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Volume No 20 - Supplement 3 - November 2010

3rd International NanoBio Conference 2010, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
August 24-27 2010

List of abstracts in alphabetical order by author (Note: up to Page 286 - following pages 287-290 were added at a later date due to late submission by the authors)


Page 1:   D Ackermann, M Famulok
 A double-stranded DNA rotaxane

Page 2M Adamczak, HJ Hoel, J Barbasz, P Warszyński
Complexes of polyelectrolytes with quantum dots

Page 3:  M Ramuz, D Leuenberger, N Adsul
Integrated optical biosensor based on organic optoelectronic components

Page 4C Aimé, T Coradin
Development of a spectroscopic probe to assess the structure of new hybrid silica-based biomaterials

Page 5G Altay, A Khademhosseini, V Hasirci
Free standing layer-by-layer films of biopolymers for cornea engineering

Page 6: J Althaus, S Adam, H Schift, J Gobrecht, U Pieles, B Müller, K Peters
Plasma treated and nano/micro-structured PEEK substrates for adipose tissue-derived stem cell studies

Page 7R André, MN Tahir, W Tremel, WEG Müller, HC Schröder
Biomineralization as a tool for assembly of hierarchical structures: silicatein-silintaphin interaction

Page 8SJ Ashrafi, MF Rastegar, B Jafarpour, SA Kumar
Use of plant pathogenic fungi Fusarium moniliforme for biosynthesis of silver nano particles with emphasis to time

Page 9:  G Gergely, IE Lukács, M Tóth, L Illés, F Wéber, Cs Balázsi
Hydroxyapatite - biopolymer mats by electrospinning

Page 10F Baldelli Bombelli, D Walczyk, M Monopoli, I Lynch, KA Dawson
What the “cell” sees in bionanoscience

Page 11V Bansal, SK Soni, SK Bhargava
Self-assembled protein nanocapsules in ionic liquids as templating nanoreactors for enzyme-encapsulated hollow nanocontainers

Page 12EF Banwell, JG Heddle
Understanding the assembly of a novel protein nanotube

Page 13Y Barak, S Moraïs, A Heyman, O Shoseyov, EA Bayer
Enhanced cellulose degradation by nano-complexed enzymes

Page 14Zs Baranyai, K Horváti, G Mező, Sz Bősze
Synthesis and in vitro functional characterization of peptide conjugates that inhibit the growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv

Page 15E Battista, F Causa, R Della Moglie, PA Netti
A novel platform for surface investigation of bio-conjugated ligands

Page 16S Bauer, J Park, K von der Mark, P Schmuki
TiO2 nanotubes for stimulated cell response: Control of cell-surface interactions at the nanoscale

Page 17:  M Ivanova, S Gordeyev, B Baziyan
Requirements to structure, material components and surface properties of implantable brain-computer interface for cortical vision prosthesis

Page 18P Behr, D Ossola, P Dörig, M Gabi, E Sarajlic, M Bijl, J Vörös, T Zambelli
Combining AFM with hollow cantilevers towards electrophysiological measurements

Page 19A Bezrukova 
Nanobioparticles interactions: on-line optical evidence/control

Page 20J Blacklock, A Vetter, D Oupický, H Mohwald
Tuning the mechanical properties of bioreducible multilayer films for improved cell adhesion and transfection activity

Page 21M Bohner, S Gruenenfelder, N Doebelin, W Hofstetter, R Luginbuehl, RJ Egli
Nanodefects to tune the chemical and biological properties of calcium phosphate biomaterials

Page 22L Bonacina, J Extermann, C Kasparian, Y Mugnier, R Le Dantec, J-P Wolf
Second harmonic imaging probes for bio-labeling

Page 23DK Bora, N Kasoju, RR Bhonde, U Bora
Novel self assembled conjugation chemistry based nanoparticle system as effective nano bullets for cancer

Page 24A-K Born, V Vogel, R Kemkemer, K Maniura-Weber
Analysis of molecular interactions between focal adhesion proteins talin and vinculin using FRET

Page 25:  PJ Bosch, A Ebner, P Hinterdorfer, JS Kanger, V Subramaniam
Towards nano-scale controlled actuation of cell membrane receptors

Page 26S Boujday,  AL Morel, CM Pradier
Building a model 3D immunosensor on gold nanoparticle monolayers
Page 27S Bozzini, S Farè, L Altomare, P Petrini, A Bandiera, MC Tanzi
Human elastin-like polypeptides: recombinant biopolymers for regenerative medicine

Page 28E Briand, P Maillard, V Rosilio
Interaction between tethered supported lipid bilayers and a glycodendrimeric porphyrin studied by combined QCM-D and EIS

Page 29PS Brunetto, KM Fromm
New antibacterial coated surfaces for self-protecting implants

Page 30F Bruxel, S Cojean, A Bochot, H Teixeira, PM Loiseau, E Fattal
Characterization and in vitro evaluation of antimalarial oligonucleotides adsorbed to cationic nanoemulsions

Page 31A Buchkremer, J Bretschneider, M Reismann, G von Plessen, U Simon
Gold nanoparticles as actuators for biomolecular reactions

Page 32S Burazerovic, TR Ward
Hierarchical self-assembly of one and two dimensional protein networks

Page 33G Calderó, C Bouaoud, MJ García-Celma, C Solans
Multifunctional polymeric nanoparticles prepared from O/W nano-emulsions by a low-energy method

Page 34V Carvalho, P Castanheira, C Gonçalves, P Madureira, C Faro, L Domingues, M Vilanova, FM Gama
Dextrin nanoparticles as a protein delivery system: The Interleukin-10 case study

Page 35EMS Castanheira, AS Abreu, MJRP Queiroz, PMT Ferreira
Studies of encapsulation of a new potential antitumoral indole derivative in nanoliposomes for drug delivery applications

Page 36:  W-S Kim, SH Kim, S-M Chang, JM Kim
Real time monitoring of a calcium carbonate biomineralization process on a silk fibroin via QCM and AFM

Page 37SJ Chang, PL Kang, CH Yao, WT Liu, SM Kuo
Enhanced induction of MSCs to cardiomyocytes by 5-azacytidine/nano-sized collagen I molecules

Page 38Y Chang, H-K Kim, J-C Park, J Yoo
Gallium-64 labeled gold nanoparticles with gadolinium-dtpa coating as a PET/CT/MRI triple contrast agent

Page 39CA Che Abdullah, P Asanithi, EW Brunner, C Lewis Azad, R Ovalle-Robles, MD Lima, X Lepro, S Collins, RH Baughman, RP Sear, AB Dalton
Cell patterning and alignment on nanostructured isotropic and anisotropic carbon nanotubes substrates

Page 40Y-C Chen, W-Y Huang, H-O Ho, M-T Sheu
Self-microemulsifying premicroemulsion systems (SMEPMSs) as the template for preparing nanodrugs and nanoparticles

Page 41P Chonpathompikunlert, T Yoshitomi, J Han, K Toh, H Isoda, Y Nagasaki
Comparison of the effects of TEMPO, radical containing nanoparticle and radical containing nanoparticle combination piperine on Ab amyloid toxicity

Page 42TW Chung, YF Chen, HS Chen
Shortening blood clots formation using ADP decorating chitosan nanoparticles

Page 43M Claesson, N-J Cho, C Frank, M Andersson
Vesicle adsorption on mesoporous silica and titania

Page 44C Conteduca, N von Goetz, K Hungerbühler
Consideration of aggregation processes for nanoparticle exposure assessment

Page 45:  P Couvreur
Nanomedicines: a new approach for the treatment of severe diseases

Page 46:  HG Craighead
Nanostructures for biological investigations

Page 47T Daberkow, F Meder, L Treccani, K Rezwan
Interaction of oxide nanoparticles with bone cells

Page 48AB Dahlin, T Sannomiya, R MacKenzie, B Dielacher, J Vörös
Electrochemical processes in plasmonic nanostructures

Page 49:  SS Daube, D Bracha, A Buxboim, RH Bar-Ziv
Compartmentalization by directional gene expression

Page 50P de Thier, CC Dupont-Gillain
Monitoring the adsorption of monoclonal IgGs by QCM-D

Page 51D de Bruyn Ouboter, ThB Schuster, Ch Dittrich, WP Meier
Self-assembled peptide microspheres

Page 52E Delamarche, SR Coyer, DJ Solis, AJ García
Patterning proteins on surfaces: at what scales and what for?

Page 53MF Delcroix, W Van Camp, FE Du Prez, CC Dupont-Gillain
Mixed PEO/PAA brushes for the control of protein adsorption

Page 54S Demarche, A Studer, D Langenegger, J Vörös, L Tiefenauer
Free-standing lipid bilayers in porous supports for investigating ion channels

Page 55K Demeter, K Kenesei, A Czeh, L Török, B Orsolits, G Lustyik, E Madarász
Cell labelling with functionalised nano-beads

Page 56I De Santo, F Causa, PA Netti
Sub-diffusion in nanochannels by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy

Page 57S Deshpande, D Steinhauser, S Arnold, T Pfohl
Actin self-assembly: a microfluidic approach

Page 58:  P Kuhn, J Puigmartí-Luis, I Imaz, D Maspoch, PS Dittrich
Towards nanowire sensors on a microfluidic platform: In-situ formation, positioning and sizing of nanowire bundles

Page 59: TA Do, J Pleiss
Modeling of peptide binding to polar surfaces OF ZnO by molecular dynamics simulations

Page 60P Dörig, P Stiefel, P Behr, M Gabi, J Vörös, J Vorholt, T Zambelli1
Controlled displacement of single mammalian and microorganism cells by FluidFM technology

Page 61A Doostmohammadi, A Monshi, MH Fathi, U Pieles, AU Daniels
Preparation and physico-chemical characterization of bioactive glass nano particles

Page 62D Dorokhin, SH Hsu, N Tomczak, C Blum, V Subramaniam, J Huskens, DN Reinhoudt, AH Velders, GJ Vancso
Engineering of quantum dot pattern luminescence via energy transfer for sensing applications

Page 63A dos Santos, M Cornelissen, E Schacht, P Dubruel
Electrospun materials with cell adhesion and proliferation promoting surfaces

Page 64D Drescher, G Orts-Gil, W Österle, J Kneipp
Investigation of cytotoxicity of silica nanoparticles using viability tests and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

Page 65: JM Dugan, JE Gough, SJ Eichhorn
Oriented cellulose nanowhiskers guide myoblast fusion to produce highly aligned myotubes

Page 66:  SPE Deacon, B Apostolovic, AK Schott, RJ Carbajo, MJ Vicent, A Pineda-Lucena, H-A Klok, R Duncan
Polymer therapeutics containing coiled-coils: new therapeutics and linkers

Page 67CC Dupont-Gillain, J Landoulsi, S Demoustier-Champagne
Incorporation of collagen in LbL assemblies: mechanism and synthesis of size-controlled nanotubes

Page 68:  BS Necula, LE Fratila-Apachitei, SAJ Zaat, I Apachitei, J Duszczyk
Bactericidal coatings with silver nanoparticles

Page 69EK Pramod Kumar, NM Christensen, RV Benjaminsen, TL Andresen
Synthesis and characterization of self-organized cross-linked nanoparticle sensors for intracellular pH measurements

Page 70B Eker, MD Yilmaz, A Gonzalez-Campo, P Jonkheijm, J Huskens, H Gardeniers
General supramolecular approach for ATP sensing and surface bound alkaline phosphatase kinetics using microfluidic platform

Page 71CM Elvin, T Vuocolo, AG Brownlee, M Huson, M Kim, RE Lyons, L Sando, GA Edwards, NE Liyou, JAM Ramshaw, JA Werkmeister  
Photochemical fabrication of a highly elastic and adhesive surgical tissue sealant

Page 72H Engel, EJ Windhab
Controlled production of uniform vesicles by shear-enhanced pore extrusion

Page 73T von Erlach, T Lühmann, H Hall
Uptake and transfection efficiency of peptide modified and unmodified PLL-g-PEG-DNA nanocondensates in dependence to the cell cycle

Page 74B Fadeel, A Shvedova, V Kagan
Interactions of engineered nanomaterials with the immune system

Page 75MA Faramarzi, H Forootanfar, M Shakibaei, AR Shahverdi
Microalgal synthesis of gold nanoparticles by Tetraselmis suecica

Page 76N Farkas, JA Dagata, C Yang, A Rait, KF Pirollo, EH Chang
Physical characterization methods for nanomedicine: structure-function relationships

Page 77:  C Fattinger
Exploiting biological diversity

Page 78M Favre, A Meister, S Dasen, G Gruener, R Ischer, T Overstolz, J Bitterli, P Vettiger, M Liley, H Heinzelmann
Parallel AFM imaging and force spectroscopy using 2-dimensional probe arrays for applications in cell biology

Page 79A Felber, B Castagner, J-C Leroux
Smart pH-responsive nanocarriers for nucleic acid drug delivery

Page 80E Ferrari, F Darios, M Soloviev, B Davletov
NanoLock polypeptide for the permanent immobilization of recombinant proteins on SNAP25 functionalized supports

Page 81L Feuz, H Agheli, A Gunnarsson, F Höök
A simple nanoplasmonic sensor with microliter sample handling

Page 82:  V Forster, P Luciani, J-C Leroux
In vitro optimization of injectable nanovesicles to treat drug overdose

Page 83C Freese, RE Unger, CJ Kirkpatrick, MI Gibson, H-A Klok
Uptake of gold nanoparticles of different sizes, shapes and coatings in human endothelial cells

Page 84R Frost, G Coué, JFJ Engbersen, B Kasemo, S Svedhem
Responsive insulin-loaded polymeric nanoparticles interacting with model lipid membranes

Page 85K Fuhrmann, MA Gauthier, J-C Leroux
Cross-linking polymers for nanocrystal stabilization

Page 86K Fukazawa, Q Li, S Seeger, K Ishihara
Molecular-NANOintegrated surface for selective protein recognition by molecular imprinting concept

Page 87L García-Fernández, R Sperling, J Arbiol, V Puntes
Controlling the loading number and orientation of Immunoglobin G on gold nanoparticles and the induced formation of nano-assemblies

Page 88:  HE Gaub
Force and function: Probing proteins with single molecule force spectroscopy

Page 89:  G Heltovics, Zs Ötvös, G Filipcsei, F Darvas
Novel nanostructured drug delivery technology to enhance bioavailability, increase solubility and drug loading

Page 90A Giese, C Padeste, K Ballmer-Hofer
Monitoring vessel formation of endothelial cells on micropatterned biochips

Page 91EV Giger, R Schlatter, B Castagner, J-C Leroux
PEG-bisphosphonate-stabilized calcium phosphate nanoparticles for gene delivery

Page 92G Giudetti, P Lisboa, L Sirghi, H Rauscher, P Colpo, F Rossi
Force spectroscopy study of a nano-patterned organothiol surface fabricated by colloidal lithography

Page 93DP Go, JA Palmer, SL Gras, AJ O’Connor
Delivery of an anti-inflammatory hormone via layer-by-layer assembly of biomolecules

Page 94T Goda, K Ishihara, Y Miyahara
Direct cell-membrane penetration using amphipathic polyphosphobetaines

Page 95:  B Thierry, C Barbe, F Al-Ejeh, M Brown, HJ Griesser
PEGylated nanoparticles for cancer detection and treatment

Page 96D Grünstein, R Kikkeri, LH Hossain, G Bellapadrona, AB Tesler, A Vaskevich, I Rubinstein, PH Seeberger
Carbohydrate-modified LSPR transducers for protein recognition

Page 97A Gunnarsson, P Jönsson, P Sjövall, F Höök
Probing molecular recognition on the single molecule level

Page 98G Gyulai, CsB Pénzes, P Petrik, T Lohner, É Kiss
Wettability and protein adsorption properties of biodegradable polymeric nanolayers

Page 99M Håkanson, S Kobel, M Charnley, M Lutolf, M Textor
An in-vitro method to study anti-apoptotic signaling from the extracellular environment

Page 100B Halamoda-Kenzaoui, C Chapuis, L Juillerat-Jeanneret
Development of methods for testing the toxicological profile of nanoparticles used in the biomedical field

Page 101H Hall, T Lühmann, S Tang
Cell type specific cell guidance in Wound Healing

Page 102P Hammar, N Grantcharova, P Leroy, J Elf
LacI search kinetics changes with number of operators

Page 103U Hartfelder, J Puigmartí-Luis, I Imaz, D Maspoch, PS Dittrich
Formation of metal-bioorganic nanofibres on a microchip

Page 104D Hartono, Hody, KL Yang, LYL Yung
A new biomimetic interface: liquid crystal-supported mixed phospholipid/cholesterol monolayer

Page 105Y Hayashi, P Engelmann, HV Pedersen, J Wang, J Scott-Fordsmand, DS Sutherland, LH Heckmann
Linking cellular and organismal toxicities of silver nanoparticles in the model earthworm Eisenia fetida

Page 106WX He, J Bielecki, CS Knee, M Andersson
Biomimetic nanocrystalline apatite resembling bone

Page 107:  FF Miranda, K Iwasaki, S Akashi, K Sumitomo, M Kobayashi, I Yamashita, JRH Tame, JG Heddle
A self-assembled artificial protein nanotube

Page 108J Hedlund, A Lundgren, H Elwing
Real-time monitoring of nanostructured surface build-up and function using a novel micro-impedance measurement instrument (z-LAB)

Page 109FM Hilty, M Arnold, M Hilbe, A Teleki, TJN Knijnenburg, F Ehrensperger, RF Hurrell, SE Pratsinis, W Langhans, MB Zimmermann
Iron from nanocompounds containing iron and zinc is highly bioavailable in rats without tissue accumulation

Page 110K Hirano, M Aoyagi, T Ishido, T Ooie, H Frusawa, M Asakawa, T Shimizu, M Ishikawa
Controlling orientation and measuring length of lipid nanotubes using high-frequency AC electric field

