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Volume No 1 January - June 2001

Pages 01-11 : I ap Gwynn and C Wilson
Characterizing fretting particles by analysis of SEM images

Pages 12-17 : S Hengsberger, A Kulik and Ph Zysset
A combined atomic force microscopy and nanoindentation technique to investigate the elastic properties of bone structural units

Pages 18-26 : M Glatt
The bisphosphonate zoledronate prevents vertebral bone loss in mature estrogen-deficient rats as assessed by micro-computed tomography

Pages 27-42 : E. I. Suvorova and P. A. Buffat
Electron diffraction and high resolution transmission electron microscopy in the characterization of calcium phosphate precipitation from aqueous solutions under biomineralization conditions.

Pages 43-51 : E.-M. Lochmüller, V. Jung, A. Weusten, U. Wehr, E. Wolf and F. Eckstein
Precision of high-resolution dual energy x-ray absorptiometry of bone mineral status and body composition in small animal models.

Pages 52-58 : D. Dufrane, O. Cornu, T. Verraes, N. Schecroun, X. Banse, Y.J. Schneider and Ch. Delloye
In vitro evaluation of acute cytotoxicity of human chemically treated allografts

Pages 59-65 : A.S.G. Curtis
Cell reactions with biomaterials: the microscopies

Pages 66-81 : A. Simon Turner
Animal models of osteoporosis - necessity and limitations




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