Scanning Microscopy

ISSN: 0891-7035

Volume 11, 1997, Pages 1-482

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Special Issue on

"Signal and Image Processing"

Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Page 1 Multivariate Image Analysis and Segmentation in Microanalysis
N. Bonnet, M. Herbin, P. Vautrot

Page 23 Quantitative Energy-Filtered Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction - Matching Theory to Experiment
M. Saunders, P.A. Midgley , T.D. Walsh , E.S.K. Menon, A.G. Fox, R. Vincent

Page 31 Quantification of Energy Filtered Lattice Images and Coherent Convergent Beam Patterns
C.B. Boothroyd

Page 43 The Interpretation of Ptychographical Reconstructions from Sphalerite Structures
T. Plamann

Page 53 Geometric Phase Analysis of High Resolution Electron Microscope Images
M.J. H˙tch

Page 67 Phase-Retrieval X-Ray Microscopy by Wigner-Distribution Deconvolution: Signal Processing
H.N. Chapman

Page 81 Probe and Object Function Reconstruction in Incoherent Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope Imaging
P.D. Nellist, S.J. Pennycook

Page 91 The “Optical Potential” and Multiple Diffuse Scattering in Dynamical Electron Diffraction and Imaging
Z.L. Wang, W.D. Mo

Page 109 An Evaluation of Noisy Images of Helical Structures and the Detection of High Resolution Data
D.G. Morgan, D.J. DeRosier

Page 131 Effects of Angular Oversampling in Three-Dimensional Reconstruction
N. Boisset, P.A. Penczek, J.-C. Taveau, V. You, F. de Haas, J. Lamy

Page 147 Three Dimensional Reconstruction with Contrast Transfer Compensation from Defocus Series
P.A. Penczek, J. Zhu, R. Schröder, J. Frank

Page 155 The Moving Window Shannon Reconstruction (MWSR) in Real and Fourier Domain and its Use in Tomography
S. Lanzavecchia, P.L. Bellon

Page 171 Radon Transform Techniques for Alignment and Three-Dimensional Reconstruction
M. Radermacher

Page 179 Angular Reconstitution in Three-Dimensional Electron Microscopy: Practical and Technical Aspects
M. Schatz, E.V. Orlova, P. Dube, H. Stark, F. Zemlin, M. van Heel

Page 195 Angular Reconstitution in Three-Dimensional Electron Microscopy: Historical and Theoretical Aspects
M. van Heel, E.V. Orlova, G. Harauz, H. Stark, P. Dube, F. Zemlin, M. Schatz

Page 211 An Automatic Image Acquisition and Analysis System for a Scanning Electron Microscope
N.K. Tovey, J. Wang

Page 229 Automation for On-Line Remote-Control in situ Electron Microscopy
M.A. O’Keefe, B. Parvin, D. Owen, J. Taylor, K.H. Westmacott, W. Johnston, U. Dahmen

Page 241 Element Specific Image Acquisition by Sampling Fourier Components
B.M. Mertens, P. Kruit

Page 251 A New Method for Coma-Free Alignment of Transmission Electron Microscopes and Digital Determination of Aberration Coefficients
G. Ade, R. Lauer

Page 257 Transform Noise Statistics and Fourier Component Estimation
W.O. Saxton

Page 277 Simulation of Transmission and Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopic Images Considering Elastic and Thermal Diffuse Scattering
C. Dinges, H. Rose

Page 287 Computer Simulation Methods for the Analysis of High-Angle Annular Dark-Field (HAADF) Images of Al x Ga 1-x As at High Resolution
G.R. Anstis, S.C. Anderson, C.R. Birkeland, D.J.H. Cockayne

Page 301 Challenges of Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Ribonucleoprotein Complexes from Electron Spectroscopic Images: Reconstructing Ribosomal RNA
D.R. Beniac, G.J. Czarnota, T.A. Bartlett, B.L. Rutherford, F.P. Ottensmeyer, G. Harauz

Page 323 Solving the Phase Problem in Protein-Electron-Crystallography: Multiple Isomorphous Replacement and Anomalous Dispersion as Alternatives to Imaging
C. Burmester, R.R. Schröder

Page 335 Electron Holography and Lorentz Microscopy of Magnetic Thin Films and Multilayers
M.R. McCartney, D.J. Smith

Page 345 Selected Topics in Charged Particle Interferometry
F. Hasselbach

Page 367 Simulations of Electron Holograms of Long Range Electrostatic Field
G. Matteucci, G. Missiroli, G. Pozzi

Page 375 A Digital Method for Noise Reduction in Holographic Reconstructions and Electron Microscopical Images
G. Ade

Page 379 Maximum Entropy Restoration of Electron Microscope Images with a Random-Spatial-Distribution Constraint
T. Hanai, T. Morinaga, H. Suzuki, M. Hibino

Page 391 Principles and Applications of Defocus-Image Modulation Processing Electron Microscopy
Y. Takai, T. Ando, T. Ikuta, R. Shimizu

Page 407 Electron Holography: Recent Developments
E. Voelkl, L.F. Allard, B. Frost

Page 417 Differential Microscopy in Off-Axis Transmission Electron Microscope Holography
T. Tanji, T. Hirayama

Page 427 Analysis and Simulation of Digital Electron Holograms from Polymer Latexes
Y.C. Wang, T.M. Chou, M. Libera

Page 437 The Use of Stochastic Algorithms for Phase Retrieval in High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy
A. Thust, M. Lentzen, K. Urban

Page 455 Direct Retrieval of Object Information from Diffracted Electron Waves
K. Scheerschmidt

Page 467 From High Resolution Image to Atomic Structure: How Far Are We?
D. Van Dyck, E. Bettens, J. Sijbers, M. Op de Beeck, A. van den Bos, A.J. den Dekker

Page 479 Image Algebra and Rank-Order Filters
P.W. Hawkes