Scanning Microscopy

ISSN: 0891-7035

Volume 12, 1998, Pages 413-534

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Page 415 Electron Diffraction by Carbon Nanotubes
A.A. Lucas, V. Bruyninckx, Ph. Lambin , D. Bernaerts , S. Amelinckx , J. Van Landuyt, G. Van Tendeloo

Page 437 Formation and Interaction of Hollow Neon Atoms at an Aluminum Surface
N. Stolterfoht, D. Niemann , M. Grether, A. Spieler, A. Arnau

Page 449 Electrochemical Deposition Induced Stress Measurements on a Microcantilever Investigated with Cyclic Voltammetry
P.I. Oden, T. Thundat, R.J. Warmack

Page 455 Polymerization of the DNA Binding Fragment of p53 on DNA: Atomic Force Microscopy Study
Y. L. Lyubchenko, L. S. Shlyakhtenko, A. Nagaich, E. Appella, R. E. Harrington, S.M. Lindsay

Page 465 Dimensional Changes of Articular Cartilage During Immersion-Freezing and Freeze-Substitution for Scanning Electron Microscopy
M.J. Kb, H.P. Ntzli, J. Clark, I. ap Gwynn

Page 475 Late Effects in Mouse Thyroid and Adrenal Gland after 60 Co g - Irradiation of the Brain: an Ultrastructural Study
L.G. Chen, C.H. Kao, V.C. Yang

Page 487 Lung Fibrosis Induced by Bleomycin: Structural Changes and Overview of Recent Advances
N. R. Grande, M. N. D. Peo, C. M. de S, A. P. guas

Page 495 Scanning Electron Microscopy in Childhood Inflammatory Bowel Disease
M. Bertini, A. Sbarbati, D. Canioni, J. Schmitz

Page 503 Ultrastructural Alterations on the Platelet Surface Induced by Complement Membrane Attack Complex, Demonstrated with Serial Sections After Cryofixation and Cryosubstitution
E. Morgenstern, P.A. Holme, K. Hgsen, R. Dierichs, N.O. Solum

Page 523 Developmental Changes of Antipit Cell Ultrastructure in the Soybean Seed Coat During Seed Maturation
R. W. Yaklich, E. L. Vigil, E. F. Erbe, W. P. Wergin

Page 533 List of Reviewers for Scanning Microscopy Vol. 12, Number 3, 1998: