Scanning Microscopy

ISSN: 0891-7035

Volume 13, Number 1, 1999, Pages 1-172

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Special Issue on

"The Optimization of the Scanning Electron Microscope"

Table of Contents

Table of Contents and Foreword

Page 1 From Microns to Nanometres: Early Landmarks in the Science of Scanning Electron Microscope Imaging
P.J. Breton

Page 7 Imaging of Specimens at Optimized Low and Very Low Energies in Scanning Electron Microscopy
I. Müllerová

Page 23 The Beam-Gas and Signal-Gas Interactions in the Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope
C. Mathieu

Page 43 High Resolution Backscatter Electron (BSE) Imaging of Immunogold with In-Lens and Below-the-Lens Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopes
S.L. Erlandsen, P. T. Macechko, C. Frethem

Page 55 Low Voltage Backscattered Electron Imaging (< 5kV) Using Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy
R.G. Richards, G.Rh. Owen, I. ap Gwynn

Page 61 A Comparison of Four Preparation Methods for the Morphological Study of Articular Cartilage for Scanning Electron Microscopy
M.J. Kääb, R.G. Richards, P.Walther, I. ap Gwynn, H.P. Nötzli

Page 71 Contrast Optimisation for Backscattered Electron Imaging of Resin Embedded Cells
L.G. Harris, I. ap Gwynn, R.G.Richards

Page 83 Scanning Electron Microscopy Examination of Collagen Network Morphology at the Cartilage, Labrum, and Bone Interfaces in the Acetabulum
G.Rh. Owen, M. Kääb, K. Ito

Page 93 Is Cryopreservation Superior over Tannic Acid/Arginine/Osmium Tetroxide Non-Coating Preparation in Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy?
W.L. Jongebloed, I. Stokroos, D. Kalicharan, J.J.L. van der Want

Page 111 An Improved OsO4 Maceration Method for the Visualization of Internal Structures and Surfaces in Human Bioptic Specimens by High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscopy
A. Riva, G. Faa, F. Loffredo, M. Piludu, F. Testa Riva

Page 123 Use of Recombinant Cytoadhesive Molecules and Scanning Electron Microscopy to Assess the Interaction of Borrelia Burgdorferi, the Lyme Disease Spirochete, with Specific Cellular Receptor Sites
C.F. Garon, L.L. Lubke, J.A. Carroll

Page 133 Replication Techniques for Dry and Wet Biological Surfaces
B. Forslind

Page 141 Optimising the Performance of a Tungsten Hairpin Scanning Electron Microscope
S.K. Chapman

Page 147 Quantitative Imaging and Analysis of Biological Specimens in the Field-Emission Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope: Capabilities and Limitations
S.B. Andrews, N.B. Pivovarova, R.D. Leapman

Page159 X-ray Microanalysis of Cultured Cells in the Scanning Electron Microscope and in the Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope: a Comparison
G.M. Roomans

Page 167 Scanning Electron Microscopy in the Next Millenium
B.C. Breton

Page 171 List of Reviewers for Scanning Microscopy Vol. 13, Number 1, 1999: