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Volume No 21 - Supplement 2 - July 2011

eCM XII Implant Infection
June 22-24, 2011, Convention Centre, Davos Platz, Switzerland

Abstracts of the meeting listed in order of presentation

Oral presentations, followed by Posters

Musculoskeletal Infection

Page 1: C Zalavras
Surgical treatment of infection in the presence of fracture fixation implants

Page 2: C Strobel, N Bormann, A Kadow-Romacker, G Schmidmaier, B Wildemann
Sequential release kinetics of two (Gentamicin and BMP-2) or three (Gentamicin, IGF-1 and BMP-2) substances from one-component polymeric coating on implants
***APOA-Pfizer Best Scientific Paper Award for Orthopaedic Infection

Page 3: SB Rosslenbroich, MJ Raschke, C Kreis, N Tholema-Hans, 2 Uekoetter, R Reichelt, TF Fuchs
Daptomycin – Local applications in implant-associated infection and complicated osteomyelitis

Page 4: HJ Busscher, HC van der Mei
Biomaterials-related infection – the race for the surface and beyond

Anti-infective strategies I

Page 5: C Berberich, P Seidel
Antibiotics in orthopaedic use – is there a right choice?

Page 6: V Alt, P Khalilpour, M Wagener, E Domann4, R Schnettler
Ag/SiOxCy plasma polymer coating for antimicrobial protection of fracture fixation devices

Page 7: R Steck, DJ McMillan, C Lutton, N Rosenzweig, KS Sriprakash, B Goss, MA Schuetz
Controlled release of gentamicin for the prevention of Staphylococcus aureus biofilm formation on fracture fixation implants
Page 8: MJ Raschke, C Kreis, T Fuchs
Clinical performance of antibiotic coated intramedullary nails.

Bacterial pathogenicity I

Page 9: SAJ Zaat
Peri-implant tissue as a “safe haven” for biofilm bacteria

Page 10: LG Harris, R Jeeves, H Rohde, D Mack
Influence of biomaterials on Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilm formation

Page 11: V Alt, K Lips, N Düwelhenke, E Domann, R Schnettler
Effects of rifampicin-fosfomycin coating for cementless endoprostheses against methicillin-sensitive S. aureus (MSSA) and methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA)

Page 12: M Höök, E Smeds, V Ganesh, P Francis, Y-P Ko, C Ross, M Kang
MSCRAMMs in Staphylococcal Bone Infections

Anti-Infective strategies II

Page 13: KD Kühn
Novel strategy of anti-infective implant coating in medicine

Page 14: HJ Griesser, K Vasilev, H Ys, C Ndi, SS Griesser, M Jasieniak, H Mon, S Semple
Protecting polymer surfaces against bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation

Page 15: BS Necula, LE Fratila Apachitei, JPTM van Leeuwen, SAJ Zaat, I Apachitei, J Duszczyk
Bone cell viability and antibacterial efficacy of porous TiO2-Ag coatings

Page 16: S Lischer, CR Bradbury, B Wampfler, Q Ren, Ph Gruner, K Maniura
Antibacterial HA coatings with defined crystallinity to tune Ag release

Page 17: N Emanuel, D Segal, Y Rosenfeld, O Cohen, Y Barenholz
PolyPid – A novel local delivery system: from the physic-chemical aspects to innovative and superior therapeutic potential

Bacterial pathogenicity II

Page 18: MS Smeltzer, KE Beenken, VP Zharov, EI Galanzha
Alternative approaches for the diagnosis and treatment of staphylococcal biofilm-associated infection

Page 19: J Nowakowska, HJ Griesser, C Acikgoz, M Textor, R Landmann, N Khanna
Serrulatane EN4, a new antimicrobial compound exerts potent acitvity against adherent biofilm-forming bacteria in vitro
*** Robert Mathys Student Oral Prize winner

Page 20: M Astasov-Frauenhoffer, O Braissant, I Hauser-Gerspach, AU Daniels, R Weiger, T Waltimo
Characterization of a three-species biofilm in vitro

Page 21: D Mack, LG Harris, R Jeeves, B Pascoe, AP Davis, TS Wilkinson
Mechanisms of Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilm formation in different types of biomaterial-related infections

Immunological aspects of implant related infection

Page 22: ME Shirtliff, GA O’May, RA Brady, ML Prior, JG Leid
Novel vaccine strategies and improved diagnostics for musculoskeletal infections

Page 23: SL Kates, JJ Varrone, J Daiss, EM Schwarz
Development of a passive immunization for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) osteomyelitis

Page 24: R Kuijer, G Subbiahdoss, IC Saldarriaga Fernández, JF da Silva Domingues, HC van der Mei, HJ Busscher
In vitro modelling of Interactions between bacteria, osteoblast-like cells and macrophages in the pathogenesis of biomaterial-associated infections

Page 25: JAG van Strijp
Molecular mechanisms of complement evasion: learning from staphylococci

Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association Session

Page 26:S Saghieh, A Murtada, AMS Taha, K Masrouha
Treatment of infected non-union of the long bones with calcium sulphate pellets impregnated with antibiotics

Page 27: JA Fairclough
The surgical ritual – The myths and the science

Page 28: JPY Cheung, B Fung, WY Ip
166 cases of Mycobaterium marinum tenosynovitis of the hand and wrist: Clinical features, management and results

Page 29: J Kempthorne, R Ailabouni, S Raniga, D Hammer, D Murdoch, G Hooper
The role of occult infection in the aetiology of aseptic loosening of joint arthroplasty using ultrasound sonication and conventional sampling techniques

Diagnosis and imaging of infection

Page 30: A Signore, M Pacilio, D Familiari
Molecular imaging of joint prosthesis infection

Page 31: VA Stadelmann, I Potapova
Non-invasive biomechanical assessment of implant fixation with in-vivo computed tomography: perspectives for infected implants

Page 32: R Ferrari, CC Castelli, A Goglio, A Grigis, A Raglio, S Buoro, G Virotta,  A Remuzzi, L Condorelli
From swab to SEM: Our protocol on TKA infection suspicion

Page 33: JW Costerton, N Sotereanos, PJ DeMeo
Comparison of cultures with a new multiplex PC/Mass spec. for the detection of orthopaedic biofilm infections.

Clinical focus

Page 34: IM Shapiro
Molecular engineering of an orthopaedic implant: from bench to bedside

Page 35: AS Miller, T Ayres, P Musio, J McBride, A Wonnacott
Clinical presentation and bacteriological analysis of fight bite injuries in tropical North Queensland

Page 36: T Randau, M Wimmer, D Kuberra, B Reichert, B Stoffel-Wagner, DC Wirtz, S Gravius
Detection of periprosthetic joint infections: Blood infection markers in patients undergoing revision arthroplasty

Page 37: S Sivananthan, E Sherry
The use of antimicrobial peptides to prevent implant infections: experimental options and review of literature

Page 38: W Zimmerli
Antimicrobial treatment of implant-associated infections



Page 39: C Acikgoz, JU Lind, J Nowakowska, M Charnley, N Khanna, R Landmann, M Textor
Implant infection (Antifouling and antimicrobial surface coatings through Poly(2-methyl-2-oxazoline)

Page 40: HT Aro, N Strandberg, S Timlin
Staphylococcus epidermidis infections of tumor megaprostheses

Page 41: SJ Ashrafi, MF Rastegar, G Amoabediny, SA Kumar
Experimental remarks for determine correct dosage silver nano particle against infective microbes

Page 42: T Bauer, V Migonney
Bacterial adhesion on cement: effects of bioactive polymers

Page 43: I Braceras, PA Azpiroz, J Oyarbide, N Briz, N Álvarez, G Atorrasagasti, R Muñoz,   R Fratila, E Ipiñazar, JM Aizpurua
“Plasma-Click” based strategy for obtaining antibacterial surfaces on implants

Page 44: E Choinska, W Swieszkowski, KJ Kurzydlowski
Design of polymeric coatings for drug release implants

Page 45: L Ciołek, J Karaś, A Olszyna,  E Zaczyńska, A Czarny, B Żywicka
In vitro studies of antibacterial activity of sol-gel bioglass containing silver

Page 46: M Diefenbeck, T Mückley, C Schrader, J Schmidt, S Zankovych, J Bossert, KD Jandt, M Faucon, U Finger
Plasma chemical oxidation enhances implant fixation and bone-implant contact in a rat model

Page 47: R Ferrari, CC Castelli, G Gregis
Implant infection: preformed articulated knee spacer for the infected TKA: more than 10 years experience

Page 48: MP Francis, V Vazquez, G Vannkambadi, M Höök
Sequence changes in the isoforms of staphylococcal MSCRAMMs Bbp/SdrE affect ligand specificity

Page 49: J Gagnon, P Weber, KM Fromm
Nanoencapsulation of anti-microbial drugs

Page 50: ML González-Martín, MA Pacha-Olivenza, AM Gallardo-Moreno, C Pérez-Giraldo, JM Bruque
Bactericidal behaviour of Ti6Al4V after UV irradiation in the presence of adsorbed proteins

Page 51: S Gravius, M Wimmer, T Randau, T Hoppe, S Petersdorf, N Kraska, DC Wirtz, G Pagenstert
The interdisciplinary approach to prosthetic joint infections: Results of 147 consecutive cases

Page 52: Y Gu, X Chen, JH Lee, D Monteiro, H Wang, WY Lee
Inkjet-printed antibiotic- and calcium-eluting bioresorbable nanocomposite micropatterns for orthopaedic implants

