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2003   Volume No 5 - pages 48-60

Title: Development of a mechanical testing and loading system for trabecular bone studies for long term culture

Authors: D.B. Jones, E. Broeckmann, T. Pohl and E.L. Smith

Address: Department of Experimental Orthopaedics and Biomechanics, University of Marburg, Germany

E-mail: jones at

Key Words: Trabecular bone diffusion, static and dynamic mechanical loading, biological stimulation, stiffness-measurements, Young's Modulus.

Publication date: 30th June 2003

Abstract: A highly accurate (+/-3%) mechanical loading and measurement system combined with a trabecular bone diffusion culture-loading chamber has been developed, which provides the ability to study trabecular bone (and possibly) cartilage under controlled culture and loading conditions over long periods of time. The loading device has been designed to work in two main modes, either to apply a specific compressive strain to a trabecular bone cylinder or to apply a specific force and measure the resulting deformation. Presently, precisely machined bone cylinders can be loaded at frequencies between 0.1 Hz to 50 Hz and amplitudes over 7,000 µe. The system allows accurate measurement of many mechanical properties of the tissue in real time, including visco-elastic properties. This paper describes the technical components, reproducibility, precision, and the calibration procedures of the loading system. Data on long term culture and mechanical responses to different loading patterns will be published separately.

Article download: Pages 48-60 (PDF file)
DOI: 10.22203/eCM.v005a05