Cells and Materials

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Volume 8, 1998, Pages 1-200

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Special Issue on

" Biology of Skeletal Tissues: Basic Science, Molecular Medicine and Tissue Engineering"

Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Page 3 Cellular and Molecular Regulation of Embryonic Skeletal Development and Morphogenesis (Review Paper)
R.S. Tuan

Page 19 Early Events During Precartilage Condensation in Limb Bud Micromass Cultures (Review Paper)
Y.S. Lee, N.S. Stott, T.X. Jiang, R.B. Widelitz, C.M. Chuong

Page 33 Hyaluronan-Cell Interactions During Chondrogenesis and Matrix Assembly (Review Paper)
C.B. Knudson

Page 57 Discovery and Characteristic Features of Cartilage-Derived Retinoic Acid-Sensitive Protein (CD-RAP) (Review Paper)
S. Kondo, W.-F. Xie, S.H. Cha, L.J. Sandell

Page 63 Hypertrophic Chondrocytes Are Surrounded by a Condensed Layer of Hyaluronan
C. Underhill, P. Andrews, L. Zhang

Page 73 Creatine Kinase Activity and Cartilage Energy Metabolism: Creatine Kinase-Creatine Phosphate Circuit Activity and Macromolecule Synthesis
R. Rajpurohit, K. Mansfield, X. Gao, I.M. Shapiro

Page 83 FGFR3 Signaling in Achondroplasia: a Review (Review Paper)
W.A. Horton, S. Garofalo, G.P. Lunstrum

Page 89 The Bone-Inducing Agent in Saos-2 Cell Extracts and Secretions (Review Paper)
H.C. Anderson, H.H.T. Hsu, P. Raval, P.R. Reynold, D.J. Gurley, M.X. Aguilera, L.S. Davis, P.E. Moylan

Page 99 Mesenchymal Cell-Based Repair of Connective Tissue Defects: Application of Transforming Growth Factor- Superfamily Members and Biodegradable Polymer Scaffolds (Review Paper)
S.B. Nicoll, A.E. Denker, R.S. Tuan

Page 123 Unraveling the Consequences of Collagen X Mutations (Review Paper)
O. Jacenko, D. Chan

Page 135 Interactions of the Chondrocyte with Its Pericellular Matrix (Review Paper)
G.M. Lee, R.F. Loeser

Page 151 Human Articular Chondrocytes Cultured in Alginate Beads Maintain Their Gene Expression
S. Chubinskaya, K. Huch, M. Schulze, L. Otten, M.B. Aydelotte, A.A. Cole (N.B. This paper has been removed, because it has come to our notice (in November 2012) that this material has also been published elsewhere, due probably to the original long delay that was outside of our control in publishing this C&M version. The paper can now be found in The Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry)

Page 161 Tissue Engineering of Articular Cartilage: Perichondrial Cells in Osteochondral Repair
D. Amiel, C.R. Chu, R.L. Sah, R.D. Coutts

Page 175 Studies on the Development of a Tissue Engineered Matrix for Bone Regeneration
C.T. Laurencin, F.K. Ko, M.A. Attawia, M.D. Borden

Page 183 Ligament Cell Adhesiveness and Repairing In Vitro Under Inflammatory Conditions
L. Yang, C.M-H. Tsai, S.Y. Kwon, Y. Shi, J. Bai, W. Akeson, K-L.P. Sung

Page 199 List of Reviewers for Cells and Materials Vol. 8 1998