Page 111:  H Kabata, K Kawasaki, K Hirai, R Tsuruoka, H Takahashi
Controlled redistribution of blood peptides (BPs) between human serum albumin (HSA) and mesoporous silica (MPS)

Page 112C Hirsch, F Wessling, K Fischer, M Roesslein, P Wick, H Hofmann, HF Krug
A novel comprehensive evaluation platform to assess nanoparticle toxicity in vitro

Page 113M Hirsimäki, L Kanninen, N Jokinen, P Jussila, K Lahtonen, R Pärna, E Nõmmiste, M Valden
Synthesizing bioactive silane layers on nanopatterned stainless steel surfaces

Page 114SY Hong, R Kikkeri, M Collot, M Maglinao, B Lepenies, PH Seeberger
Glyco-dendrimers for lectin-dimerization

Page 115S Hossfeld, H Hartmann, U Mittnacht, H Oliveira, AP Pêgo, D Stoll, B Schlosshauer, R Krastev
Biodegradable multilayered systems with incorporated siRNA nanoparticles as a powerful technique for local drug delivery

Page 116JA Hubbell, MA Swartz, S Hirosue, AJ van der Vlies, D Velluto, CP O’Neil, E Simeoni, A Stano, C Nembrini, SN Thomas, I Kourtis
Polymeric nanomaterials in vaccine adjuvancy

Page 117SW Hyun, SC Hong, SJ Kim, CS Kim
An anisotropic changes in manganese ferrite nanoparticle by proton irradiation

Page 118J Idaszek, A Bruinink, W Święszkowski, KJ Kurzydłowski
Biodegradable ternary nanocomposites with improved mechanical properties

Page 119M Ignat, I Alexa, E Popovici
Biomolecules adsorption onto ordered mesoporous carbon

Page 120P Ilg, E Del Gado
Highly non-linear response of dipolar colloidal gels

Page 121T Inagaki, M Kawahara, T Nagamune
A rapid antibody isolation system (RAntIS) based on in vitro immunization

Page 122T Ishido, M Ishikawa, K Hirano
Measurement of condensation speed and size of single globular DNA molecule by laser trapping

Page 123K Ishihara, T Nakanishi, M Takai, Y Inoue
Nanoforce measurement during protein adsorption to well-controlled polymer brush surfaces

Page 124N Jain, Y Arntz, V Goldschmidt, G Duportail, Y Mely, AS Klymchenko
Self-assembled nanostructures from organic bolaamphiphiles for gene delivery

Page 125S Jegou, J Hall
Can SBF methods be used to predict the bioactivity of different titanium surfaces?

Page 126P Jönsson, MP Jonsson, JP Beech, JO Tegenfeldt, F Höök
Shear-driven motion of supported lipid bilayers in microfluidic channels

Page 127E Josef, M Zilberman, H Bianco-Peled
Nanoparticles embedded in alginate hydrogels: an innovative approach for sustained release of hydrophobic drugs

Page 128A Joshi, R Srivastava
Fluorescent nanoparticles as implantable “Smart Tattoo” biosensors for dissolved oxygen monitoring

Page 129G Kada, M Duman, H-P Huber, C Rankl, P Hinterdorfer, F Kienberger
A versatile toolset for nanometer scale research in life science

Page 130B Kainz, S Küpcü, K Steiner, UB Sleytr, JL Toca-Herrera, D Pum
Nanostructured fluorescent S-layer coatings on silica particles

Page 131A Kaminska, J Weyher, J Waluk, S Gawinkowski, R Holyst
High efficiency GaN-based platforms for biology and medicine

Page 132HW Kang, BJ Lee, SM Chang, YS Kwon, H Muramatsu
Monitoring for intra cellular cytoskeletal change by chemical stressors using quartz crystal microbalance

Page 133:  L Kanninen, N Jokinen, K Lahtonen, P Jussila, H Ali-Löytty, M Hirsimäki, J Leppiniemi, V Hytönen, M Kulomaa, N Ahola, K Paakinaho, M Kellomäki, M Valden
Surface science analysis and surface modification methods for biomaterials research

Page 134MR Kano, H Nishihara, K Kataoka, K Miyazono
Treating “intractable” tumours using nanoDDS and TGF-beta inhibitor

Page 135T Karakouz, AB Tesler, TA Bendikov, A Vaskevich, I Rubinstein
Thermal stabilization of localized plasmon transducers

Page 136JKR Kendall, BRG Johnson, PH Symonds, G Imperato, RJ Bushby, JD Gwyer, C van Berkel, SD Evans, LJC Jeuken
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy as a tool for studying ion channels in tethered bilayer lipid membranes

Page 137:  N Kimizuka
Adaptive self-assembly in coordination nanoparticles

Page 138T Kitagawa, Y Inoue, M Takai, K Ishihara
Monitoring of initial cell adhesion process on nanometer-scaled and organized surfaces

Page 139AS Klymchenko, RV Rodik, N Jain, L Richert, VI Kalchenko, Y Mely
Cationic amphiphilic calixarenes for hierarchical assembly of DNA nanoparticles and gene delivery

Page 140O Knopfmacher, A Tarasov, W Fu, M Calame, C Schönenberger
Sensitivity considerations in dual-gated Si-nanowire FET sensors

Page 141J Köser, J Althaus, B Müller, F Battiston, U Pieles 
From molecules to cells: sensing the nanomechanical way

Page 142D Kohler, M Schneider, C-M Lehr, M Krüger, H Möhwald, D Wang
Preparation of elongated polyelectrolyte particles from particles

Page 143T Konno, K Taniguchi, H Nishida, H Kambara, K Ishihara
Single cell analysis based on functional phospholipid polymers

Page 144VN Konopsky, EV Alieva
Optical biosensing based on photonic crystal surface waves

Page 145Z Kozakova, V Babayan, M Sedlacik, I Kuritka, V Pavlinek
Rapid microwave-assisted method for preparation of magnetic nanoparticles for hyperthermia treatment

Page 146L Krapf, J Dimitrijevic, A Schüth, J Niehaus, S Becker, C Schmidkte, T Vossmeyer, G Hüttmann, A Gebert, H Weller
Tailor-made fluorescent nanocrystals for 2-photon in vivo imaging

Page 147M Krishnan, N Mojarad, V Sandoghdar
Passive trapping, levitation and assembly of nanometric objects in a fluid

Page 148S Kristensen, J Malmström, J Lovmand, M Duch, DS Sutherland
Protein nanopatterning for studying cell adhesion

Page 149SK Küster, D Lombardi, PS Dittrich
High-throughput analysis of vesicle membrane permeation using a
droplet-based microfluidic system

Page 150L Kummer, P Mittl, A Plückthun
Knowledge-based design of a reagentless protein kinase activity biosensor from designed ankyrin repeat proteins

Page 151J Kurz, U Pieles, Ch Schönenberger
Silicon nanowires as biochemical sensors

Page 152N Kuznetsova, N Bovin, C Sevrin, D Lespineux, C Grandfils, E Vodovozova
Hemocompatibility of liposomes loaded with diglyceride esters of methotrexate and melphalan

Page 153:  IC Kwon
Polymer nanotechnology for molecular imaging

Page 154MW Lee, CW Lan, YT Lin, TW Liu, SM Kuo
Influences of nano-sized type I collagen molecules on hepatocyte cultures

Page 155A Leifert, Y Pan, D Ruau, S Neuss, J Bornemann, G Schmid, W Brandau, W Jahnen-Dechent, U Simon
Size and ligand dependent cytotoxicity of gold nanoparticles

Page 156A Lemelle, A Bidus, S Morgan
Detection of fluorescent silica nanoparticles in cells using confocal microscopy

Page 157:  VA Schulte, M Diez, M Möller, MC Lensen
Cellular responses to physically and mechanically patterned biomaterials

Page 158:  S Lv, DM Dudek, Y Cao, MM Balamurali, J Gosline, H Li
Protein mechanics: from single molecule to biomaterials

Page 159M Liebi, J Kohlbrecher, T Ishikawa, P Fischer, P Walde, EJ Windhab
Magneto-responsive biomolecular nanodiscs

Page 160:  C-Y Hsu, J-W Huang, K-J Lin
Significantly improved sensitivity of localized surface plasmon resonance at interstice of two-dimensional gold nanoparticles

Page 161JU Lind, TS Hansen, TL Andresen, NB Larsen
Preparing bio-molecule gradients on PEDOT-N3 using electro-click reactions

Page 162R Lösel, M Möller, D Klee
Photoreactive biodegradable electrospun fibers

Page 163D Lombardi, PS Dittrich
Investigation of drug-protein interactions by means of droplet microfluidics and magnetic beads

Page 164SB Lowe, JE Ghadiali, MM Stevens
Quantum dot-peptide conjugates for determination of transferase enzyme activity

Page 165R MacKenzie, C Fraschina, B Dielacher, T Sannomiya, V Auzelyte, J Vörös
LSPR-based biosensing & simultaneous optical-electrochemical sensing with gold nanowire arrays

Page 166:  K Markó, E Gócza, Á Apáti, T Kőhidi, E Madarász
A novel synthetic adhesive peptide conjugate supports the xeno-free culturing of embryonic and neural stem cells

Page 167Y Maeda, A Matsumoto, Y Miura, Y Miyahara
Hydrogel-based field effect transistor for lectin detection

Page 168AD Malay, JG Heddle
Wrapped up in a circle: sensing RNA-protein interactions using a FRET-based approach

Page 169J Malmström, B Christensen, HP Jakobsen, J Lovmand, R Foldbjerg, S Kristensen, ES Sørensen, DS Sutherland
Large area protein patterning for control of focal adhesion development

Page 170AA Martens, M Bus, EJR Sudhölter, LCPM de Smet
A comparative atomic force microscopy study on the interaction between the CD44 cell surface receptor and different glucosaminoglycans

Page 171:  T Berthing, S Bonde, CB Sørensen, P Utko, J Nygård, KL Martinez
Intact mammalian cell function on semiconductor nanowire arrays: new perspectives for cell-based biosensing

Page 172R Marty, R Szilluweit, H Frauenrath
Organic electronic materials from oligopeptide-polymer conjugates

Page 173A Matsumoto, N Sato, R Yoshida, K Kataoka, Y Miyahara
Bio-transistor for label free living cell diagnosis

Page 174:  Y Matsumura
A new aspect of drug delivery system in cancer therapy 

Page 175:  SL McArthur
Plasma polymers in biotechnology: power, patterning and PDMS

Page 176:  HH Shen, JG Crowston, F Huber, KM McLean, S Saubern, PG Hartley
Phosphatidylserine-containing phytantriol cubic-phase particles: influence of lyotropic liquid crystalline phase behaviour on cellular response

Page 177F Meder, T Daberkow, L Treccani, K Rezwan
Variation of surface functional groups of oxide nanoparticles and their impact on protein interactions

Page 178R Mejard, M Kurkuri, H Griesser, B Thierry
Long-range SPR sensors integrated in microfluidic device for sensitive detection

Page 179GML Messina, G Marletta
Protein adsorption onto nanopores at the nanometer scale

Page 180:  J Adamcik, J-M Jung, J Flakowski, P De Los Rios, G Dietler, R Mezzenga
Understanding amyloid aggregation by statistical analysis of atomic force microscopy

Page 181B Müller, H Deyhle, G Schulz, S Mushkolaj, O Bunk
The nanostructure of biological tissues: a scanning X-ray scattering study

Page 182:  M Roussey, Q Tan, A Cosentino, V Musi, S Herminjard, HP Herzig
Plasmonic and nano-photonic elements for bio-sensing application

Page 183:  N Hadidi, N Nafissi-Varcheh, F Kobarfard, R Aboofazeli
Optimization of carbon nanotubes PEGylation by response surface methodology

Page 184MA Nash, P Yager, AS Hoffman, PS Stayton
Magnetic enrichment of “smart” gold nanoparticle-antibody conjugates for high-sensitivity diagnostic immunochromatography

Page 185:  A Nel
Nanotoxicology as a predictive science: from cells to whole animals

