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Volume No 11- Supplement 3 June 2006

Abstracts of the Tissue and Cell Engineering Society (TCES) meeting
3-4 July 2006, University of Sheffield

Abstracts listed in order of presentation at the meeting

Scaffolds & 3D Models

Page 1: CJ Kirkpatrick
The role of in vitro techniques in tissue engineering development

Page 2 : S Hughes, M Wood, N Zghoul, Y Yang, A El Haj.
Ion channel agonist release scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Page 3 : N Anandagoda, U Cheema, RA Brown
Ultra-rapid pre-fabrication of biomimetic collagen "tissues": Generating mesoscale structure with hyaluronan

Page 4 : BJ Ainsworth, JB Chaudhuri
Development of fibrous porous silk scaffolds

Page 5 : T Suciati, D Howard, JJA Barry, NM Everitt1, FRAJ Rose, KM Shakesheff
Zonal release of proteins within tissue engineered scaffolds

Page 6 : J Pettit, G Rohman, F Isaure, N Cameron, J Southgate
Biocompatibility of normal human urethelial (NHU) and urinary tract-derived smooth muscle (USM) cells grown on two and three dimensional (Poly (lactic-co-glycolic) acid (PLGA) scaffolds

Page 7 : MJP Biggs, RG Richards, N Gadegaard, CDW Wilkinson, MJ Dalby
Nanoscale biomimetic modification of the cell-substrate interface for bone tissue engineering


Page 8 : C Jacobs, J You, G Reilly, N Batra, Y Li, A Malone, S Themiyasathit, J Tang, T Stearns, C Anderson
Cellular mechanotransduction in bone: Moving towards a molecular mechanism

Page 9 : J Ingram, J Fisher, E Ingham
Effect of tissue thickness and mechanical stimulation on porcine ligament tissue homeostasis

Page 10 : D Karamichos, J Skinner, R Brown, V Mudera
External loading determines specific eCM genes regulation

Page 11: F Foroughi, V Mudera, R Brown
Measurement of collagen synthesis by cells grown under different mechanical stimuli

Page 12: G Poologasundarampillai, PD Lee, JR Jones
Non-destructive quantitative 3D analysis of structural, flow and mechanical properties of porous scaffolds

Page 13: A Soueid, T Smith, S Hall, V Mudera
Pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells response to vaso-active stimulations in a real-time 3 dimensional model

Translational Tissue Engineering

Page 14: S MacNeil
Translating tissue engineering to the clinic

Page 15: A Sharma, JB Richardson, S Roberts, NJ Goodstone
Detailed analysis of the glycosaminoglycan content of human autologous chondrocyte implantation repair tissue

Page 16: RV Shevchenko, JR Sharpe, PD Sibbons, SE James
Permacol™ Paste - a New Dermal Substitute in full-thickness wounds?

Page 17: P Eves, AJ Beck, AG Shard, S MacNeil
Improved technologies for translating culture of human melanocytes to the clinic

Page 18: S Wilshaw, J Fisher, J Kearney, E Ingham
Biocompatibility of decellularised human amniotic membrane

Bioreactors & Imaging

Page 19: S Williams, D Burke, W Conrads, T Nickel, L Mejia
BioDynamic Test Instrument for the Characterization of Tissues and Biomaterials

Page 20 : RW Forsey, RTare, ROC Oreffo, JB Chaudhuri
Alginate scaffolds and perfusion bioreactors: a promising system for cartilage engineering with Stro-1 + MSC

Page 21: U Cheema, B Alp, RA Brown, AJ MacRobert
Perfusion of oxygen in 3D plastic compressed collagen constructs

Page 22: UK Tirlapur, X Xu, Z Cui
Femtosecond high resolution near infrared non-linear optical imaging (NIR-NLOI): Applications in cell and tissue engineering

Page 23: Y Yang, PO Bagnaninchi, AJ El Haj
Application of optical coherence tomography in tissue engineering

Page 24: JJ Campbell, MM Knight
A novel confocal FRAP technique for the measurement of long-term actin dynamics in stress fibres

Emerging Topics in Tissue Engineering

Page 25: V Jayawarna, RJ Williams, JE Gough, RV Ulijn
Enzyme Responsive Peptide Gels for Regenerative Medicine

Page 26: M Charnley, K Fairfull-Smith, NH Williams, JW Haycock
Evaluation of anti-inflammatory calixarene-peptides for biomaterial modification

Page 27: G Ponirakis, JE Gough
The effect of sodium trisilicate on bone resorption and healing

Page 28: T Sun, P McMinn, S Coakley, M Holcombe, R Smallwood, S MacNeil
Development and validation of an agent-based computational model of normal human keratinocytes organisation in vitro

