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Volume No 6 July - December 2003

Pages 1-11 : H.Winet
A bone fluid flow hypothesis for muscle pump-driven capillary filtration: ii proposed role for exercise in erodible scaffold implant incorporation

Pages 12-21 : RJ Waddington, HC Roberts, RV Sugars& E Schönherr
Differential roles for small leucine-rich proteoglycans in bone formation

Pages 22-27 : B.D. Boyan, S. Lossdörfer, L. Wang, G. Zhao, C.H. Lohmann, D.L. Cochran & Z. Schwartz
Osteoblasts generate an osteogenic microenvironment when grown on surfaces with rough microtopographies

Pages 28-45 : T.C. Flanagan and A Pandit
Living artificial heart valve alternatives: a review

Pages 46-56 : B Noble
Bone microdamage and cell apoptosis

Pages 57-71 : Rosanna Yang, Catrin M. Davies, Charlie W. Archer and R. Geoff Richards
Immunohistochemistry of matrix markers in Technovit 9100 New®-embedded undecalcified bone sections

Pages 72-85 : Edmund Y.S. Chao and Nozomu Inoue
Biophysical stimulation of bone fracture repair, regeneration and remodelling.


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