Scanning Microscopy

ISSN: 0891-7035

Volume 12, 1998, Pages 255-412

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Table of Contents

Page 255 Electron Energy Losses in Cylindrical Cavities: Nonlocal Effects
J. Aizpurua, E. Uranga

Page 265 Non Linear Effects in Ion Induced Electron Emission
G. Schiwietz, G. Xiao, P.L. Grande, A. Schmoldt, M. Grether, R. Köhrbrück, A. Spieler, U. Stettner

Page 285 Cathodoluminescence in the Scanning Electron Microscope: Application to Low-Dimensional Semiconductor Structures
A. Gustafsson, E. Kapon

Page 301 Signal Formation, Simulation and Inverse Problem in Scanning Fluorescent X-Ray Microscopy Using Focused Beams for Analysis of the Surface Relief
M.V. Chukalina, N.G. Ushakov, S.I. Zaitsev

Page 309 Er:YAG Laser Etching of Enamel
T. Dostálová, H. Jelínková, O. Krejsa, K. Hamal, J. Kubelka, S. Procházka

Page 317 Synthesis of Sharpey’s Fiber Proteins Within Rodent Alveolar Bone
R.B. Johnson, R.H. Martinez

Page 329 The Diameter of Duplex and Quadruplex DNA Measured by Scanning Probe Microscopy
J. Vesenka, T. Marsh, E. Henderson, C. Vellandi

Page 343 Induction of Bimodal Programmed Cell Death in Malignant Cells by Benzophenanthridine Alkaloids and Ukrain (NSC-631570)
A. Liepins, J.W. Nowicky, J.O. Bustamante, E. Lam

Page 351 Apoptotic Cell Death Induced by Diferent Triggering Agents may Follow a Common Enzymatic Pathway
F. Luchetti, A. Di Baldassarre, A.R. Mariani, M. Columbaro, C. Cinti, E. Falcieri

Page 361 New Ultrastructural Evidence for the Existence of a Glycocalyx on Hair Cells of the Organ of Corti
W.L. Jongebloed, E.A. Dunnebier, J.L.L. van der Want, F.W.J. Albers, D. Kalicharan

Page 377 Ototoxic Effects of Middle Ear Gentamicin Instillation in the Chinchilla
R.V. Harrison, J. Chen, R.J. Mount, H. Hirakawa, A. Kakigi, N. Harel

Page 387 Light Microscopy, Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy of Vertebrate Cerebellar Golgi Cells
O. J. Castejón

Page 401 Liquid Substitution: an Alternative Procedure for Leaf Surface Studies with Scanning Electron Microscopy
J. Peacock, L. van Rensburg, H. Krüger, C.F. van der Merwe