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Volume No 4 July - December 2002

This volume is open-ended and papers will be added as they become available.

Pages 1-17 : L. C. Baxter , V. Frauchiger , M. Textor , I. ap Gwynn and R. G. Richards
Fibroblast and osteoblast adhesion and morphology on calcium phosphate surfaces

Pages 18-29 : I. ap Gwynn, S. Wade, K. Ito and R.G. Richards
Novel aspects to the structure of rabbit articular cartilage

Pages 30-38 : S. Vogt, Y. Larcher, B. Beer, I. Wilke and M. Schnabelrauch
Fabrication of highly porous scaffold materials based on functionalized oligolactides and preliminary results on their use in bone tissue engineering

Pages 39-60 : L.G. Harris, S.J. Foster and R.G. Richards
An introduction to staphylococcus aureus, and techniques for identifying and quantifying s. aureus adhesins in relation to adhesion to biomaterials: review

Pages 61-69 : S. Hattar, A. Berdal, A. Asselin, S. Loty, D.C. Greenspan and J-M Sautier
Behaviour of moderately differentiated osteoblast-like cells cultured in contact with bioactive glasses


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