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Volume No 16 - Supplement 3 July 2008

Abstracts of the Tissue and Cell Engineering Society (TCES) meeting
2-4 July 2008, University of Nottingham

Abstracts listed in order of presentation at the meeting

Page 1:  DJ Williams, R Archer, P Hourd, J Crowe, B Meenan, R Lilford, P Martin, K Shakesheff, N Rhodes, F Livesey
Regenerative medicine – a new industry ~ remedi ~ a grand challenge


Page 2:  F Barry, M Murphy, C Coleman, T O’Brien, M Rae, K Duffy
Mesenchymal stem cells: characterisation, therapeutic evaluation and manufacturing

Page 3:  M Flasza-Baron, P Kemp, D Shering, D Marshall, Z Denham, PA Johnson
Development and manufacture of a human living dermal equivalent (ICX-SKN)

Page 4:  I Cantón, R McKean, D Cole, K Blackwood, C Freeman, K Franklin, P Farthing, I Brook, JW Haycock, AJ Ryan, S MacNeil
Development of a synthetic matrix to replace human dermis

Page 5H McAteer, R Lilford
The use of health economics in the early evaluation of regenerative medicine applications
Mechanical Stimulation

Page 6TW Gilbert, A Nieponice, A Boruch, SF Badylak
Mechanical loading in eCM scaffold remodelling

Page 7:  M Garcia, S Geris, S McGlashan, A Poole, C Jensen, M Knight
Chondrocytes express the mechanosensitive hemichannel connexin 43

Page 8:  E Durham, SJ Russell, E Ingham
Scaffold design for tissue engineering the anterior cruciate ligament

Page 9:  S Rathbone, D Healy, S Cartmell
Tissue engineering of the anterior cruciate ligament characterising degradable glass fibres
Focus on UK Cell and Tissue Engineering

Page 10: A El Haj
Cell and tissue engineering - defining the scale of the challenge – no abstract

Tissue Models

Page 11: A Kumar
Designing new supermacroporous cryogel materials for bioengineering applications

Page 12: P Deshpande­­, N Bullett, M Notara, JT Daniels, D Haddow, S MacNeil
Use of a rabbit cornea model for the development of a cell transfer system for limbal epithelial cells

Page 13: KE Wright, AJ MacRobert, JB Phillips
Assessing the effect of photodynamic therapy on peripheral nerve and cancer cells using a thin tissue engineered collagen culture model

Tissue Engineering

Page 14: J Hilborn, D Ossipov, K Bergman, T Bowden, T Engstrand
Injectable hyaluronan gel produces bone in-vivo

Page 15: C Murray-Dunning, R McKean, SL McArthur, AJ Ryan, JW Haycock
Peripheral nerve engineering using aligned polymer microfibres

Page 16: E Hadjipanayi, V Mudera, RA Brown
Durotactic control within a 3D collagen matrix


Influencing Cell Behaviour

Page 17: R Ulijn
Directing cell behaviour using peptide based eCM mimics

Page 18: HS Sura, J Magnay, K Attridge, N Zghoul, J Dobson, AJ El Haj
Gene expression changes in stem cells following targeted localisation in a flow system using magnetic particle technology

Page 19: D Gothard, KM Shakesheff, LD Buttery
Enhanced embryoid body formation and augmentation of osteogenesis via chemically engineered embryonic stem cell interaction

Page 20: LE McNamara, MO Riehle, R Burchmore, MJ Dalby
Topography-induced mechanotransduction: 3D confocal and proteomic study

Stem Cells

Page 21: T O’Brien, A Liew, B Kealy, F Barry
Abnormal endothelial progenitor cell function in diabetes mellitus: implications for autologous cell therapy

Page 22: D Mahay, G Terenghi, S Shawcross
Differentiated mesenchymal stem cells function as Schwann cells


Focus on Angiogenesis in Tissue Engineering

Page 23: MV Sefton
Strategies for the vascularisation of 3-D tissues

Page 24: U Cheema, EA Hadjipanayi, N Tamimi, B Alp, V Mudera, RA Brown
Defining physiological parameters for engineering a vascular media model

