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Volume No 14 July - December 2007

Pages 1-19 : HCH Ko, BK Milthorpe,CD McFarland
Engineering thick tissues - the vascularisation problem

Pages 20-29 : JP Gleghorn, ARC Jones, CR Flannery, LJ Bonassar
Boundary mode frictional properties of engineered cartilaginous tissues

Pages 30-39 : JO Eniwumide, H Yuan, SH Cartmell, GJ Meijer, JD de Bruijn
Ectopic bone formation in bone marrow stem cell seeded calcium phosphate scaffolds as compared to autograft and (cell seeded) allograft

Pages 40-44 : JY Lau, R Tchao
Stressed polystyrene causes increased membrane sensitivity of adherent cells to fluid shear force: Technical note

Pages 45-55 : SS Jakobsen, A Larsen, M Stoltenberg, JM Bruun, K Soballe
Effects of AS-cast and wrought cobalt-chrome-molybdenum and titanium-aluminium-vanadium alloys on cytokine gene expression and protein secretion in J774A.1 macrophages

Pages 56-63: A Huber, A Pickett, KM Shakesheff
Reconstruction of spatially orientated myotubes in vitro using electrospun, parallel microfibre arrays

Pages 64-77: H Tai, ML Mather, D Howard, W Wang, LJ White, JA Crowe, SP Morgan, A Chandra, DJ Williams, SM Howdle, KM Shakesheff
Control of pore size and structure of tissue engineering scaffolds produced by supercritical fluid processing

Pages 78-91: T Brune, A Borel, TW Gilbert, JP Franceschi, SF Badylak, P Sommer
In vitro comparison of human fibroblasts from intact and ruptured ACL for use in tissue engineering


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