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2005   Volume No 10– pages 1-7

Title:The electrochemical behaviour of various non-precious Ni and Co based alloys in artificial saliva

Authors: D Mareci, Gh Nemtoi, N Aelenei, C Bocanu

Address: Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Industrial Chemistry, Technical University Gh. Asachi, Bd. D. Mangeron, No. 71, 700050 Iasi, Romania.

E-mail: dmareci at

Key Words: Corrosion potential, Corrosion current, Potentiodynamic cyclic curves, Potentiodynamic linear curves, Scanning electron microscopy.

Publication date: July 8th 2005

Abstract: Five non-precious Ni-Co based alloys were analyzed with respect to their corrosion behaviour. The correlation between the amount of the elements Cr, Mo, V and the corrosion behaviour, expressed by the PREN (pitting resistance equivalent number) index in the case of the allied steels, was extended for Ni-Cr and Co-Cr dental alloys characterization. Open circuit potential, corrosion current densities, as a measure of the corrosion rate, and main parameters of the corrosion process were evaluated from linear and cyclic polarization curves, for five Ni-Cr or Co-Cr alloys in an Afnor type artificial saliva. The maintenance times of the alloy in the corrosive medium influence the corrosion rate; the corrosion current values decrease with the maintenance time due to their passivation in solution. The microscopic analysis of the alloy surfaces shows that this passivation in solution does not modify the corrosion type. The alloys with PREN 32.9 are susceptible of localized corrosion.


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DOI: 10.22203/eCM.v010a01