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Volume No 27s May 2014

Special Volume -
Where Science meets Clinics

In September 2013 the 2nd "Where Science meets Clinics" symposium was held in Davos, Switzerland. This international symposium, supported by the AO Foundation, brought together a diverse group of stakeholders involved in orthopaedic tissue engineering. These included scientists, clinicians, industry personnel and regulatory agency representatives, to network and exchange, and stimulate clinical translation of innovative science.

The core topics from the symposium included intervertebral disc, bone and articular cartilage repair strategies using cell therapy and responsive biomaterials. It addressed major barriers and potential measures to be taken to remove bottlenecks in clinical translation of tissue-engineered products.

The symposium format with keynote lectures, oral presentations, parallel breakout and podium discussions provided ample opportunities for the participants to actively contribute, and to brainstorm on strategies to overcome major bottlenecks and to increase the incentive to get involved in clinical translation.

In addition to the abstracts from this symposium, this Special Edition of eCM Journal contains summaries of keynote presentations and the main outcomes of panel discussions in the form of position papers.

Pages 1-4 : JP Stegemann, S Verrier, F Gebhard, MW Laschke, I Martin, H Simpson, T Miclau
Cell therapy for bone repair: narrowing the gap between vision and practice

Pages 5-11 : LM Benneker, G Andersson, JC Iatridis, D Sakai, R Härtl, K Ito, S Grad
Cell therapy for intervertebral disc repair: advancing cell therapy from bench to clinics

Pages 12-16 : M Cucchiarini, H Madry, F Guilak, DB Saris, MJ Stoddart, M Koon Wong, P Roughley
A vision on the future of articular cartilage repair

Pages 17-21 : H Madry, M Alini, MJ Stoddart, C Evans, T Miclau, S Steiner
Barriers and strategies for the clinical translation of advanced orthopaedic tissue engineering protocols

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