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Volume No 21 January - June 2011

Pages 1-14 : AJ Hayes, CE Hughes, JR Ralphs, B Caterson
Chondroitin sulphate sulphation motif expression in the ontogeny of the intervertebral disc

Pages 15-30 : GP Duffy, TM McFadden, EM Byrne, S-L Gill, E Farrell, FJ O’Brien
Towards in vitro vascularisation of collagen-GAG scaffolds

Pages 31-45 : M Durigova, L Troeberg, H Nagase, PJ Roughley, JS Mort
Involvement of ADAMTS5 and hyaluronidase in aggrecan degradation and release from OSM-stimulated cartilage

Pages 46-58 : N Krattinger, LA Applegate, E Biver, DP Pioletti, J Caverzasio
Regulation of proliferation and differentiation of human fetal bone cells

Pages 59-72 : E Saino, S Grandi, E Quartarone, V Maliardi, D Galli, N Bloise, L Fassina, MGC De Angelis, P Mustarelli, M Imbriani, L Visai
In vitro calcified matrix deposition by human osteoblasts onto a zinc-containing bioactive glass

Pages 73-79 : IC Saldarriaga Fernández, JF Da Silva Domingues, TG. van Kooten, S Metzger, DW Grainger, HJ Busscher, HC van der Mei
Macrophage response to staphylococcal biofilms on crosslinked poly(ethylene) glycol polymer coatings and common biomaterials in vitro

Pages 80-93 : C Heinemann, S Heinemann, H Worch, T Hanke
Development of an osteoblast/osteoclast co-culture derived by human bone marrow stromal cells and human monocytes for biomaterials testing

Pages 94-106 : A Gautier, B Carpentier, M Dufresne, Q Vu Dinh, P Paullier, C Legallais
Impact of alginate type and bead diameter on mass transfers and the metabolic activities of encapsulated C3A cells in bioartificial liver applications

Pages 107-121 : P Sreejit, RS Verma
Cardiogel supports adhesion, proliferation and differentiation of stem cells with increased oxidative stress protection

Pages 122-129 : AG Cole
A review of diversity in the evolution and development of cartilage: the search for the origin of the chondrocyte

Pages 130-143 : J Isaac, J Nohra, J Lao, E Jallot, J-M Nedelec, A Berdal, J-M Sautier
Effects of strontium-doped bioactive glass on the differentiation of cultured osteogenic cells

Pages 144-156 : E Dohle, S Fuchs, M Kolbe, A Hofmann, H Schmidt, CJ Kirkpatrick
Comparative study assessing effects of sonic hedgehog and VEGF in a human co-culture model for bone vascularisation strategies

Pages 157-176 : M Avci-Adali, N Perle, G Ziemer, HP Wendel
Current concepts and new developments for autologous in vivo endothelialisation of biomaterials for intravascular applications

Pages 177-192 : D Wulsten, V Glatt, A Ellinghaus, K Schmidt-Bleek, A Petersen, H Schell, J Lienau, W Sebald, F Plöger, P Seemann, GN Duda
Time kinetics of bone defect healing in response to BMP-2 and GDF-5 characterised by in vivo biomechanics

Pages 193-201 : EL Smith, JS Colombo, AJ Sloan, RJ Waddington
TGF-beta1 Exposure from Bone Surfaces by Chemical Treatment Modalities

Pages 202-220 : MB Goldring, M Otero, DA Plumb, C Dragomir, M Favero, K El Hachem, K Hashimoto, HI Roach, E Olivotto, RM Borzì, KB Marcu
Roles of inflammatory and anabolic cytokines in cartilage metabolism: signals and multiple effectors converge upon MMP-13 regulation in osteoarthritis

Pages 221-229 : A Bertolo, L Ettinger, N Aebli, D Haschtmann, M Baur, U Berlemann, SJ Ferguson, JV Stoyanov
The in vitro effects of dexamethasone, insulin and triiodothyronine on degenerative human intervertebral disc cells under normoxic and hypoxic conditions

Pages 230-242 : F Wegman, A Bijenhof, L Schuijff, FC Öner, WJA Dhert, J Alblas
Osteogenic differentiation as a result of BMP-2 plasmid DNA based gene therapy in vitro and in vivo

Pages 243-258 : K Corten, R Ganz, J-P Simon, M Leunig
Hip resurfacing arthroplasty: current status and future perspectives

Pages 259-271 : T Kamarul, S Ab-Rahim, M Tumin, L Selvaratnam, TS Ahmad
A preliminary study of the effects of glucosamine sulphate and chondroitin sulphate on surgically treated and untreated focal cartilage damage

Pages 272-285 : J Demol, J Eyckmans, SJ Roberts, FP Luyten, H Van Oosterwyck
Does tranexamic acid stabilised fibrin support the osteogenic differentiation of human periosteum derived cells?

