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Volume No 18 - Supplement 2 July 2009

Abstracts of the Tissue and Cell Engineering Society (TCES) meeting
8-10 July 2009, Universities of Glasgow & Strathclyde

Oral abstracts in order of presentation at the meeting

Page 1: A Mata
Nanotechnology for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine scaffolds
(No abstract)

Page 2: M Tanaka, S Yamamoto, M Shimomura
Control of cell fate using self-organized honeycomb-patterned films

Page 3: D Burke
Mechanical testing and standards for tissue-engineered medical products
(No abstract)

Page 4: S White
DEVRO: research driven development of new collagen based biomaterials
(No abstract)

Page 5: A Holmes
NC3R research and tissue engineering
(No abstract)

Page 6: J De La Fuente, C Berry
Engineering biofunctional nanoparticles
(No abstract)

Page 7: J Eniwumide, A Petersen, GN Duda
Flux, floods & tiny pores: the problems with nutrient-perfused cells

Page 8: C Tortiglione, M Malvindi, A Quarta, A Tino, T Pellegrino
Elucitading the mechanisms of cellular uptake of rod shaped semiconductor nanocrystals: a tunable interaction

Page 9: RJ McMurray, N Gadegaard, ROC Oreffo, MJ Dalby
Nanotopography as a tool for controlling skeletal stem cell differentiation

Page 10: A Andar, S Ahmed, N Gadegaard, M Favre, P Neiderman, M Liley, MO Riehle
Microfluidic device to test nanoparticle toxicity

Page 11: H Chesters, FRAJ Rose, Y Reinwald, L Buttery, J Aylott
Analyte responsive PLGA nanofibre scaffolds

Page 12: R Brown
Engineering the fabric of tissues
(No abstract)

Page 13: E East, D Blum de Oliveira, JP Golding, JB Phillips
Astrocyte alignment in 3D collagen gels increases neurite outgrowth: implications for improving spinal cord repair

Page 14: EL Smith, R Baruah, SY Taylor, RJ Waddington, X Wei, AJ Sloan
Modelling the effects of interleukin-6 using a novel organotypic culture model

Page 15: E Hadjipanayi, RA Brown, V Mudera, U Cheema
Engineering angiogenesis by hypoxia-induced signaling: adopting a physiological approach

Page 16: A Sittichokechaiwut, CR Jacobs, GC Reilly
Mechanical responses of bone tissue formation in 3D engineered constructs via primary cilia

Page 17: J Phillips
Tissue engineering to model and repair the nervous system
(No abstract)

Page 18: S Griffiths, M Maclean, SJ MacGregor, JG Anderson, MH Grant
Combined treatment of biomatrices with Nisin and pulsed electric fields as a potential decontamination method?

Page 19: MW Naing, Y Liu, DJ Williams
Towards a physiologically informed bioreactor: engineering challenges & compromises

Page 20: T Sun, S Adra, R Smallwood, M Holcombe, S MacNeil
Investigation of the biological activity of TGF-b1 during re-epithelialisation using a computational modelling approach

Page 21: M Ahearne, SL Wilson, KK Liu, AJ El Haj, S Rauz, Y Yang
Influence of cell number and collagen concentration on the mechanical behaviour of collagen hydrogel constructs

Page 22: H Wilda, JE Schwarzbauer, AJ Engler
Stem cells are "touch-feely: a role for extracellular matrix in differentiation and disease

Page 23: R Kaewkhaw, AM Scutt, JW Haycock
Adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) for peripheral nerve repair

Page 24: K Carlqvist, PM Brett, MP Lewis
A novel and rapid isolate method of human muscle derived subpopulations

Page 25: Y Zhu, T Liu, X Ma, Z Cui
Differentiation enhancement of ADSC in scaffolds with Igf-1 gene impregnation under dynamic microenvironment

Page 26: AMH Jones, TS Foong, AM New, BJRF Bolland, JC Pound, SA Davies, S Mann, DG Dunlop, ROC Oreffo
The effect of skeletal stem cells, hydroxyapatite coated stem cells and collagen coated allograft on the biomechanical properties of impacted bone graft

Page 27: N Tirelli
Hyaluronic acid-based biomaterials: novel bioconjugation techniques and evaluation of biological activity
(No abstract)

Page 28: RF Ambury, RV Ulijn, C Merry
Bioactive sugar gels for liver tissue engineering

Page 29: A Whitton, DJ Flint, RA Black
Differential effect of substrate stiffness and adsorbed fibronectin density on vascular smooth muscle migration rate

