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eCM Journal (Eur Cell Mater) provides an interdisciplinary forum for publication in the musculoskeletal field (Orthopaedics, Trauma, Maxillofacial (including dental) and Spine) of preclinical research, including the field of tissue engineering & regenerative medicine. eCM journal is published by AO Research Institute Davos, a Not-for-Profit foundation in Switzerland. All revenues are used to run and develop the journal for our readers.

eCM Journal Impact Factor 2021: 4.325. JCR 5-year Impact Factor : 5.126. SJR H index: 87.

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Congratulations to Prof. Fergal J. O’Brien, who is the recipient of the 2023 Marshall R. Urist, MD Award.

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Temporo-mandibular joint Special Issue: The temporomandibular joints (TMJs) connect the jaw to the skull and are the most used joints of the human body. TMJ disorders (TMD) are severely debilitating and a significant public health issue. Therapies for TMD have mixed success so there is a great need for new research into the TMJ to prompt therapies that are more effective. The eCM journal is facilitating this by producing a special issue focused on the TMJ, which serves as a platform for the publication of manuscripts describing novel basic science on TMJ development, growth, homeostasis, pathologies and therapies.
Submission deadline: 31st of March 2023

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Gene therapy for musculoskeletal applications Special Issue: The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how revolutionary treatments based on gene therapeutics have helped overcome a once-in-a-century pandemic and have given new momentum to gene therapy research for a myriad of applications. In musculoskeletal applications, this might provide an opportunity to overcome some of the well-established problems with therapeutics, such as recombinant bone morphogenetic proteins. This special issue will include a series of articles focused on viral and non-viral gene therapy approaches for delivery of DNA and RNA therapeutics to repair musculoskeletal tissues including bone, cartilage, ligament, tendon, meniscus, intervertebral disk and peripheral nerve.
Submission deadline: 31st of July 2023

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