Page 10 : J Pounds, DW Green, JB Chaudhuri, HI Roach, ROC Oreffo
Bioreactor culture of cartilage from mesenchymal populations

Page 11: J Campbell, DA Lee, DL Bader
Mechanical conditioning influences mesenchymal stem cell chondrogenesis

Page 12: N Hughes, S Richardson, AJ Freemont, J Hunt, JA Hoyland
Differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells to NP- like cells in chitosan/glycerol phosphate: Implications for tissue engineering of the intervertebral disc

Page 13: K Hampson, SH Cartmell, B Ashton, AJ El Haj
The proliferation of hMSCs on PLA scaffolds

Page 14: J Ingram, S Korrosis, J Fisher, E Ingham
Ultrasonic modification of acellular tendon to enhance recellularisation

Page 15: I Leigh Keynote Lecture
Skin tissue engineering

Page 16: A Metcalfe, JP Bartlett, AH Beare, MWJ Ferguson
Characterizing mechanisms of regeneration for future applications in tissue engineering

Page 17: S Grubb, CM Holt, N Malik, JW Haycock Anti-inflammatory peptide approaches to prevent vascular inflammation

Page 18: L Shuttleworth, RA Black, MWJ Ferguson, SE Herrick
Deposition of elastic fibres in a murine cutaneous wound healing model

Page 19: A Soueid, S Hall, V Mudera
Contractile profiles of pulmonary smooth muscle cells

Page 20 : D Grellier, R Daculsi, MR Zolghadri, R Bareille, L Bordenave
Cord blood derived endothelial progenitor cells for vascular tissue engineering: enhanced knowledge of functional properties

Page 21: M Brittberg Keynote Lecture
Current developments in cell-based cartilage repair systems

Page 22: R Tare, D Howard, JC Pound, HI Roach, ROC Oreffo
ATDC5: An ideal cell line for development of tissue engineering strategies aimed at cartilage regeneration

Page 23: B Pingguan, DA Lee, DL Bader, MM Knight
Mechanical compression activates chondrocyte calcium signalling in a cycle dependent manner involving the release of ATP

Page 24: T Katopodi, T Hardingham
Human osteoarthritic chondrocytes are capable of forming cartilage on hyalograft C under hypoxic conditions

Page 25: M Heyde, KM Shakesheff, KA Partridge, ROC Oreffo, MC Garnett
A non-viral gene delivery system for tissue engineering

Page 26: K Partridge, D Green, X Yang, D Walsh, S Mann, ROC Oreffo
In vivo gene delivery and transfection with biomimetic biomaterials

Page 27: C Oomens Keynote Lecture
The role of computational modeling in tissue engineering

Page 28: W Wang
In vivo measurements and theoretical modelling of oxygen partial pressure in outer layers of human skin

Page 29: M Brady, R Brown, M Lewis, V Mudera
Mechanical behaviour of primary human skeletal muscle cells and isolated non-myogenic cells within a 3-D Construct

Page 30 : S Curran, R Chen, M Oates, J Curran, JA Hunt
Cartilage tissue engineering using modified Poly-(L-lactide) microspheres in an intermittent stirred flow bioreactor under hypoxic c onditions

Page 31: BD MacArthur, R Tare, C Please, ROC Oreffo
Quantification of sub-population behaviour in heterogeneous cell populations: Implications for tissue regeneration

Page 32: P Bagnaninchi, Y Yang, N Maffulli, RK Wang, A El Haj
Investigation of tenocytes proliferation under perfusion in microchannels chitosan scaffolds by optical coherence tomography

Posters in alphabetical order

Page 33 : M Ahearne, YYang, K Then, A.El Haj, KK Liu
Mechanical characterisation and stimulation of corneal stroma equivalents

Page 34: BEEM Ali, PA De Bank, B Kellam, KM Shakesheff
Induction of 3-D cell-cell interaction via cell surface chemical modification

Page 35: S Ashraff, RA Brown, JB Phillips
Plastic compression of collagen: Development and assessment of a new biomaterial in nerve repair

Page 36: S Beg,, R Smith, D Bader
Confocal microscopy of chondrocyte-seeded chitosan hydrogels

Page 37: MJP Biggs, RG Richards, CDW Wilkinson, MJ Dalby
Isolation of S-phase osteoblasts: Focal contact quantification on nano-pitted substrates

Page 38: G Buckley, AD Metcalfe, MWJ Ferguson
Characterisation of the regenerative ability of the MRL/MPJ mouse in order to re-innervate and promote scar-free healing in engineered skin equivalents

Page 39: U Cheema, M Wiseman, CB Chuo, RA Brown, SN Nazhat
Rapid fabrication tissue engineering by plastic compression

Page 40 : YX Cui, KM Shakesheff, X Chen, G Adams
The role of poly-L-ornithine, poly-L-lysine and extracellular matrix proteins on the proliferation and function of pancreatic insulin-producing cells by complex alginate microencapsulation

Page 41: YX Cui, KM Shakesheff G Adams
Extracellular matrix proteinsh an effect on cell adhesion and proliferation but no significant differentiation of adult rat pancreatic duct epithelial cells (ARIP)

Page 42: C Dehili, P Lee, KM Shakesheff, MR Alexander
Attachment and functionality of primary rat hepatocytes cultured on plasma polymerised allylamine for 24 hours