Page 30: JI Dawson, JM Kanczler, GA Attard, ROC Oreffo
Self-organising clay-based gels for tissue engineering

Page 31: V Jayawarna, SM Richardson, A Saiani, JE Gough, RV Ulijn
Introducing chemical functionality in Fmoc-peptide gels for cell culture

Page 32: ASG Curtis
The tiny dances of cells
(No abstract)

Page 33: MV Flores-Merino, GC Reilly, AJ Engler, G Battaglia
Nano-domain detection in poly (vinyl pyrrolidinone) hydrogels

Page 34: AHC Poulsson, RG Richards
Enhancement of human primary osteoblast adhesion and function by plasma surface modification of PEEK

Page 35: O Tsigkou, S Lin, MM Stevens, JR Jones
Vascular network within bioactive glass scaffolds

Page 36: LE McNamara, R Burchmore, MO Riehle, MJ Dalby
Mechanotransduction in response to a topographical mechanostimulus: chromosome, mRNA, protein and whole-cell analyses

Page 37: SM Richardson, R Ulijn, AJ Freemont, JA Hoyland
Development of intervertebral disc regeneration strategies using mesenchymal stem cell-seeded hydrogels

Page 38: S MacNeil
Designing synthetic scaffolds to take the place of human dermis for soft tissue reconstruction

Page 39: S Slater, V Beachley, X Wen, T Hayes, B Su, M Saleem, P Mathieson, S Satchell
Development of a functional model of the glomerular filtration barrier using electrospun collagen nanofibres in a bioartificial composite basement membrane

Page 40: RJ Shipley, MJ Ellis
Characterization of fluid and protein transport properties in hollow fibre membrane scaffolds

Posters, in alphabetical order

Page 41: S Ahmed, A Andar, N Gadegaard, M Liley, M Riehle
Optimisation of culture conditions for an in vitro pulmonary model for nanotoxicity testing

Page 42: RC Al Ghanami, W Wang, L Hamilton, M Fraylich, B Saunders, KM Shakesheff, C Alexander
Novel biodegradable thermoresponsive dispersions for cell delivery

Page 43: K Alqahtani, P Buxton, M Parkar, IB Wall, MP Lewis
Osteogenesis within muscle: craniofacial vs. limb muscle cells

Page 44: SM Al-Sharif, A Andar, N Gadegaard, S Rosser, MO Riehle
Microfluidics as a tool to study epithelial cell response to P. aeruginosa

Page 45: M Azevedo, G Jell, R Hill, MM Stevens
Hypoxia-mimicking materials for bone and cartilage tissue engineering

Page 46: S Bhat, D Singh, K Shakesheff, A Kumar
An overview on cryogel polymeric scaffolds with special approach to cartilage tissue engineering

Page 47: A Bohr, K Memarzadeh, B Alp, R Brown, V Salih
Single unconfined compression of cellular dense collagen scaffolds for cartilage and bone tissue engineering

Page 48: S Boomkamp, L Ross, M Riehle, S Barnett
An in vitro model for spinal cord injury

Page 49: A Boussahel, K Shakesheff
An injectable in situ solidifying osteoinductive scaffold for bone tissue engineering

Page 50: M Brady, S Sivananthan, P Warnke, V Mudera
Differentiated MSCs seeded in a highly dense collagenous matrix produce novel biphasic osteochondral constructs

Page 51: JJ Campbell, E Maeda, SJ Ye, W Wang, DA Lee
Osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells within a perfused bioreactor system.

Page 52: DA Carter, L Buttery, V Sottile, FRAJ Rose
Sourcing cells for intestinal tissue engineering – differentiating embryonic stem cells to the intestinal precursor fate

Page 53: J Chen, MA Birch, SJ Bull, S Roy
Microstructure and nanomechanical characterization of tissue engineered bone deposited on titanium alloy scaffolds

Page 54: W Chrzanowski, J Szade, AD Hart, DA Armitage, MJ Dalby, JC Knowles
Role of surface nickel content on human cell cytoskeleton formation on Nitinol

Page 55: B Cortese, M Riehle, S D’Amone, G Gigli
Advances in micro-fabrication: from 2D to 3D PDMS scaffolds for tissue engineering applications

Page 56: C Cuestas-Ayllón, A Glidle, G McPhee, V Grazú, M Riehle, JM de la Fuente, H Yin
Engineering bio-surfaces for cell adhesion

Page 57: JN Ridgway, A Horner, A Butcher, JT Watson, SJ Curran
A novel technology to concentrate therapeutic cells from bone marrow aspirates

