eCM (Eur Cell Mater / e Cells & Materials) eCM Open Access Scientific Journal
 ISSN:1473-2262         NLM:100973416 (link)         DOI:10.22203/eCM

Open Access Compliant

Open Access

All publications in eCM have been immediately freely available upon publication since eCM first paper in 2001: articles are freely accessible to the public without any embargo period, irrespective of who funded the research. This is equivalent to the new term "Gold Open Access", where articles are immediately available for others to read, download and share (e.g. can be uploaded on ResearchGate).

The European Research Council (ERC) and the The SNSF (Swiss National Science Foundation) are two of the funders of Europe PMC (Europe PubMed Central). ERC and SNSF are committed to open access. eCM, as an open access journal, is compliant for SNSF and ERC funded projects. Every eCM publication is held as a copy within this repository, which also has direct access to each paper on the eCM website. Europe PMC enriches the publications with information such as citation data and links from other databases. See eCM on European PMC. eCM is now indexed in the China Knowledge Resource Integrated (CNKI) Database.