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Volume No 18 July - December 2009

Pages 1-14 : ND Evans, C Minelli, E Gentleman, V LaPointe, SN Patankar, M Kallivretaki, X Chen, CJ Roberts, MM Stevens
Substrate stiffness affects early differentiation events in embryonic stem cells

Pages 15-26 : JS Hayes, DI Vos, J Hahn, SG Pearce, RG Richards
An in vivo evaluation of surface polishing of TAN intermedullary nails for ease of removal

Pages 27-39 : C Mauth, E Bono, S Haas, G Paesold, H Wiese, G Maier, N Boos, U Graf-Hausner
Cell-seeded polyurethane-fibrin structures – A possible system for intervertebral disc regeneration

Pages 40-48 : DM Devine, M Leitner, SM Perren, LP Boure, SG Pearce
Tissue reaction to implants of different metals: A study using guide wires in cannulated screws

Pages 49-62 : A-K Born, M Rottmar, S Lischer, M Pleskova, A Bruinink, K Maniura-Weber Correlating cell architecture with osteogenesis: first steps towards live single cell monitoring

Pages 63-74 : L He, B Liu, G Xipeng, G Xie, S Liao, D Quan, D Cai, J Lu, S Ramakrishna Microstructure and properties of nano-fibrous PCL-b-PLLA scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering

Pages 75-83 : R d’Aquino, A De Rosa, V Lanza, V Tirino, L Laino, A Graziano, V Desiderio, G Laino, G Papaccio
Human mandible bone defect repair by the grafting of dental pulp stem/progenitor cells and collagen sponge biocomplexes

Pages 84-95 : C Chaussain, AS Eapen, E Huet, C Floris, S Ravindran, J Hao, S Menashi, A George
MMP2-cleavage of DMP1 generates a bioactive peptide promoting differentiation of dental pulp stem/progenitor cell

Pages 96-111 : CH Evans, F-J Liu, V Glatt, JA Hoyland, C Kirker-Head, A Walsh, O Betz, JW Wells, V Betz, RM Porter, FA Saad, LC Gerstenfeld, TA Einhorn, MB Harris, MS Vrahas
Use of genetically modified muscle and fat grafts to repair defects in bone and cartilage


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