Page 58: T Dale, N Maffulli, AE Haj, NR Forsyth
Distinct responses of stem cells to BMP12 and BMP13 during in vitro tenogenesis

Page 59: T Dejardin, C-A Smith, CC Berry
The influence of Penetratin and/or magnetic field on magnetic nanoparticle uptake in vitro

Page 60: S Dey, M Alexander, B Kellam, C Alexander, FRAJ Rose
Smart culture of mouse embryonic stem cells on thermo-responsive polymers

Page 61: P Donoghue, R Lamond, T Lammel, N Gadegaard, M Riehle, SC Barnett
Developing a 3-dimensional biodegradable construct for the treatment of spinal cord injury

Page 62: RJ Shipley, MJ Ellis
PLGA hollow fibre membrane scaffolds and serum protein interactions

Page 63: JR Glossop, SH Cartmell
Fluid flow inhibits expression of marker genes for human mesenchymal stem cell differentiation

Page 64: N Green, Q Huang, L Khan, G Battaglia, B Corfe, S MacNeil, J Bury
Development and characterisation of a tissue engineered oesophagus

Page 65: E Hadjipanayi, T Alekseeva, L Bozec, RA Brown
Topographic patterning of 3D collagen scaffolds: from surface to interface engineering

Page 66: LA Hidalgo-Bastida, TJ Spencer, I Halliday, C Care, SH Cartmell
Perfusion bioreactor for bone tissue engineering: experimental parameters for a Lattice-Boltzmann mathematical model

Page 67: N Iwama, M Tanaka, H Ishihata, M Ara, M Shimonishi, M Nagamine, N Murakami, S Kanaya, E Nemoto, H Shimauchi, M Shimomura
Control of human periodontal ligament cells proliferation on honeycomb-patterned films for regenerative periodontal therapy

Page 68: SE Kelly, MJ Dalby, KE Tanner, DH Gregory
Synthesis of nanoscale phosphate degradable polymer composites

Page 69: F Khan, RS Tare, ROC Oreffo, M Bradley
Polymer microarrays – a high-throghput approach to the identification and selection of tissue reengineering scaffolds

Page 70: P Kuntanawat, CDW Wilkinson, MO Riehle
Does the thickness of surface-bound hydrogel substrate affect adherent cell behaviours?

Page 71: C Liu, H Liang, EW Abel
Scaffold surface processing to enhancing cells colonization

Page 72: Y Liu, AB Jozwiak, Y Yang, MA Gates
Netrin-1 promotes neurite growth of ventral midbrain dopaminergic neurons within a 3D collagen gel

Page 73: M-K Mafina, AC Sullivan, KA Hing
Monitoring the effect of silicate substitution on protein adsorption/desorption to hydroxyapatite

Page 74: MM Mahlstedt, D Anderson, JS Sharp, MDB Muñoz, LD Buttery, MR Alexander, FRAJ Rose, C Denning
Maintenance of pluripotency in human embryonic stem cells cultured on a synthetic substrate

Page 75: O Mahony, O Tsigkou, C Ionescu, C Minelli, ME Smith, MM Stevens, JR Jones
Silica-gelatin hybrid scaffolds with controlled degradation and mechanical properties

Page 76: CMG Marques, S MacNeil
Investigation of the impact of wounding and inflammation on melanoma migration in a 3D skin model

Page 77: S Mason, J Harle, JB Phillips
Characterising regional ultrastructure in peripheral nerves

Page 78: ML Mather, PE Tomlins
Characterisation of hydrogels used in regenerative medicine

Page 79: R McDonald, SJ MacGregor, M Maclean, JG Anderson, MH Grant
Effect of HINS light on the contraction of fibroblast populated collagen lattices

Page 80: R Mcleod, G Pattappa, J Irianto, M Awan, MM Knight, DA Lee
Graded hydrogel constructs for cartilage tissue engineering

Page 81: GM McPhee, MJ Dalby, MO Riehle, H Yin
The effect of cell adhesion molecules on cellular elasticity: an AFM approach

Page 82: C Murray-Dunning, SL McArthur, AJ Ryan, JW Haycock
The use of aligned polymer microfibres in peripheral nerve engineering

Page 83: G Pattappa, NC Jegard, JD de Bruijn, DA Lee
The influence of oxygen tension on the colony formation and proliferation of human mesenchymal stem cells

Page 84: JZ Paxton, LM Grover, K Donnelly, RP Keatch, K Baar
Engineering the bone-ligament interface

Page 85: G Poologasundarampillai, JR Jones
Development & characterisation of gamma-PGA/bioactive silica nanocomposite for bone regeneration

