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 ISSN:1473-2262         NLM:100973416 (link)         DOI:10.22203/eCM

Volume No 37 Janary - June 2019

Pages 1-15 A Hannoun, G Ouenzerfi, L Brizuela, S Mebarek, C Bougault, M Hassler, Y Berthier, A-M Trunfio-Sfarghiu
Transcriptional activation of ENPP1 by osterix in osteoblasts and osteocytes

Pages 16-22 S Karbysheva, L Grigoricheva, V Golnik, S Popov, N Renz, A Trampuz
Influence of retrieved hip- and knee-prosthesis biomaterials on microbial detection by sonication

Pages 23-41 A Levillain, RA Rolfe, Y Huang, JC Iatridis, NC Nowlan
Short-term foetal immobility temporally and progressively affects chick spinal curvature and anatomy and rib development








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