Page 53: C Henkenbehrens, V Alt, K Lips, D Muhrer, U Sommer, E Domann, R Schnettler
A new animal model for implant-associated infected non-unions of the tibia and bacteria detection with fluorescence in situ hybridization
*** Robert Mathys Student Poster Prize winner

Page 54: N Horn, C Lutton, D Eglin, RG Richards, TF Moriarty
Antibacterial activity of antibiotic loaded thermo-responsive hyaluronan hydrogel

Page 55: T Kamarul, A Mansor, MG Hossain, NN Syima, SR Kanthan
Predictive factors for osteomyelitis in open tibia fracture

Page 56: E Körner, D Hegemann
Design of silver containing plasma polymer films for a controlled response to bacteria and mammalian cells

Page 57: PA Laycock, M Brayford, JJ Cooper
A simple acoustic technique to assess the setting time of antibiotic loaded calcium sulphate

Page 58: PA Laycock, M Brayford, JJ Cooper
Effects of antibiotic addition on the setting time of calcium sulphate bone cement

Page 59: R McDonald, M Maclean, JG Anderson, SJ MacGregor, MH Grant
Effect of 405nm high-intensity narrow-spectrum light on osteoblast function

Page 60: J McLaren, K Shakesheff, R Quirk, A Goodship, R Bayston, BE Scammell
The use of an antibiotic – impregnated biodegradable bone scaffold to prevent osteomyelitis

Page 61: M Kujundzic, K Kaudela, U Burner, H Winkler, H Plenk Jr
Radiograph morphometry of experimental osteitis in rabbits treated with antibiotics-combined human bank bone or bone cement

Page 62: L Montero, O Estrada, J Gilabert, V Ramos-Pérez, R Villa, S Borrós
Following the mechanism of biofilm formation tailoring surface modificationon impedance sensors

Page 63: PH Mutin, J Amalric, G Guerrero, A Ponche, JP Lavigne
Surface modification of titanium by phosphonate monolayers releasing bactericidal species

Page 64: JCE Odekerken, TJM Welting, JJC Arts, GHIM Walenkamp
A reproduciable osteomyelitis model in rabbits

Page 65: M Oster, NM Neisius, S Gaan
A new generation of antimicrobial polymers

Page 66: C Piñero, A Janssen, G Sinicco, A Ewald
Medical coating innovation: Antimicrobial PVD TiN

Page 67: L Ploux, E Kulaga, T Bourgade, V Roucoules
Mechanically responsive and antibacterial plasma polymer coatings for soft biomaterials

Page 68: L Ploux, M Mateescu, L Guichaoua, K Anselme, E Champion, D Chulia, M Viana, R Chotard
A new antibiotics-impregnated microporous bioceramic

Page 69: V Post, TF Moriarty, RG Richards
Characterisation of staphylococcus aureus from orthopaedic device related infections

Page 70: I Potapova, TF Moriarty, RG Richards
Bacterial peptides as imaging probes for functional imaging in infection diagnostics

Page 71: M Priebe, KM Fromm
Microemulsion approach to antimicrobial nanocontainers

Page 72: A Rahyussalim, Andriansjah, Ismail, A Lubis, T Kurniawati
New evidence of spondylitis tuberculosis: contaminated by pyogenic microorganism or mixed infection?

Page 73: ETJ Rochford, TF Moriarty, RG Richards, AHC Poulsson
An in vitro study of bacterial adhesion to oxygen plasma treated PEEK

Page 74: A Roguska, M Pisarek, M Lewandowska, KJ Kurzydłowski, M Janik-Czachor
Bioactive TiO2 nanotube layers with antibacterial properties

Page 75: H Rothe, D Glöss, P Frach, K Rose, J Kron, K Liefeith
Anti-infective coatings based on dispersed TiO2 nanoparticles in polymer matrices

Page 76: TS Sampath Kumar
Biodegradable nano apatites for improved delivery of antibiotics

Page 77: M Seidenstuecker, Y Mrestani, R Neubert, A Bernstein, HO Mayr
Using premanufactured solid β-TCP scaffolds for clindamicin release

Page 78: C Strobel, N Bormann, A Kadow-Romacker, G Schmidmaier, B Wildemann
Sequential release kinetics of two substances from one-component polymeric coating on implants

Page 79: M Turalija, S Gaan, S Bischof Vukusic
Polylactide: antimicrobial modifications

Page 80: E Vernè, M Miola, G Fucale, G Maina
Bioactive and antibacterial PMMA-based bone cement

Page 81: A Zerdoum, M Crismaru, JA Loontjens, HC van der Mei, HJ Busscher, M Libera
Morphological effects of quaternary ammonium compounds on staphylococci

Page 82: B Żywicka, E Zaczyńska, A Czarny, K Twarowska-Schmidt
Evaluation of cytotoxicity in vitro of biodegradable polylactide fibers with spin finishes

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