Page 86: Y Qiu, X Wang, R Rout, AJ Carr, Z Xia
Combination of PDGF-BB and bFGF reduces differentiation but maintains proliferation of human tenocytes in low bovine serum culture in vitro

Page 87: O Qutachi, KM Shakesheff, LD Buttery
The potential of simvastatin pro-drug for osteogenic differentiation on mouse embryonic stem cells

Page 88: S Rathbone, D Healy, S Cartmell
Dynamic culture of anterior cruciate ligament tissue engineered constructs

Page 89: EM Regan, JB Uney, AD Dick, JP McGeehan, F Claeyssens, S Kelly
Cell patterning on modified diamond-like carbon (DLC)

Page 90: SM Richardson, R Ulijn, AJ Freemont, JA Hoyland
Optimising conditions for human mesenchymal stem cell differentiation to chondrocyte-like cells for tissue engineering of the degenerate intervertebral disc

Page 91: Z Robertson, B Annaz, IR Gibson
Concentration-dependent effects of magnesium ions on MG63 cells

Page 92: L Ross, S Boomkamp, M Riehle, S Barnett, N Gadegaard
Development of an in vitro model of spinal cord injury using microfabrication

Page 93: J Ruangsuriya, Z Robertson, B Annaz, IR Gibson
Si ion concentration affects osteoblast gene expression

Page 94: S Sambu, X Xu, Y Liu, ZF Cui
Cryopreservation of cells encapsulated in 3D constructs

Page 95: R Shah, JC Knowles, NP Hunt, MP Lewis
Engineered craniofacial muscle constructs express markers of muscle differentiation

Page 96: SA Shahban, RA Brown, L Bozec, U Cheema
Enhancing the mechanical properties of collagen by photo-chemical cross-linking

Page 97: JR Sharpe, J Roxburgh, Y Dong, J Ong, K Jubin, MM Stevens
The influence of nanofibre orientation on keratinocyte and fibroblast behaviour

Page 98: J Shepherd, P Sarker, S Rimmer, L Swanson, I Douglas, S MacNeil
Use of a tissue engineered model of bacterial infection of human skin to develop responsive polymers to reduce bacterial burden of infected wounds

Page 99: A Shepherd, R Brown, L Bozec
Micro thermal analysis: a novel method of determining the extent of collagen cross-linking within a Collagen construct- applications for tissue engineering

Page 100: A Shepherd, R Brown, L Bozec
Mimicking the body – A novel method of cross-linking collagen to control scaffold design – implications on human tissue engineering

Page 101: P Shields, MO Riehle, DRS Cumming
Extra-cellular diffusion imaging

Page 102: L Shor, S Güçeri, W Sun
Freeform fabrication of scaffold for bone tissue engineering applications

Page 103: T Sjöström, J Mansell, B Su
Anodized titania nanopillars for control of cell development on Ti surfaces

Page 104: C Smith, M Mullin, CC Berry
Nuclear localisation of magnetic nanoparticles using HIV-1 tat and magnetic fields

Page 105: LE Smith, M Bonesi, R Smallwood, S Matcher, S MacNeil
Exploring the use of optical coherence tomography in the non-invasive imaging of tissue engineered skin

Page 106: S Smith, M Maclean, SJ MacGregor, JG Anderson, MH Grant
Impact of varying intensities of blue-light exposure on 3T3 cells

Page 107: AST Smith, A Patel, B Kalmar, L Greensmith, V Mudera, MP Lewis
Creating viable muscle-motor neurone synaptic interactions in an in vitro 3D collagen co-culture gel model

Page 108: K Thornton, A Smith, CLR Merry, RV Ulijn
Phosphatase induced stiffness control in a self-assembled peptide hydrogel

Page 109: X Wang, Y Qiu, AJ Carr, Z Xia
Attachment and proliferation of tenocytes /macrophages on silks with different treatments

Page 110: A Whitton, RA Black, DJ Flint
Development of a cell population migration assay

Page 111: I Wimpenny, N Ashammakhi, Y Yang
Study of the surface properties of electrospun nanomats

Page 112: KE Wright, JB Phillips
Regenerative capacity of cultured neurons following photodynamic therapy in a 3D collagen gel culture system

Page 113: X Xu, Y Liu, Z Cui
Cryopreservation of adherent human mesenchymal stem cells 2

Page 114: X Xu, Y Liu, Z Cui
Cryopreservation of adherent human mesenchymal stem cells

Page 115: A Zarowna, E Gu, EO McKenna, MD Dawson, A Pitt, JM Cooper, HB Yin
Generation of protein micropattern by piezoelectric printing

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