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eCM Journal (Eur Cell Mater) provides an interdisciplinary forum for publication in the musculoskeletal field (Orthopaedics, Trauma, Maxillofacial (including dental) and Spine) of preclinical research, including the field of tissue engineering & regenerative medicine. eCM journal is published by AO Research Institute Davos, a Not-for-Profit foundation in Switzerland. All revenues are used to run and develop the journal for our readers

eCM Journal Impact Factor 2019: 3.741. JCR 5-year Impact Factor : 4.31. SJR H index: 79.

Scopus CiteScore 2019: 6.0


Manuscripts accepted for publication but not yet edited following eCM guidelines can be found here.

eCM Journal has now adopted use of the updated ARRIVE guidelines for studies with animals. When such manuscripts are submitted, authors must go through the "Essential 10 checklist".

eCM reviewers can now receive Publons credit for their review. They can track, verify and showcase their peer review and editorial contributions on Publons.

Tendons and Ligaments Special Issue: Tthis Special Issue aims to deliver an up-to-date synopsis on tendon stem/progenitor cell biology under degenerative and regenerative conditions, cell-to-matrix/material interactions controlling cell behaviour, 3D niches/models, tendon engineering and biofabrication strategies as well as repair/regeneration models.
Submission deadline:31st of August 2021

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