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Volume No 22 July - December 2011

Pages 1-11 : M Fassbender, C Strobel, JS Rauhe, C Bergmann, G Schmidmaier, B Wildemann
Local inhibition of angiogenesis results in an atrophic non-union in a rat osteotomy model

Pages 12-25 : Y Zhou, X Guan, Z Zhu, S Gao, C Zhang, C Li, K Zhou, W Hou, H Yu
Osteogenic differentiation of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells on bone-derived scaffolds: effect of microvibration and role of ERK1/2 activation

Pages 26-42 : A Ode, J Kopf, A Kurtz, K Schmidt-Bleek, P Schrade, P Kolar, F Buttgereit, K Lehmann, DW Hutmacher, GN Duda, G Kasper
CD73 and CD29 concurrently mediate the mechanically induced decrease of migratory capacity of mesenchymal stromal cells

Pages 43-55 : CS Bahney, TJ Lujan, CW Hsu, M Bottlang, JL West, B Johnstone
Visible light photoinitiation of mesenchymal stem cell-laden bioresponsive hydrogels

Pages 56-67 : S Kuroda, R Wazen, K Sellin, E Tanaka, P Moffatt, A Nanci
Ameloblastin is not implicated in bone remodelling and repair

Pages 68-83 : L Xia, Z Zhang, L Chen, W Zhang, D Zeng, X Zhang, J Chang, X Jiang
Proliferation and osteogenic differentiation of human periodontal ligament cells on akermanite and β-TCP bioceramics

Pages 84-96 : S Lavenus, M Berreur, V Trichet, P Pilet, G Louarn, P Layrolle
Adhesion and osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells on titanium nanopores

Pages 97-108 : S Stephan, WE Johnson, S Roberts
The influence of nutrient supply and cell density on the growth and survival of intervertebral disc cells in 3D culture

Pages 109-123 : D Kuraitis, P Zhang, Y Zhang, DT Padavan, K McEwan, T Sofrenovic, D McKee, J Zhang, M Griffith, X Cao, A Musarò, M Ruel, EJ Suuronen
A stromal cell-derived factor-1 releasing matrix enhances the progenitor cell response and blood vessel growth in ischaemic skeletal muscle

Pages 124-136 : T Kawai, T Anada, T Masuda, Y Honda, Y Sakai, Y Kato, S Kamakura, S Echigo, O Suzuki
The effect of synthetic octacalcium phosphate in a collagen scaffold on the osteogenicity of mesenchymal stem cells

Pages 137-146 : H Cho, A Seth, J Warmbold, JT Robertson, KA Hasty
Aging affects response to cyclic tensile stretch: paradigm for intervertebral disc degeneration

Pages 147-167 : MW Laschke, B Vollmar, MD Menger
The dorsal skinfold chamber: window into the dynamic interaction of biomaterials with their surrounding host tissue

Pages 168-177 : JT Connelly, TA Petrie, AJ García, ME Levenston
Fibronectin- and collagen-mimetic ligands regulate bone marrow stromal cell chondrogenesis in three-dimensional hydrogels

Pages 178-189 : C Lomas, XD Tang, A Chanalaris, J Saklatvala, TL Vincent
Cyclic mechanical load causes global translational arrest in articular chondrocytes: a process which is partially dependent upon PKR phosphorylation

Pages 190-201 : IM Khan, LG Gonzalez, L Francis, RS Conlan, SJ Gilbert, SK Singhrao, D Burdon, AP Hollander, VC Duance, CW Archer
Interleukin-1β enhances cartilage-to-cartilage integration

Pages 202-213 : G De Santis, AB Lennon, F Boschetti, B Verhegghe, P Verdonck, PJ Prendergast
How can cells sense the elasticity of a substrate? An analysis using a cell tensegrity model

Pages 214-225 : O Schätti, S Grad, J Goldhahn, G Salzmann, Z Li, M Alini, MJ Stoddart
A combination of shear and dynamic compression leads to mechanically induced chondrogenesis of human mesenchymal stem cells

Pages 226-241 : AJ Hayes, MD Isaacs, C Hughes, B Caterson, JR Ralphs
Collagen fibrillogenesis in the development of the annulus fibrosus of the intervertebral disc

Pages 242-257 : FA Saleh, M Whyte, PG Genever
Effects of endothelial cells on human mesenchymal stem cell activity in a three-dimensional in vitro model

Pages 258-274 : I Grad, Y Hibaoui, M Jaconi, L Chicha, R Bergström-Tengzelius, MR Sailani, MF Pelte, S Dahoun, TA Mitsiadis, V Töhönen, S Bouillaguet, SE Antonarakis, J Kere, M Zucchelli, O Hovatta, A Feki
NANOG priming before full reprogramming may generate germ cell tumours

Pages 275-290 : J-I Lee, M Sato, H-W Kim, J Mochida
Transplantation of scaffold-free spheroids composed of synovium-derived cells and chondrocytes for the treatment of cartilage defects of the knee

Pages 291-301 : LJ Smith, JA Chiaro, NL Nerurkar, DH Cortes, SD Horava, NM Hebela, RL Mauck, GR Dodge, DM Elliott
Nucleus pulposus cells synthesize a functional extracellular matrix and respond to inflammatory cytokine challenge following long-term agarose culture

Pages 302-320 : N Shintani, EB Hunziker
Differential effects of dexamethasone on the chondrogenesis of mesenchymal stromal cells: Influence of microenvironment, tissue origin and growth factor

Pages 321-332 : SA Lanham, C Bertram, C Cooper, ROC Oreffo
Animal models of maternal nutrition and altered offspring bone structure – Bone development across the lifecourse

Pages 333-343 : M Pei, JT Li, M Shoukry, Y Zhang
A review of decellularized stem cell matrix: a novel cell expansion system for cartilage tissue engineering

Pages 344-358 : Z Zhao, C Watt, A Karystinou, AJ Roelofs, CD McCaig, IR Gibson, C De Bari
Directed migration of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in a physiological direct current electric field

Pages 359-376 : M Bongio, JJJP van den Beucken, MR Nejadnik, SCG Leeuwenburgh, LA Kinard, FK Kasper, AG Mikos, JA Jansen
Biomimetic modification of synthetic hydrogels by incorporation of adhesive peptides and calcium phosphate nanoparticles: in vitro evaluation of cell behavior

Pages 377-392 : CJ Catt, W Schuurman, BG Sengers, PR van Weeren, WJA Dhert, CP Please, J Malda
Mathematical modelling of tissue formation in chondrocyte filter cultures

Pages 393-402 : SKL Lam, SCW Chan, VYL Leung, WW Lu, KMC Cheung, KDK Luk
The role of cryopreservation in the biomechanical properties of the intervertebral disc

Pages 403-419 : JFW Greiner, S Hauser, D Widera, J Müller, F Qunneis, C Zander, I Martin, J Mallah, D Schuetzmann, C Prante, H Schwarze, W Prohaska, A Beyer, K Rott, A Hütten, A Gölzhäuser, H Sudhoff, C Kaltschmidt, B Kaltschmidt
Efficient animal-serum free 3D cultivation method for adult human neural crest-derived stem cell therapeutics

Pages 420-437 : TJM Welting, MMJ Caron, PJ Emans, MPF Janssen, K Sanen, MME Coolsen, L Voss, DAM Surtel, A Cremers, JW Voncken, LW van Rhijn
Inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2 impacts chondrocyte hypertrophic differentiation during endochondral ossification

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