Page 25: E Horner – no abstract
Adipose tissue formation in vitro and in vivo using natural sea sponge and human bone marrow stromal cells

Page 26: S Levenberg
Co-culture systems for tissue regeneration

Page 27: JM Kanczler, P Ginty, L White, SM Howdle, KM Shakesheff, ROC Oreffo
Enhanced human bone marrow stromal cell bone regeneration following the temporal release of encapsulated angiogenic and osteogenic factors from biodegradable polymer scaffolds

Page 28: NI Nikolaev, G Lemon, B Obradovic, HK Versteeg,DJ Williams
Phenomenological modelling tools for orthopaedic tissue engineering

Page 29: JR Glossop, SH Cartmell
Effect of fluid flow induced shear stress on human mesenchymal stem cell gene expression

Posters in alphabetical order

Page 30: K Agashi, DYS Chau, KM Shakesheff
The influence of delivery via narrow-bore needles on mesenchymal stem cell viability, apoptosis and morphology

Page 31: M Ahearne, E Ladva, KK Liu, A El Haj, Y Yang
Non-destructive monitoring of collagen degradation in tissue engineered corneal constructs

Page 32: T Alekseeva, A Allovskaya, EA Abou Neel, JC Knowles, RA Brown
Development of conical soluble phosphate glass fibres for directional generation of microchannels in dense collagen implants

Page 33: RF Ambury, BG Cousins, RV Ulijn, C Merry
Bioactive sugar gels for liver tissue engineering

Page 34: M Ananta, J Hilborn, C Aulin, S Houis, R Brown, V Mudera
Spatial layering of cells in a novel poly(lactic acid-co-caprolactone)-collagen hybrid construct

Page 35: SJ Armstrong, M Wiberg, G Terenghi, PJ Kingham
Schwann cell-eCM molecule interactions: towards the development of new bioengineered nerve conduits

Page 36: NJ Bainbridge, KL Harris, NR Jordan, JR Sharpe
The effect of pH on the growth of human ex vivo skin explants and keratinocyte and fibroblast proliferation in vitro

Page 37: Z Bayoussef, S Stolnik-Trenkic, KM Shakesheff
Controlled cell aggregation via biotinylated cell cross-linking

Page 38: E Bible, DYS Chau, J Price,  KM Shakesheff, M Modo
Attachment of neural stem cells on PGLA microparticles

Page 39: DA Carter, V Sottile, FRAJ Rose
Sourcing cells for gut tissue engineering – understanding and inducing embryonic stem cell differentiation to the intestinal cell lineage

Page 40: DYS Chau, E Bible, K Agashi, M Modo, J Price, KM Shakesheff
Improving brain repair with neural stem cells and engineered scaffolds

Page 41: H.Chesters  L.Buttery  J.Aylott
Delivering sensing nanoparticles to mESCs

Page 42: J Chunthapong, I Cantón, EH Kemp, AJ Ryan, S MacNeil, JW Haycock
A 3D skin tissue-engineered model for inflammatory and toxicity testing

Page 43: AL Clutterbuck, D Allaway, P Harris, A Mobasheri
Toxic effects of curcumin (diferuloylmethane) on equine articular chondrocytes and synoviocytes in vitro

Page 44: B Cortese, M Riehle, R Cingolani, G Gigli
Cells response sensing durotaxis by varying mechanical rigidity

Page 45: C Cunha-Reis, AJ El Haj, Y Yang
Fluorescence unravelling the fate of scaffolds: real-time monitoring of scaffold degradation

Page 46: S Dann, FC Edwards, Y Di, EA Clayton, JF Dye
In vivo evaluation of the integration and neovascularisation of a novel fibrin-based dermal scaffold *** Second prize poster***

Page 47: S Dey, M Alexander, B Kellam, C Alexander, FRAJ Rose
Biocompatible responsive surfaces for embryonic stem cell culture 

Page 48: J Dobson, SC McBain, N Farrow, CD Batich
Oscillating magnet arrays for enhanced magnetic nanoparticle-based gene transfection

Page 49: J Dobson, M Smith, N Farrow
Halbach arrays for enhanced magnetic nanoparticle-based gene transfection

Page 50: JF Dye, F Caiado, Y Di, S Dann, FC Edwards, EA Clayton, SJ Dias
Could fibrin-E from degradation of fibrin based scaffolds recruit EPC?

