Scanning Microscopy

ISSN: 0891-7035

Volume 13, Number 2-3, 1999, Pages 173-396

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Page 173 Analysis of Matrix Glycosaminoglycans (GAGS) in Urinary Stones by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
S. Iida, I. Takazono, K. Suzuki, A. Shimada, J. Yahara, S. Yoshii, K. Matsuoka, S. Noda

Page 183 Formation and Growth Inhibition of Calcium Oxalate Crystals by Takusha (Alismatis rhizoma)
K. Suzuki, K. Kawamura, R. Tsugawa

Page 191 Identifying a Single Locus in the Polygenic Complex of Idiopathic Oxalate Stone Disease
H.O. Goodman, R.P. Holmes, D.G. Assimos

Page 203 BON(N)-Stones - Production and Characterization of Synthetic Standard Stones from Natural Material
A. Hesse, D. Jacobs, D. Heimbach, R. Süverkrüp

Page 213 Studies on the Crystallization Process Following Addition of Calcium Phosphate Crystals to Solutions with a Composition Corresponding to that in the Collecting Duct
H.G. Tiselius, A.-M. Fornander, M.-A. Nilsson

Page 223 Uric Acid Calculi
F. Grases, A.I. Villacampa, A. Costa-Bauzá, O. Söhnel

Page 235 The Effect of pH Changes on Crystallization of Calcium Salts in Solutions with an Ion-Composition Corresponding to that in the Distal Tubule
I. Hĝjgaard, A.-M. Fornander, M.-A. Nilsson, H.G. Tiselius

Page 247 Crystallization during Volume Reduction of Solutions with a Composition Corresponding to that in the Collecting Duct. The Influence of Hydroxyapatite Seed Crystals and Urinary Macromolecules
I. Hĝjgaard, A.-M. Fornander, M.-A. Nilsson, H.G. Tiselius

Page 261 Equilibrium versus Supersaturated Urine Hypothesis in Calcium Salt Urolithiasis: a New Theoretical and Practical Approach to a Clinical Problem
A.Z. Györy, R. Ashby

Page 267 Metabolic Disorders and Molecular Background of Urolithiasis in Childhood
B. Hoppe, A. Hesse

Page 281 Bone Mineral Content in Calcium Renal Stone Formers
A. Trinchieri, R. Nespoli, F. Ostini, F. Rovera, A. Curro

Page 291 Measurement of Metastability and Growth of Calcium Oxalate in Native Urine by Calcium Electrode: A New Approach for Clinical and Experimental Stone Research
J.M. Baumann, B. Affolter, H.-P. Siegrist

Page 299 Impact of Ammonium Chloride Administration on a Rat Ethylene Glycol Urolithiasis Model
J. Fan, M.A. Glass, P.S. Chandhoke

Page 307 Calcium Oxalate Crystallization in Undiluted Urine of Healthy Males: In Vitro and in Vivo Effects of Various Citrate Compounds
J. Fan, P.O. Schwille, A. Schmiedl, D. Gottlieb, M. Manoharan, U. Herrmann

Page 321 Calcium Oxalate Crystals in Developing Soybean Seeds
H. Ilarslan, R.G. Palmer, H.T. Horner

Page 341 Letter to the Editor: Bacterial Origin of a ”Stone Protein”
J.S. Mort, M.-C. Magny
Including reply by: J.P. Binette, M.B. Binette

Page 343 Enamel Microstructural Specialization in the Canine of the Spotted Hyena, Crocuta crocuta
J.M. Rensberger

Page 363 The Specialized Structure of Hyaenid Enamel: Description and Develpoment within The Lineage - Including Percrocutids
C. Stefen, J.M. Rensberger

Page 381 Imaging and Monitoring Cholesterol Crystallization in Bile
F.M. Konikoff, A. Kaplun, T. Gilat

Page 395 List of Reviewers for Scanning Microscopy Vol. 13, Number 2-3, 1999: