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Volume No 13 January - June 2007

Pages 1-10 : AI Pearce, RG Richards, S Milz, E Schneider, SG Pearce
Animal models for implant biomaterial research in bone: A review

Pages 11-25 : R Willumeit, M Schossig, H Clemens, F Feyerabend
In-vitro interactions of human chondrocytes and mesenchymal stem cells, and of mouse macrophages with phospholipid-covered metallic implant materials

Pages 26-39 : ME Blewis, GE Nugent-Derfus, TA Schmidt, BL Schumacher, RL Sah
A model of synovial fluid lubricant composition in normal and injured joints

Pages 40-45 : ARC Jones, CR Flannery
Bioregulation of lubricin expression by growth factors and cytokines

Pages 46-55 : P Kiviranta, J Töyräs, MT Nieminen, MS Laasanen, S Saarakkala, HJ Nieminen, MJ Nissi, JS Jurvelin
Comparison of novel clinically applicable methodology for sensitive diagnostics of cartilage degeneration

Pages 56-65 : B Fermor, SE Christensen, I Youn, JM Cernanec, CM Davies, JB Weinberg
Oxygen, nitric oxide and articular cartilage

Pages 66-75 : SD Waldman, DC Couto, MD Grynpas, RM Pilliar, RA Kandel
Multi-axial mechanical stimulation of tissue engineered cartilage: Review

Pages 76-86 : G Blumenkrantz, S Majumdar
Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging of articular cartilage in osteoarthritis

Pages 87-92 : N Kaneshiro, M Sato, M Ishihara, G Mitani, H Sakai, T Kikuchi, J Mochida
Cultured articular chondrocytes sheets for partial thickness cartilage defects utilizing temperature-responsive culture dishes

Pages 93-99 : S Stender, M Murphy, T O'Brien, C Stengaard, M Ulrich-Vinther, K Søballe, F Barry
Adeno-associated viral vector transduction of human mesenchymal stem cells

Pages 100-111 : NO Chahine, CT Hung, GA Ateshian
In-situ measurements of chondrocyte deformation under transient loading

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