Page 186MA Neto, EL Silva, CMF Gomes, AJS Fernandes, FJ Oliveira, RF Silva
Cytotoxicity evaluation of boron-doped diamond surfaces obtained by the HFCVD technique in osteoblast-like cells

Page 187K Nguyen, V Seligy, P Rippstein, A Tayabali
Cadmium telluride quantum dot nanoparticles cause oxidative stress and apoptosis in mammalian cells

Page 188E Nilebäck, O Lindau-Jonsson
QCM-D as a tool for sensing at polymer based nano-biointerfaces

Page 189DR Nisbet, DI Finkelstein, JS Forysthe
Integration of functionalised injectable hydrogels for brain tissue engineering

Page 190C Nowak, W Knoll, RLC Nauman
Conformational changes of cytochrome c oxidase: varying the redox state by electronic wiring

Page 191G Ohlsson, S Tabaei, M Brändén, JO Tegenfeldt, F Höök
Detecting water transport through lipid membranes on a millisecond level using microfluidics and fluorescent dyes

Page 192CI Olariu, HPP Yiu, L Bouffier, T Nedjadi, E Costello, CM Halloran, MJ Rosseinsky Multifunctional nanoparticles for healthcare applications

Page 193L Opilik, T Schmid, J Stadler, RM Balabin, R Zenobi
Using tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for the nanoscale chemical analysis of cell membrane-like structures

Page 194S Orsi, G Romeo, D Guarnieri, PA Netti
Particle shape effect on trafficking in tissue-like media

Page 195:  H Özçelik, C Padeste, J Ziegler, A Schleunitz, M Bednarzik, V Hasırcı
Replication of nano-pillar array structures for tissue engineering applications

Page 196S Pagliara, A Camposeo, AAR Neves, A Polini, R Cingolani, D Pisignano
Integration of polarized light-emitting nanostructures for biomarker sensing

Page 197:  RM Lee, YJ Park, K-H Yoo
Capacitance-based real time monitoring of chemosensitivity

Page 198L Pasquardini, E Agostini, L Lunelli, C Potrich, L Vanzetti, C Pederzolli
Aptamer-based biofunctional layer for thrombin detection

Page 199CsB Pénzes, M Mohai, G Mező, I Szabó, Sz Bősze, É Kiss
Chemical and morphological characterization of polypeptide layers deposited for directed cell attachment

Page 200P Pereira, FM Gama
Chitosan-based nanoparticles prepared by template polymerization

Page 201AG Pershina, VY Serebrov, AE Sazonov
Investigation of interaction between oligonucleotides and cobalt ferrite nanoparticles

Page 202L Pinheiro, A Matos, J Crespo, L Padrela, MA Rodrigues, HA Matos, M Castro, A Durte, AJ Almeida, A Bettencourt
Antibacterial activity of tigecycline micro/nanoparticles under supercritical fluids conditions

Page 203L Pluduma, K Salma, L Berzina-Cimdina
Thermal characterization of Hap/TCP bioceramics with variable phase ratio

Page 204:  S-F Pop, RIS van Staden, R-M Ion, JF van Staden, HY Aboul-Enein
Electroanalysis of oseltamivir phosphate using new microsensors based on nanostructured materials 

Page 205J Popplewell, MJ Swann, M Brändén
Measurement of the changes in the shape and permeability of tethered liposome layers under challenge from an antimicrobial peptide

Page 206:  S Boujday, AL Morel, CM Pradier
Building a model 3D immunosensor on gold nanoparticle monolayers

Page 207E-M Prinz, E Eggers, H-H Lee, U Steinfeld, R Hempelmann
Biomedical functionalization of magnetic nanoparticles and their uptake into T lymphocytes

Page 208M Rabe, D Verdes, S Seeger
Understanding cooperative protein adsorption events: a comparison between experiment and Monte Carlo simulations

Page 209R Ramanathan, SK Bhargava, V Bansal
Biosilicification studies using amino acids in ionic liquid [BMIM-BF4]

Page 210H Rauscher, F Broggi, V Mariani, J Ponti, F Rossi
Sedimentation of nanoparticles in in vitro toxicity assays

Page 211NP Reynolds, M Rabe, D Verdes, A Soragni, E Liverani, R Riek, S Seeger
α-synuclein aggregation on supported lipid

Page 212K Ritos, EM Kotsalis, JH Walther, Y Ding, M Praprotnik, P Koumoutsakos
Multiscale flow simulation of water past a fullerene

Page 213P Rivera Gil, S De Koker, BG De Geest, WJ Parak
Intracellular processing of proteins mediated by biodegradable polyelectrolyte capsules

Page 214D Rodríguez, G Vidal, P Sevilla, FJ Gil
Electrochemical analysis of peptide-functionalized titanium dental implant surfaces

Page 215:  ON Rogacheva
A brief view into protein kinase A I α activation process

Page 216B Rothen-Rutishauser, M Clift, Ch Brandenberger, A Lehmann, L Müller, D Raemy, P Gehr
A sophisticated model of the human epithelial airway barrier to study uptake, cell responses and intracellular distribution of nanoparticles

Page 217M Rottmar, R Mhanna, M Wong-Zenobi, K Maniura-Weber
3D microenvironments to control the chondrocyte phenotype

Page 218B Rudat, SBL Vollrath, E Birtalan, H-J Eisler, U Lemmer, TS Balaban, S Bräse
Photophysics of peptoid transporters – From the ensemble down to the single-molecule level

Page 219M Sakai, X Wei, U Kübler, S Huber, U Ehlert, A Stemmer
Electrical energy extraction from human peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Page 220J Sander, AR Studart
Nanoparticle assembly into functional capsules by double emulsion templating

Page 221S Ritz, J Dorn, S Belegrinou, M Nallani, W Meier, E-K Sinner
Cell-free expression of ohe odorant receptor OR5 into artificial membranes

Page 222MG Santonicola, GW de Groot, M Memesa, GJ Vancso
Responsive polymer brushes: functional -platforms for membrane protein assays

Page 223C Santos, MM Almeida, MEV Costa
Synthesis and characterization of amino-acid funcionalized hydroxyapatite nanoparticles

Page 224SS Pedrosa, FM Gama
Self-assembled hyaluronic acid nanoparticles: effect of molecular weight and two different chemical approaches

Page 225C Satriano, ME Fragalà, Y Aleeva
Enhanced fluorescence at protein-nanostructured ZnO interfaces

Page 226:  I Casuso, N Buzhynskyy, L Liu, F Rico, S Scheuring
Membrane proteins in native membranes studied by atomic force microscopy: watching biological nano-machines at work

Page 227:  R Wyrwa, N Michaelis, K Wagner, T Seemann, M Nikolajski, JH Clement, R Müller, T Heinze, M Schnabelrauch
Novel superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles stabilized with chelating amino cellulose

Page 228H Schönherr, D Tranchida, E Sperotto, S Abdulhussain, E Wassel
Local properties of block copolymer thin film based biointerfaces

Page 229A Schueth, L Krapf, J Dimitrijevic, A Klinger, R Orzekowsky-Schroeder, T Vossmeyer, G Huettmann, H Weller, A Gebert
Uptake of 200 nm latex particles and 20 nm quantum dots by the small intestinal mucosa – an intravital two-photon microscopy study in mice

Page 230CA Schütz, LJ Harwood, B Halamoda-Kenzaoui, P Käuper, KC McCullough, L Juillerat-Jeanneret, C Wandrey
Nanogels based on chitosan: characterization, toxicological evaluation and applications

Page 231D Schuster, S Küpcü, UB Sleytr, D Pum
Construction of S-layer cages

Page 232ThB Schuster, D de Bruyn Ouboter, WP Meier
Vesicular structures using short amphiphilic peptides

Page 233M Schwingel, M Bastmeyer
Multiple traps optical tweezers for live cell force mapping in initial focal contacts

Page 234KB Sebby, E Mansfield
The stability and surface coverage of polymer stabilized gold nanoparticles

Page 235OV Semenov, O Guillaume-Gentil, A Malek, K Maniura, M Ehrbar, J Voros, AH Zisch
Cell sheet engineering - new way for prospective stem cell transplantation

Page 236M Shah, MH Choi, SC Yoon
Poly(4-hydroxybutyrate)-b-monomethoxy (polyethylene glycol) copolymer nanoparticles as a potential drug carriers

Page 237U Shaheen, Y Cesbron, R Lévy
Bacterial toxin for cytosolic delivery of gold nanoparticles

Page 238KGH Silva, RR Santiago, KS Silva, KCH Silva, EST Egito
Rheological properties of sesame oil emulsions

Page 239KGH Silva, RR Santiago, KS Silva, KCH Silva, F Alexandrino-Júnior, EST Egito
Systematic development of emulsions for formulation design

Page 240KGH Silva, X Zhang, RR Santiago, G Barratt, EST Egito
How the method of preparation of a penicillin G benzathine nanoemulsion interferes on its stability

Page 241KGH Silva, RR Santiago, G Barratt, EST Egito
Phase behavior and physicochemical aspects of sesame oil containing microemulsion systems

Page 242M Simon, A Plückthun, U Zangemeister-Wittke
Tumor targeting with a fusion toxin derived from an EpCAM-specific designed ankyrin repeat protein using polymeric nanoparticles

Page 243AB Sorensen, P Hartley, RJ Williams
Biocatalysed peptide hydrogels: an investigation of self-assembly kinetics using NMR spectroscopy

Page 244B Städler, R Chandrawati, L Hosta-Rigau, F Caruso
Capsosomes: an approach toward cell mimicry

Page 245VE Stefanov, AA Tulub
Spin-dependent mechanism of polymerization of nucleotides

Page 246:  SI Stupp
Cell signaling with nanostructures for regeneration

Page 247:  SI Stupp
Cell signaling with nanostructures for regeneration

Page 248K Sugihara, J Vörös, T Zambelli
A gigasealing lipid bilayer on a single polyelectrolyte multilayer-filled nanopore for ion channel sensors

Page 249H Sun, RV Benjaminsen, K Almdal, TL Andresen
Folate targeting polymeric pH nanosensors with a full dynamic pH range for live cell measurement

Page 250G-C Sung, H-W Kang, B-J Lee, S-M Jang, C Kim, Y-S Kwon
Electrical properties of silsesquioxane dendrimer (G2-6Ph) LB films with containing phenyl group by STM

Page 251N Suwannateep, S Wanichwecharungruang, J Lademann
Curcumin encapsulation using biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles: controlled release, photostability and transdermal skin penetration

Page 252I Székács, I Pál, Zs Környei, I Szendrő, E Madarász
Initial cell attachment: events and kinetics of surface adhesion of NE-4C neural stem cells

Page 253A Takahashi, N Ohkohchi, T Kinoshita, Y Matsumura
Potent antitumor effect of NK012 (polymeric micelles incorporating SN-38) against hepatic metastases in a model of colorectal cancer

Page 254JPK Tan, SH Kim, F Nederberg, K Fukushima, DJ Coady, A Nelson, JL Hedrick, YY Yang
Efficient delivery of anti-cancer drugs using functional poly(carbonate) micelles stabilized by hydrogen bonding groups

Page 255:  ZL Zhou, B Tang, AHW Ngan
Deformability of K562 cells studied by optical tweezers

Page 256S Tang, H Hall
The glycocalyx of endothelial cells under static and flow conditions

Page 257L Tian, R Szilluweit, H Frauenrath
Nanostructures from oligopeptide-polymer conjugates

Page 258:  R Dootz, AC Toma, T Pfohl
Structural properties and dynamics of linker-histone H1 binding to DNA

Page 259S Toughraï, WP Meier
Solid-supported biomimetic block copolymer membranes

Page 260R Urbani, HM Evans, T Pfohl
Encapsulation and study of fibrillar networks in microfluidic droplets

Page 261P Urwyler, O Haefeli, H Schift, J Gobrecht, F Battiston, B Müller
Polymeric micro-cantilever arrays for sensing

Page 262A Van Hoeck, S Paulussen, B Sels
A new one step biomolecule immobilization strategy using atmospheric pressure plasma technology

