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Volume No 16 July - December 2008

Pages 1-9 : G Bluteau, H-U Luder, C De Bari, TA Mitsiadis
Stem cells for tooth engineering

Pages 10-16 : VA Stadelmann, O Gauthier, A Terrier, J-M Bouler, DP Pioletti
Implants delivering bisphosphonate locally increase periprosthetic bone density in an osteoporotic sheep model. A pilot study

Pages 17-25 : KJ Saldanha, SL Piper, KM Ainslie, TA Desai, HT Kim, S Majumdar
Magnetic resonance imaging of iron oxide labelled stem cells: Applications to tissue engineering based regeneration of the intervertebral disc

Pages 26-39 : IM Khan, SJ Gilbert, SK Singhrao, VC Duance, CW Archer
Cartilage Integration: Evaluation of the reasons for failure of integration during cartilage repair. A review

Pages 40-46 : VL Ferguson, AJ Bushby, EC Firth, PGT Howell, A Boyde
Exercise does not affect stiffness and mineralisation of third metacarpal condylar subarticular calcified tissues in 2 year old thoroughbred racehorses

Pages 47-55 : P Kasten, I Beyen, M Egermann, AJ Suda, AA Moghaddam, G Zimmermann, R Luginbühl
Instant stem cell therapy: Characterization and concentration of human mesenchymal stem cells in vitro

Pages 56-68 : A Torcasio, GH van Lenthe, H Van Oosterwyck
The importance of loading frequency, rate and vibration for enhancing bone adaptation and implant osseointegration

Pages 69-79 : H Plenk Jr, JC Shum, GM Cruise, M Killer
Cartilage and bone neoformation in rabbit carotid bifurcation aneurysms after endovascular coil embolization

Pages 80-91 : D Eglin, M Alini
Degradable polymeric materials for osteosynthesis: Tutorial

Pages 92-99 : F Wolf, C Candrian, D Wendt, J Farhadi, M Heberer, I Martin, A Barbero
Cartilage tissue engineering using pre-aggregated human articular chondrocytes


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