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eCM, published by AO Research Institute Davos

eCM provides an interdisciplinary forum for publication of preclinical research in the musculoskeletal field (Trauma, Maxillofacial (including dental), Spine and Orthopaedics).
eCM Impact Factor 2013 4.887. Five year Impact Factor 5.991


2015 marks 15 years of eCM.
eCM started as a concept in 1999 of free science publication. eCM was one of the first open access scientific journals in the world and initiated the transparent review process (now known as open peer review) including a transparent route to becoming a member of the International Review Panel. eCM always has had rigorous peer revieing and the novel discussion with named reviewers (as would happen in a conference) included as an integral part of accepted publications. eCM was set up and remains as a not-for-profit journal. eCM was and is a pioneer with many of its innovative ideas leading the way for major publishing companies to follow.
eCM remains The leading Journal of musculoskeletal research.
Submit your best papers to the pioneer in open access publishing.

As a reminder from 1999, some other events:
Bluetooth 1.0 Specification was released in 1999
Everyone feared the Millennium Bug- The total cost of the work done in preparation for Y2K was estimated at over US$300 billion (at that time).
The world population reached 6 billion people - those were the days!


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What are your colleagues citing? (Accurate as of 08th September 2014)

  • Top 10 cited 2012/2013
  • Top 10 cited last 5 years
  • Top 10 cited ever

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3) Design of ceramic-based cements and putties for bone graft substitution
M Bohner

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10) Aligned electrospun polymer fibres for skeletal muscle regeneration
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