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Volume No 38 July - December 2019

Pages 1-13 V-T Duong, T-T Dang, JP Kim, K Kim, H Ko, CH Hwang, K-i Koo
Twelve-day medium pumping into tubular cell-laden scaffold using a lab-made PDMS connector

Pages 14-22 A Atasoy-Zeybek, A Ivkovic, T Beyzadeoglu, A Ona, CH Evans, GT Kose
Paracrine effects of living human bone particles on the osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells

Pages 23-34: GR Meloni, A Farran, B Mohanraj, H Guehring, R Cocca, E Rabut, RL Mauck, GR Dodge
Recombinant human FGF18 preserves depth-dependent mechanical inhomogeneity in articular cartilage

Pages 35-50: S Pitkänen, K Paakinaho, H Pihlman, N Ahola, M Hannula, S Asikainen, M Manninen, M Morelius, P Keränen, J Hyttinen, M Kellomäki, O Laitinen-Vapaavuori, S Miettinen
Characterisation and in vitro and in vivo evaluation of supercritical-CO2-foamed β-TCP/PLCL composites for bone applications

Pages 51-62: MH Hagmeijer, LA Vonk, M Fenu, YWAM van Keep, AJ Krych, DBF Saris
Meniscus regeneration combining meniscus and mesenchymal stromal cells in a degradable meniscus implant: an in vitro study

Pages 63-78: S Gibbs, S Roffel, M Meyer, A Gasser
Biology of soft tissue repair: gingival epithelium in wound healing and attachment to the tooth and abutment surface

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