Scanning Microscopy

ISSN: 0891-7035

Volume 12, 1998, Pages 535-665

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AMF O'Hare (Chicago), IL 60666, USA
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Table of Contents

Page 535 Theoretical Fundamentals and Experimental Materials and Defect Studies Using Quantitative Scanning Electron Microscopy-Cathodoluminescence/electron Beam Induced Current on compound semiconductors
S. Hildebrandt, J. Schreiber, W. Hergert, H. Uniewski, H. S. Leipner

Page 553 Surface Analytical Studies of Oxidation and Collector Adsorption in Sulfide Mineral Flotation
R. St.C. Smart, J. Amarantidis, W. Skinner, C. A. Prestidge, L. LaVanier, S. Grano

Page 585 Measurements of Mechanical Parameters of Biological Structures with Atomic Force Microscope
A. Ikai, X-M. Xu, K. Mitsui

Page 599 Physiologically Important Trace Elements of Paralesional Psoriatic Skin
Y. Werner-Linde, J. Pallon, B. Forslind

Page 609 In vitro Studies of Microwave-induced Cataract iii: in vitro Lenticular Effect Enhancement by l-Band Pulsed vs Continuous Wave Microwave Irradiation of Rat Lens
J.R. Trevithick, M.O. Creighton, M. Sanwal, J.C. Baskerville, H.I. Bassen, D.O. Brown

Page 631 Tracers in Vascular Casting Resins Enhance Backscattering Brightness
D. E. Schraufnagel, D. P. Ganesan

Page 641 Microvascular Patterns of the Human Large Intestine: Morphometric Studies of Vascular Parameters in Corrosion Casts
E. Fait, W. Malkusch, S.-H. Gnoth, Ch. Dimitropoulou, A. Gaumann, C.J. Kirkpatrick, Th. Junginger, M.A. Konerding

Page 653 Stereoscopic Images of Human Cataractous Lens Fibers Obtained with Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy
W.L. Jongebloed, J.J.L. van der Want, J.G.F. Worst, D. Kalicharan