Page 43: R Duxbury, DE Gilham, A Russell, E Woods, MWJ Ferguson, TR McKay, RE Hawkins
A gene therapeutic approach to scar reduction at the site of cutaneous wounding

Page 44: JO Eniwumide, DA Lee, DL Bader
Perfusion-enhancement of molecular transport within 3D scaffolds

Page 45: K Gellynck, P Verdonk, KF Almqvist, E Van Nimmen, T Gheysens, J Mertens, L Van Langenhove, P Kiekens, A Verbruggen
Chondrocyte growth in porous spider silk 3D-scaffolds

Page 46: O Hakimi, MF Grahn, DP Knight, P Vadgama
Interaction of myofibroblasts with silk scaffolds

Page 47: K Hampson, A Keramane, SH Cartmell, Y Yang, E Baas, JH Kuiper, B Ashton, AJ El Haj
The design of a rotating bioreactor for use in multi-sample loading regimes

Page 48: HK Heywood, DL Bader, DA Lee
Superficial and deep chondrocyte subpopulations both express the crabtree effect but exhibit differences in oxygen consumption rate

Page 49: LA Hidalgo-Bastida, JJA Barry, FRAJ Rose, LD Buttery, I Hall, KM Shakesheff
Designing flexible biodegradable scaffolds for cardiac tissue engineering

Page 50 : GR Kirkham, KJ Elliot, A Keramane, DM Salter, J Dobson, AJ El Haj, SH Cartmell
Changes in membrane potential of human osteoblasts and chondrocytes in response to novel magnetic particle based force application technique

Page 51: ZY Li, JH Gillard
Biomechanics of plaque rupture in carotid atheroma: Utility of in vivo high resolution MRI

Page 52: S Lunj, R Duxbury, AM Russell, Y Li, SR Tew, TE Hardingham, TR McKay, RE Hawkins
Co-expression of SOX 9 and SOX 6 enhances collagen 2 gene expression

Page 53: A McIntosh, M Riehle, Y Gerbig, M Liley
Observation of calvaria cells on nanostructure with pyramid morphology

Page 54: SA Mitchell, MR Davidson, AHC. Poulsson, RH Bradley
Orientation and confinement of cells on chemically-patterned polystyrene surfaces

Page 55: AHC Poulsson, SA Mitchell, MR Davidson, N Emmison, RH Bradley
Adhesion of primary human osteoblast cells to UV/ozone modified polyethylene

Page 56: S Richardson, R Walker, S Parker, J Hunt, AJ Freemont, JA Hoyland
Differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells to nucleus pulposus cells using a novel co-culture technique

Page 57: KH Smith, AB Jozwiak, CM Kielty, RA Black
Surface modification of a polyether-urethane with RGD-containing peptides for enhanced cell attachment and signalling

Page 58: NJ Vickers, S Mac Neil, AG Shard
Grafting of PEG-macromonomers to plasma polymers using ceric ion initiation

Page 59: MA Wood, Y Yang, DO Meredith, RG Richards, AJ El Haj
Identification of calcium in osteoid as a result of load profile utilising backscattered electron detection in combination with X-ray microanalysis

Page 60 : D Karamichos, R Brown, V Mudera
Cellular responses to external mechanical stimuli when seeded to 3D collagen

Page 61: R Ahmadi, M Zhou, JD De Bruijn
The use of thermo-sensitive chitosan as an injectable carrier for bone tissue engineering

Page 62: C Catuogno, TT Chowdhury, DL Bader, DA Lee
Dynamic compression influences the biochemical response of human mesenchymal stem cells cultured in agarose constructs

Page 63: TT Chowdhury, DL Bader, DA Lee
Dynamic compression counteracts Il-1 induced INOS and COX-2 activity by human chondrocytes cultured in agarose constructs

Page 64: ZA Saddiq, JC Barbenel, MH Grant
The mechanical strength of collagen gels containing glycosaminoglycans and populated with fibroblasts

Page 65: A Hart, N Gadegaard, CDW Wilkinson, ROC Oreffo, M.J.Dalby
Filapodial Sensing of Nanotopography in Osteoprogenitor Cells

Page 66: Q Hou, LDK Buttery, R Freeman, KM Shakesheff
Surface engineering of alginate scaffolds for the attachment and differentiation of embryonic stem cells

Page 67: I Khan, SF Oldfield, K Richardson, JR Ralphs, CW Archer
Growth characteristics of chondroprogenitor cells in vitro

Page 68: AD Murdoch, LM Tweats, TE Hardingham
Regulation of hypertrophic gene expression in chondrogenic cultures of human bone marrow mesenchymal cells

Page 69: RH Jenkins, JD Williams, R Steadman
Fibroblasts transformed to a wound healing phenotype accumulate a hyaluronan-rich extracellular matrix through reduced degradation

Page 70 : ML Ngiam, S Dhara, B Su
Biomimetic synthesis of apatite on polycaprolactone for bone tissue engineering

Page 71: Y Lu, W Wang
Effects of cyclic loads on transport of fluid and solutes in cell seeded constructs

Page 72: AJ Hayes, D Tudor, MA Nowell, C Hughes, B Caterson
Novel chondroitin sulphation motifs as putative biomarkers of articular cartilage chondroprogenitor cells

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