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2021   Volume No 43 – pages 1-3

Title: Editorial – Disc Biology Special Issue

Authors:  A Vernengo, Z Li, S Grad

Address: AO Research Institute Davos, Davos, Switzerland

E-mail: sibylle.grad at

Abstract: The intervertebral disc (IVD) has long been known as a mechanical structure responsible for spinal flexibility and load distribution, while its dysfunction is a frequent source of pain and disability. In recent years, multiple signaling pathways contributing to the regulation of the IVD homeostasis in health and disease have been discovered. At the same time, crosstalk of the IVD with adjacent tissues, immune cells, nerve cells and systemic mediators has been identified as an essential mechanism of degeneration and repair. Such discoveries open the door for the design of new therapeutic and diagnostic targets. This Disc Biology Special Issue provides an abstract of cutting-edge findings in terms of tissue regulation, therapeutic intervention and preclinical models, which will help to improve the management of IVD disorders.

Publication date: January 3rd 2022

Article download: Pages 1-3 (PDF file)

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