Page 29: A Andar, S Affrossman, CDW Wilkinson, R Tare, ROC Oreffo, MJ Dalby
Patterns of genomic regulations in mesenchymal stem cells cultured on osteogenic nanotopographies

Posters in alphabetical order

Page 30: DB Das, DR Jones
Multiscale transport modelling of nutrient transport in bioreactor for growing 3D bone tissues: Sub-cellular to laboratory scale

Page 31: JJ Zhu, S Coakley, M Holcombe, S MacNeil, RH Smallwood
Individual Cell-Based Simulation of 3D Multicellular Spheroid Self-Assembly

Page 32: U Cheema, CB Chuo, P Sarathchandra, SN Nazhat, RA Brown
Mechanical loading determines collagen fibril diameter independent of cell activity

Page 33: A Kureshi, P Vaiude, S Nazhat, S Barker, R Brown
Mechanical properties of transversalis fascia and hernia formation

Page 34: E Baas, JH Kuiper, MA Wood, Y Yang, AJ El Haj
Micro-mechanical analysis of PLLA scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Page 35: C Cunha-Reis, K TuzlaKoglu, Y Yang, A El Haj, RL Reis
A new method for tailoring the degradation rate of chitosan fibre-mesh scaffolds

Page 36: A Alovskaya, D Wei, V King, J Priestley, R Brown
Characterization of neuronal repair within injectable fibronectin and collagen based gels implanted into the injured adult rat spinal cord

Page 37: A Crawford, DJ Kelly, SC Dickinson, TJ Sims, J Mundy, AP Hollander, PJ Prendergast, PV Hatton
Matrix proteins as predictive markers of the mechanical strength of engineered cartilage

Page 38: S Daya, A Loughlin, H MacQueen
Development and validation of a 3D lymph node-adipocyte co-culture system

Page 39: M Brady, R Brown, M Lewis, V Mudera
Fusion of primary human skeletal muscle cells within a 3D construct

Page 40 : X Xu, JPG Urban, U Tirlapur, JA Browning
Influences of buffer systems on chondrocyte growth during long-term culture in alginate

Page 41: P Murray, D Edgar, R McGreal, RD Short, K Parry
Surface chemical gradients to optimise substrata for self-renewal of ES cells

Page 42: S Roberts, N Gavalas, EH Kemp, JW Haycock
Local delivery of anti-inflammatory drugs for epithelial cells

Page 43: M Bains, S Lambert, V Mudera
Contractile properties of fibroblasts derived from primary frozen shoulder and effects of TFG beta 1 stimulation

Page 44: SL Griffiths SH Cartmell
Use of simvastatin for enhanced 2D and 3D bone tissue engineering constructs

Page 45: SEW Grubb, CM Holt, N Malik, JW Haycock
Anti-inflammatory peptide approaches for preventing vascular inflammation

Page 46: C Derham, J Ingram, J Fisher, S Homer-Vanniasinkam, E Ingham
Characterisation of a decellularised xenogeneic scaffold for tissue engineering small diameter vessels

Page 47: GR Kirkham, KJ Elliot, A Keramane, DM Salter, J Dobson, AJ El Haj, SH Cartmell
Short-term responses of stem cells and osteoblasts to a novel mechanical force application technique

Page 48: R Shah, I Ahmed, JC Knowles, NP Hunt, ACM Sinanan, MP Lewis
Novel scaffolds for tissue engineering of human skeletal muscles

Page 49: S Stephan, WEB Johnson, J Menage, JPG Urban, S Roberts
Characterising mRNA profiles in bovine intervertebral disc cells

Page 50 : KL Lazenby, JB Phillips
Astrocyte responses to dorsal root ganglia in 3-dimensional co-culture models

Page 51: KE Wright, E Liniker, AJ MacRobert, RA Brown, MJ Saffrey, JB Phillips
Investigating the effect of photodynamic therapy on nerves using tissue engineered culture models

Page 52: G Rohman, J Pettit, F Isaure, NR Cameron, J Southgate
Design of polyester-based non-porous films and 3D porous scaffolds for soft tissue engineering

Page 53: H Ylikauppila, L Nikkola, M Tukiainen, ME Gomes, RL Reis, M Kellomäki, N Ashammakhi
Bioactive glass fiber reinforced composite

Page 54: H Ylikauppila, L Nikkola, M Gomes, R Reis, N Ashammakhi
Electrospun starch-polycaprolactone nano fibers

Page 55: L Nikkola, P Viitanen, N Ashammakhi
Drug release from multicomponent implant

Page 56: L Nikkola, K Vapalahti, J Seppälä, N Ashammakhi
Anti-inflammatory drug releasing nano fibrous sheet

Page 57: A Ndreu, L Nikkola, H Ylikauppila, N Ashammakhi, V Hasirci
Nanofibres prepared using electrospinning