Page 51: E East, JP Golding, JB Phillips
Modelling the injured spinal cord using 3-dimensional cell cultures; strategies for improving tissue engineered repair

Page 52: FC Edwards, Y Di, S Dann, EA Clayton, JF Dye
Calcium phosphate formation as a cause of inflammatory response to a prototype biomaterial scaffold

Page 53: R El-Gendy, AR Boccaccini, O Bretcanu, J Kirkham, XB Yang
Bone tissue engineering using human dental pulp stem cells and 3D Bioglass® scaffolds

Page 54: MV Flores-Merino, G Reilly, G Battaglia
Nanofuntionalized polymeric networks for tissue engineering applications

Page 55: SJ Gilbert, SK Singhrao, IM Khan, VC Duance, CW Archer
Inhibiting chondrocytes death at the wound edge results in successful integrative cartilage repair in vitro *** First prize poster***

Page 56: C Gribbon, P De Bank
Cell/microparticle aggregates – A novel method to engineer large ex vivo neo-tissue

Page 57: SL Griffiths, SH Cartmell
Action of simvastatin on primary human osteoblasts: influences of foetal calf serum on mineralisation

Page 58: V Hearnden, G Battaglia, C Murdoch, M Thornhill, S MacNeil
Imaging of polymersome penetration into 3D tissue engineered models of oral mucosa and head and neck cancer

Page 59: HK Heywood, DA Lee
The effect of oxygen supply on chondrocyte metabolic phenotype during monolayer culture

Page 60: LA Hidalgo-Bastida, JH Ingram, R Majani, FH Falcone, LJ White, E Ingham, WC Claycomb, LD Buttery, FRAJ Rose, KM Shakesheff
Mechanical stimulation of HL-1 cardiomyocytes cultured in poly-(1,8-octanediol-co-citric acid) [POC] scaffolds

Page 61: D Howard, J Leach, G Gibson, D Gothard, MRR Self, SJ Roberts, JM Cooper, KM Shakesheff, MJ Padgett, LD Buttery
The manipulation of live mouse embryonic stem cells using holographic optical tweezers

Page 62: D Howard, G Lemon, MJ Tomlinson, H Yang, R Ronaldo, LD Buttery, SL Waters, JR King, KM Shakesheff, FRAJ Rose
The use of rapid prototype pore model arrays to assess tissue ingress in the CAM assay

Page 63: M Illsley, JR Sharpe, SE James, S James, M Santin
The dose-dependant increase of ALP activity in human multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells after treatment with soybean extract

Page 64: H Jawad, H Ishii, A Piegat, M El Fray, SE Harding, AR Boccaccini, NN Ali
Myocardial tissue engineering using human embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes and elastomeric polymers

Page 65: GL Jones, A Motta, MJ Marshall, AJ El Haj, SH Cartmell
Osteoblast: osteoclast co-culture on various biomaterials: An investigation of cell activity and scaffold degradation

Page 66: GL Jones, A Motta, MJ Marshall, AJ El Haj, SH Cartmell
3D silk fibroin sponge co-culture in a rotatory bioreactor

Page 67: D Karamichos, H Hadgipanayi, R Brown, V Mudera
Effect of matrix stiffness on cellular responses in 3D

Page 68: H Kayhanian, S Jones, J Phillips, M Lewis, V Mudera
Innervation and muscle cell infiltration of plastic compressed collagen constructs

Page 69: GR Kirkham, LDK Buttery
Characterising osteogenesis in mouse embryonic stem cell aggregates

Page 70: S Kyle, A Aggeli, MJ McPherson, E Ingham
The self-assembling peptide, P11-4 as a scaffold for use in regenerative medicine

Page 71: SY Lee, K Agashi, DYS Chau, KM Shakesheff
A novek self-sintering microparticle-based system for regenerative medicine

Page 72: S Lin, S Baker, JR Jones
Interactions between fibrinogen and nanoporous bioactive glass

Page 73: C Liu, IM Sebastine, DJ Williams
Collagen gel scaffold for intervertebral disc (IVD) tissue engineering: perfusion performance characterisation