Pages 286-303 : V Milleret, B Simona, P Neuenschwander, H Hall
Tuning electrospinning parameters for production of 3D-fiber-fleeces with increased porosity for soft tissue engineering applications

Pages 304-316 : R d'Aquino, V Tirino, V Desiderio, M Studer, GC De Angelis, L Laino, A De Rosa, D Di Nucci, S Martino, F Paino, M Sampaolesi, G Papaccio
Human neural crest-derived postnatal cells exhibit remarkable embryonic attributes either in vitro or in vivo

Pages 317-340 : A Rey-Rico, M Silva, J Couceiro, A Concheiro, C Alvarez-Lorenzo
Osteogenic efficiency of in situ gelling poloxamine systems with and without bone morphogenetic protein-2

Pages 341-354 : C Lalande, S Miraux, SM Derkaoui, S Mornet, R Bareille, JC Fricain, JM Franconi, C Le Visage, D Letourneur, J Amédée, AK Bouzier-Sore
Magnetic resonance imaging tracking of human adipose derived stromal cells within three-dimensional scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Pages 355-363 : A Richter, M Lübbing, H-G Frank, I Nolte, J Bullerdiek, I von Ahsen
High-mobility group protein HMGA2-derived fragments stimulate the proliferation of chondrocytes and adipose tissue-derived stem cells

Pages 364-372 : PW Kämmerer, M Heller, J Brieger, MO Klein, B Al-Nawas, M Gabriel
Immobilisation of linear and cyclic RGD-peptides on titanium surfaces and their impact on endothelial cell adhesion and proliferation

Pages 373-383 : RM Schek, AJ Michalek, JC Iatridis
Genipin-crosslinked fibrin hydrogels as a potential adhesive to augment intervertebral disc annulus repair

Pages 384-395 : JRJ Paletta, F Mack, H Schenderlein, C Theisen, J Schmitt, JH Wendorff, S Agarwal, S Fuchs-Winkelmann, MD Schofer
Incorporation of osteoblasts (MG63) into 3D nanofibre matrices by simultaneous electrospinning and spraying in bone tissue engineering

Pages 396-406 : MA Brennan, JP Gleeson, M Browne, FJ O'Brien, PJ Thurner, LM McNamara
Site specific increase in heterogeneity of trabecular bone tissue mineral during oestrogen deficiency

Pages 407-429 : AMC Barradas, H Yuan, CA van Blitterswijk, P Habibovic
Osteoinductive biomaterials: current knowledge of properties, experimental models and biological mechanisms

Pages 430-444 : V Milleret, S Tugulu, F Schlottig, H Hall
Alkali treatment of microrough titanium surfaces affects macrophage/monocyte adhesion, platelet activation and architecture of blood clot formation

Pages 445-458 : A Papadimitropoulos, A Scherberich, S Güven, N Theilgaard, HJA Crooijmans, F Santini, K Scheffler, A Zallone, I Martin
A 3D in vitro bone organ model using human progenitor cells

Pages 459-469 : Y Tang, B Huang, L Sun, X Peng, X Chen, X Zou
Ginkgolide B promotes proliferation and functional activities of bone marrow-derived endothelial progenitor cells: involvement of Akt/eNOS and MAPK/p38 signaling pathways

Pages 470-478 : A Boyde, CM Riggs, AJ Bushby, B McDermott, GL Pinchbeck, PD Clegg
Cartilage damage involving extrusion of mineralisable matrix from the articular calcified cartilage and subchondral bone

Pages 479-487 : J Köser, S Gaiser, B Müller
Contractile cell forces exerted on rigid substrates

Pages 488-507 : P Janicki, S Boeuf, E Steck, M Egermann, P Kasten, W Richter
Prediction of in vivo bone forming potency of bone marrow-derived human mesenchymal stem cells

Pages 508-522 : S Li, X Jia, VC Duance, EJ Blain
The effects of cyclic tensile strain on the organisation and expression of cytoskeletal elements in bovine intervertebral disc cells: an in vitro study

Pages 523-532 : CL Gilchrist, AT Francisco, GE Plopper, J Chen, LA Setton
Nucleus pulposus cell-matrix interactions with laminins

Pages 533-547 : JV Stoyanov, B Gantenbein-Ritter, A Bertolo, N Aebli, M Baur, M Alini, S Grad
Role of hypoxia and growth and differentiation factor-5 on differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells towards intervertebral nucleus pulposus-like cells

Pages 548-557 : F Oliva, D Barisani, A Grasso, N Maffulli
Gene expression analysis in calcific tendinopathy of the rotator cuff

Pages 558-567 : AT El-Serafi, DI Wilson, HI Roach, ROC Oreffo
Developmental plasticity of human foetal femur-derived cells in pellet culture: self assembly of an osteoid shell around a cartilaginous core

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