Page 58: A Bowen, A English, E Jones, S Wood, J Kirkham, XB Yang
Isolation and preliminary characterisation of stem cells from human dental pulp

Page 59: T Sindelar, L Nikkola, N Ashammakhi, M van Griensven, H Redl
Electrospinning of fibrinogen nanofibers

Page 60 : JR Sharpe, AA Shetty, SE James
The use of green fluorescent protein to determine chondrocyte fate in a sheep model of ACI

Page 61: Z Berahim, AK Jowett, A Rawlinson
A pilot study of in vitro gingival fibroblast differentiation in spheroid culture

Page 62: DM Kalaskar, JE Gough, RV Ulijn, WW Sampson, SJ Eichhorn
Engineered & chemically modified porous cellulose fibrous networks for controlled cell adhesion

Page 63: F Mirvakily, A Rawlinson, PV Hatton, K Hurrell-Gilingham
Modelling the peridontal defect for drug delivery & regenerative medicine research

Page 64: C Gribbon, EF Banwell, MG Ryadnov, DN Woolfson
A self-assembling peptide-based scaffold to support cell growth

Page 65: MJ Tomlinson, LDK Buttery, DI Pritchard, KM Shakesheff
Generation of thymus aggregates using an in vitro co-culture system

Page 66: LE Smith, S Rimmer, S Mac Neil
Development of poly(n-vinylpyrrolidinone) hydrogels for treatment of skin graft contracture

Page 67: S Buck, LD Buttery, C Hawkey, FRAJ Rose
Development of an in vivo-like in vitro intestinal epithelial model

Page 68: A Kwarciak, A Crawford, I Brook, PV Hatton
Tissue engineering of hypertrophic cartilage for bone repair

Page 69: HM Aydin, Y Yang, E Piskin, A El Haj
Optimizing degradable scaffolds for cranium tissue repair

Page 70 : MRR Self, LD Buttery, KM Shakesheff
Repair of a wounded heart: An investigation of cardiomyocyte differentiation of embryonic stem cells

Page 71: D Howard, KM Shakesheff, LD Buttery
The effect of cell support geometry on osteogenic differentiation of human embryonic stem cells

Page 72: M Ahearne, Y Yang, AJ El Haj, K Then, KK Liu
Mechanical characterization of UVA-riboflavin crosslinked collagen hydrogels

Page 73: M Plainfosse, J Katta, Z Jin, J Fisher, A Crawford, PV Hatton
Investigation of the frictional and mechanical properties of tissue engineered cartilage

Page 74: LRM Elowsson, J Collett, S Rimmer, A Crawford, PV Hatton
Chondrocytes in monolayer culture on a thermoresponsive polymer vs. conventional TCPS

Page 75: GL Jones, MJ Marshall, AJ El Haj, SH Cartmell
Establishing an osteoblast : osteoclast co-culture system for use in bone tissue engineering

Page 76: D Oswal, S Korossis, S Mirsadraee, H Wilcox, K Watterson, J Fisher, E Ingham
Biomechanical characterisation of decellularised and cross linked bovine pericardium

Page 77: AC MacIntosh, A Crawford, PV Hatton
Investigation of spider egg case silks for cartilage tissue engineering

Page 78: W Helen, JE Gough
3D culture of human intervertebral disc cells within PDLLA/Bioglass® composite scaffolds: Assessment of extracellular matrix production

Page 79: K Moharamzadeh, R Van Noort, IM Brook, AM Scutt
Development and characterisation of a full-thickness engineered human oral mucosal model for in vitro studies

Page 80 : A Hart, SJ Yarwood, MJ Dalby
RACK 1 associated with focal adhesions alters the cells sensitivity to contact guidance

Page 81: OO Akanji, DL Bader, DA Lee
Direct current influences Ca2+ signalling in chondrocytes

Page 82: CZ Zhen, MA Woodruff, S La, C Sugunan, SM Cool, V Nurcombe, DW Hutmacher
Characterisation and differentiation of porcine bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in 2D and 3D mPCL-TCP-collagen scaffolds

Page 83: A Waddon, S NacNeil
Micelle Forming Hydrogels for Topical Delivery of Ibuprofen and Sodium Ibuprofen

Page 84: A Sittichokechaiwut, AJ Ryan, G Reilly
A 3-dimensional, in vitro model to study the effects of compressive loading on osteoblastic cells

Page 85: MR Williamson, R Black, C Kieltya
Endothelial and smooth muscle cell interactions with a PCL-PU composite vascular scaffold with potential for bioactive release

Page 86: Z Li, OA Boubriak, JPG Urban, ZF Cui
On-line monitoring of cell activity in cultured tissue explants

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