Page 74: C Liu, JT Czernuszka
Engineered collagen-hydroxyapatite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Page 75: C Liu, JT Czernuszka
Biomimetic gradient collagen/nano-hydroxyapatite (HA) composite scaffold

Page 76: E Maeda, JC Shelton, DL Bader, DA Lee
Collagen synthesis by tenocytes in fascicles subjected to intermittent cyclic strain

Page 77: MM Mahlstedt, JS Sharp, LD Buttery, FRAJ Rose
Manipulating substrate topography for embryonic stem cell culture

Page 78: R Majani, MR Alexander, FRAJ Rose
Improving the porosity of poly (D,L-lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) membranes through plasma etching

Page 79: CMG Marques, C Dibden, A Waddon, S MacNeil
Hydrogel delivery of ibuprofen and capsaicin to reduce melanoma cell migration

Page 80: S Mason, J Harle, JB Phillips
Investigating the role of collagen in peripheral nerve biomechanics

Page 81: ML Mather, JA Crowe, RJ Thomas, SL Waters, HM Byrne
Mathematical investigation of population variability in neural stem cells

Page 82: G Meneghello,  B Ainsworth, P De Bank, MJ Ellis, J Chaudhuri
Effect of polyvinyl alcohol and sodium hypochlorite on porosity and mechanical properties of PLGA hollow fibre membrane scaffolds

Page 83: DE Morris, ML Mather, JA Crowe, Z Liu, SP Morgan
Strategies for image-based characterisation of tissue Scaffolds

Page 84: HL Morris, JW Haycock, GC Reilly
The role of mechanotransduction in bone tissue engineering

Page 85: A Mujeeb, A Miller, J Gough, A Saiani
Self-assembling peptide systems for 2D tissue cell culture

Page 86: AE Olaye, LDK Buttery, FRAJ Rose, KM Shakesheff
Determining the differentiation fate of embryonic stem cells through localised growth factor delivery

Page 87: JC Reichert, S Sieh, LJ Burke, SH Stansfield, JA Clements, DW Hutmacher
Tissue engineered human primary osteoblast matrices and scaffold/osteoblast constructs pplied to tumour/bone microenvironment research

Page 88: Y Reinwald, LJ White, KM Shakesheff, FRAJ Rose
Optimisation of electrospinning conditions for PDLLA and morphological characterisation of nanofibres

Page 89: P Roberts, EA Horner, DW Green, J Kirkham, ROC Oreffo, XB Yang
Adipose tissue formation in vitro and in vivo using natural sea sponge and human bone marrow stromal cells

Page 90: E Rowley, A Zimmermann
Barriers to the commercialization of regenerative medicine products

Page 91: SK Singhrao, SJ Gilbert, I Khan, VC Duance, CW Archer
TGFbeta1 affects the biological responses of primary chondrocytes grown on poly(ethylene terephthalate)/poly (eta-caprolactone) co-polymer flat scaffolds

Page 92: H Tai, KM Shakesheff, SM Howdle
Interactions of CO2 with poly (DL-lactic acid) and poly (lactic acid-co-glycolic acid) copolymers

Page 93: K Thornton, A Smith, RV Ulijn, CLR Merry
Characterisation of a novel hydrogel formed in physiological conditions by an fmoc-linked amino acid

Page 94: MJ Tomlinson, SJ Roberts, LDK Buttery
Comparison of osteogenesis in human embryonic stem, umbilical cord blood derived mesenchymal and bone marrow derived mesenchymal cells

Page 95: LJ White, SM Howdle, KM Shakesheff
Mechanical and morphological studies of supercritical fluid foamed poly(D,L-lactic acid) scaffolds

Page 96: R Williams, L Nelson, IM Khan, J Dudhia, K Richardson, CW Archer
Identification of a cell population from human articular cartilage displaying progenitor characteristics *** Third prize poster***

Page 97: SP Wilshaw, A Aggeli, J Fisher, E Ingham
In vivo assessment of the immunogenicity of self-assembling peptides for use in regenerative applications

Page 98: H Zhang, K-K Liu, A El Haj
Optical manipulation of stem cells

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