Page 263L Vecbiskena, Z Irbe, K Salma, L Berzina-Cimdina
Characterization of bone graft substitutes prepared by transformation of β-tricalcium phosphate to hydroxyapatite in aqueous environment

Page 264D Velluto, S Thomas, M Swartz, JA Hubbell
New block copolymer nanoparticles for gene delivery

Page 265C Vollrath, PS Dittrich
Monitoring of gene expression of single mammalian cells in a multilayer microfluidic device

Page 266M Vukomanović, SD Škapin, I Šarčev, N Ignjatović, D Uskoković
Perspectives of novel poly(D,L-lactide-co-glycolide)/hydroxyapatite core-shell nanoparticles as carriers of antibiotics

Page 267A Walther, L Berglund, O Ikkala
Biomimetic, large-area, layered composites with superior properties

Page 268N Welsch, M Ballauff
Investigating the interactions between proteins and thermosensitive microgels

Page 269M Werner, F Merenda, R Salathé, H Vogel
Multiple optical tweezers combined with microfluidics as a tool for single cell studies

Page 270P Wick, A Malek, PA Diener, A Zisch, HF Krug, U von Mandach
Human placenta: an efficient barrier for nanomaterials?

Page 271L Wieczorek, B Raguse, E Chow, K-H Müller, JS Cooper, L Hubble
Gold nanoparticle chemiresistors – towards a universal (bio) chemical sensor system

Page 272:  I Willner
Functional biomolecule nanostructures for sensing, catalysis and circuitry

Page 273B Windschiegl, TL Andresen
Polyethylenimine/DNA coated gold nanoparticles for gene delivery

Page 274KG Witten, C Rech, T Eckert, L Elling, W Richtering, U Simon
Synthesis of glyco-DNA-gold nanoparticle conjugates

Page 275PP Wyss, DF Kennedy, J Mardel, J Kimpton, M Hill, C Drummond
High throughput metal organic framework materials for use as
MRI contrast agents

Page 276:  H Toda, M Yamamoto, H Kohara, Y Tabata
Site-specific immobilization of JAGGED1 on glass substrates for ex vivo expansion of a bone marrow cell population containing hematopoietic stem cells

Page 277H Yoshida, M Matsusaki, M Akashi
Fabrication of biodegradable hydrogels with controlled vascular networks

Page 278JO Yu, JRH Tame, C Addy, JG Heddle
Ring-shaped trap as a template for the formation of silver nanoparticles

Page 279S Zakharchenko, N Puretskiy, G Stoychev, M Stamm, L Ionov
Temperature controlled encapsulation and release using partially biodegradable thermo-magneto-sensitive self-rolling tubes

Page 280V Zalite, D Loca, J Locs, L Berzina-Cimdina
Porous bioceramic bone grafts for drug immobilization

Page 281V Zaporojtchenko, T Hrkac, T Strunskus, VSK Chakravadhanula, N Alissawi, R Podschun, C Röhl, D Garbe-Schönberg, F Faupel
Tuning of the silver ion release from antibacterial nanocomposite coatings

Page 282ES Zarie, S Kaps, X Jin, S Wille, YK Mishra, R Adelung
Fabrication of ZnO structures as templates for interaction with microorganisms

Page 283:  R Zenobi
Label-free chemical nanoanalysis of biological samples using tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS)

Page 284K Zhou, D Nisbet, G Sun, ,C Bernard, G Thouas, JS Forsythe
Surface biofunctionalization with polyelectrolyte multilayers – scaffolds for neural tissue engineering

Page 285G Zuccheri, A Vinelli, M Onofri, B Samorì
Surface-bound DNA self-assembly or enzymatic reactions toward the PCR-free amplification of nucleic acids biosensor signals

Page 286:  TH Vong, J ter Maat, S Schoffelen, J van Hest, T van Beek, H Zuilhof
Enzymatic cascade reactions in microchannels: monolayer patterning & reversible embedding of DNA-enzyme hybrids

Page 287: LM Verissimo, F Alexandrino-Júnior, AL Silva, AS Martins, KGH Silva, GC Silva, LF Agnez-Lima, EST Egito
Reproducibility evaluation of stearylamine containing nanoemulsions for gene therapy

Page 288: I Bdikin, F Marques, VS Silva, PP Gonçalves, MK Singh, J Gracio
High resolution atomic force microscopy of MG63 cells on composite substrates

Page 289: K Brinkiene, R Kezelis, V Mecius, J Cesniene
Nanostructured bioceramic coatings obtained by plasma spray technique

Page 290: YW Chang, J Oh, S Yoo, DJ Kim, S Im, YJ Park, D Kim, K-H Yoo
Carbon nanotube-base dual mode biosensor for electrical and surface plasmon resonance measurements

Page 291: L Thijsen, DR Schaart, AG Denkova
Modelling of nano-carriers for improved alpha radiotherapy

Page 292: A Heredia, I Bdikin, G Baltazar, A Kholkin
Ferroelectric properties of dried rat embryonic neurons from the substantia nigra by the piezoresponse force microscopy

Page 293: H Cui, J Jiang, P Zhang, W Gu, Q Liu
Application of nano-TiO2 sol in crop diseases control

Page 294: W Gu, H Cui1, J Cui, Q Liu, Y Lu, H Ren, K Li
Transfection of pig somatic cells using magnetic nanoparticle as gene carrier

Page 295: HJ Kim, E-K Lim, S Haam, K-H Yoo
Large scale separation of metallic and semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes using magnetic nanoparticles: application to carbon nanotubes based biosensor

Page 296: C Park, S Asadi, JK Kim
Monte Carlo simulation of gold nanoparticle-enhanced radiation therapy

Page 297: S-M Lee, H Park, K-H Yoo
Local delivery of drug and heat using multifunctional nanoparticles and their synergistic anticancer activities

Page 298: CMA Streng, DS Escalante, AG Denkova, E Mendes
Ultra stable block copolymer assemblies for nuclear imaging and therapy

Page 299: J Yang, Y Zeng, W Zhu, C Song
Local infused A-MCP-1 nanoparticles to inhibit rabbit intimal hyperplasia

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