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Volume No 19 January - June 2010

Pages 1-12 : GO Edwards, WT Coakley, JR Ralphs, CW Archer
Modelling condensation and the initiation of chondrogenesis in chick wing bud mesenchymal cells levitated in an ultrasound trap

Pages 13-21 : K Murai, D Sakai, Y Nakamura, T Nakai, T Igarashi, N Seo, T Murakami, E Kobayashi, J Mochida
Primary immune system responders to nucleus pulposus cells: evidence for immune response in disc herniation

Pages 22-29 : H Niknejad, H Peirovi, A Ahmadiani, J Ghanavi, M Jorjani
Differentiation factors that influence neuronal markers expression in vitro from human amniotic epithelial cells

Pages 30-40 : E Wernike, M-O Montjovent, Y Liu, D Wismeijer, EB Hunziker, K-A Siebenrock, W Hofstetter, FM Klenke
VEGF incorporated into calcium phosphate ceramics promotes vascularisation and bone formation in vivo

Pages 41-49 : A Roshan-Ghias, A Terrier, P-E Bourban, DP Pioletti
In vivo cyclic loading as a potent stimulatory signal for bone formation inside tissue engineering scaffold

Pages 50-57 : CC Lin, R Ritch, SM Lin, M-H Ni, Y-C Chang, YL Lu, HJ Lai, F-H Lin
A new fish scale-derived scaffold for corneal regeneration

Pages 58-71 : K Gelse, A Olk, S Eichhorn, B Swoboda, M Schoene, K Raum
Quantitative ultrasound biomicroscopy for the analysis of healthy and repair cartilage tissue

Pages 72-85 : AH Huang, MJ Farrell, M Kim, RL Mauck
Long-term dynamic loading improves the mechanical properties of chondrogenic mesenchymal stem cell-laden hydrogel

Pages 86-95 : QG Wang, N Hughes, SH Cartmell, NJ Kuiper
The composition of hydrogels for cartilage tissue engineering can influence glycosaminoglycan profile

Pages 96-106 : C Heinemann, S Heinemann, A Bernhardt, A Lode, H Worch, T Hanke
In vitro osteoclastogenesis on textile chitosan scaffold

Pages 107-116 : S Ehrmantraut, MW Laschke, D Merkel, C Scheuer, V Willnecker, A Meyer-Lindenberg, MD Menger, A Naumann
Perioperative steroid administration inhibits angiogenic host tissue response to porous polyethylene (medpor®) implants

Pages 117-126 : JS Hayes, U Seidenglanz, AI Pearce, SG Pearce, CW Archer, RG Richards
Surface polishing positively influences ease of plate and screw removal

Pages 127-135 : AM Müller, A Mehrkens, DJ Schäfer, C Jaquiery, S Güven, M Lehmicke, R Martinetti, I Farhadi, M Jakob, A Scherberich, I Martin
Towards an intraoperative engineering of osteogenic and vasculogenic grafts from the stromal vascular fraction of human adipose tissue

Pages 136-146 : VS Komlev, M Mastrogiacomo, RC Pereira, F Peyrin, F Rustichelli, R. Cancedda
Biodegradation of porous calcium phosphate scaffolds in an ectopic bone formation model studied by x-ray computed microtomograph

Pages 147-157 : E Kaivosoja, S Myllymaa, V-P Kouri, K Myllymaa, R Lappalainen, YT Konttinen
Enhancement of silicon using micro-patterned surfaces of thin films

Pages 158-165 : JA Santibáñez-Salgado, JR  Olmos-Zúñiga, M Pérez-López, C Aboitiz-Rivera, M Gaxiola-Gaxiola, R Jasso-Victoria, A Sotres-Vega, M Baltazares-Lipp, D Pérez-Covarrubias, J Villalba-Caloca
Lyophilized glutaraldehyde-preserved bovine pericardium for experimental atrial septal defect closure

Pages 166-179 : EF Burguera, M Bitar, A Bruinink
Novel in vitro co-culture methodology to investigate heterotypic cell-cell interactions

Pages 180-192 : S Shang, F Yang, X Cheng, XF Walboomers, JA Jansen
The effect of electrospun fibre alignment on the behaviour of rat periodontal ligament cells

Pages 193-204 : KJ Aviss, JE Gough, S Downes
Aligned electrospun polymer fibres for skeletal muscle regeneration

Pages 205-213 : G Subbiahdoss, B Pidhatika, G Coullerez, M Charnley, R Kuijer, HC van der Mei, M Textor, HJ Busscher
Bacterial biofilm formation versus mammalian cell growth on titanium-based mono- and bi-functional coating

Pages 214-227 : MY Loqman, PG Bush, C Farquharson, AC Hall
A cell shrinkage artefact in growth plate chondrocytes with common fixative solutions: importance of fixative osmolarity for maintaining morphology

Pages 228-241 : D Docheva, D Padula, C Popov, P Weishaupt, M Prägert, N Miosge, R Hickel, W Böcker, H Clausen-Schaumann, M Schieker
Establishment of immortalized periodontal ligament progenitor cell line and its behavioural analysis on smooth and rough titanium surface

Pages 242-251 : M Doube, EC Firth, A Boyde, AJ Bushby
Combined nanoindentation testing and scanning electron microscopy of bone and articular calcified cartilage in an equine fracture predilection site

Pages 252-261 : D Barbieri, AJS Renard, JD de Bruijn, H Yuan
Heterotopic bone formation by nano-apatite containing poly(D,L-lactide) composites

Pages 262-272 : NM Coelho, C González-García, J A Planell, M Salmerón-Sánchez, G Altankov
Different assembly of type IV collagen on hydrophilic and hydrophobic substrata alters endothelial cells interaction

Pages 273-283 : SCW Chan, SKL Lam, VYL Leung, D Chan, KDK Luk, KMC Cheung
Minimizing cryopreservation-induced loss of disc cell activity for storage of whole intervertebral discs

Pages 284-299 : GM Roomans
Tissue engineering and the use of stem/progenitor cells for airway epithelium repair


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