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Volume No 27 January - June 2014

Pages 1-12 : W Zhang, C Zhu, Y Wu, D Ye, S Wang, D Zou, X Zhang, DL Kaplan, X Jiang
VEGF and BMP-2 promote bone regeneration by facilitating bone marrow stem cell homing and differentiation

Pages 13-25 : Y Deng, X Bi, H Zhou, Z You, Y Wang, P Gu, X Fan
Repair of critical-sized bone defects with anti-miR-31-expressing bone marrow stromal stem cells and poly(glycerol sebacate) scaffolds

Pages 26-38 : S Daghighi, J Sjollema, RJB Dijkstra, V Jaspers, SAJ Zaat, HC van der Mei, HJ Busscher
Real-time quantification of matrix metalloproteinase and integrin αvβ3 expression during biomaterial-associated infection in a murine model

Pages 39-49 : C Dooley, D Cafferky, TC Lee, D Taylor
Fatigue failure of osteocyte cellular processes: implications for the repair of bone

Pages 50-63 : MR Whitehouse, NS Atwal, M Pabbruwe, AW Blom, GC Bannister
Osteonecrosis with the use of polymethylmethacrylate cement for hip replacement: thermal-induced damage evidenced in vivo by decreased osteocyte viability

Pages 64-80 : Y Shi, G Kramer, A Schröder, CJ Kirkpatrick, A Seekamp, H Schmidt, S Fuchs
Early endothelial progenitor cells as a source of myeloid cells to improve the pre-vascularisation of bone constructs

Pages 81-97 : AC van Leeuwen, H Yuan, G Passanisi, JW van der Meer, JD de Bruijn, TG van Kooten, DW Grijpma, RRM Bos
Poly(trimethylene carbonate) and biphasic calcium phosphate composites for orbital floor reconstruction: a feasibility study in sheep

Pages 98-111 : NYC Yu, M Gdalevitch, CM Murphy, K Mikulec, L Peacock, J Fitzpatrick, LC Cantrill, AJ Ruys, JJ Cooper-White, DG Little, A Schindeler
Spatial control of bone formation using a porous polymer scaffold co-delivering anabolic rhBMP-2 and anti-resorptive agents

Pages 112-123 : ML de Vries-van Melle, MS Tihaya, N Kops, WJLM Koevoet, JM Murphy, JAN Verhaar, M Alini, D Eglin, GJVM van Osch
Chondrogenic differentiation of human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells in a simulated osteochondral environment is hydrogel dependent

Pages 124-136 : G Pattappa, M Peroglio, D Sakai, J Mochida, LM Benneker, M Alini, S Grad
CCL5/RANTES is a key chemoattractant released by degenerative intervertebral discs in organ culture

Pages 137-148 : J van der Stok, MKE Koolen, H Jahr, N Kops, JH Waarsing, H Weinans, OP van der Jagt
Chondrogenically differentiated mesenchymal stromal cell pellets stimulate endochondral bone regeneration in critical-sized bone defects

Pages 149-165 : E Dohle, I Bischoff, T Böse, A Marsano, A Banfi, RE Unger, CJ Kirkpatrick
Macrophage-mediated angiogenic activation of outgrowth endothelial cells in co-culture with primary osteoblasts

Pages 166-184 : GA Feichtinger, A Hacobian, AT Hofmann, K Wassermann, A Zimmermann, M van Griensven, H Redl
Constitutive and inducible co-expression systems for non-viral osteoinductive gene therapy

Pages 185-195 : HM Cherry, AJ Roelofs, TB Kurth, C De Bari
In vivo phenotypic characterisation of nucleoside label-retaining cells in mouse periosteum

Pages 196-212 : W Reizner, JG Hunter, NT O’Malley, RD Southgate, EM Schwarz, SL Kates
A systematic review of animal models for Staphylococcus aureus osteomyelitis

Pages 213-236 : CJ Ley, S Ekman, K Hansson, S Björnsdóttir, A Boyde
Osteochondral lesions in distal tarsal joints of Icelandic horses reveal strong associations between hyaline and calcified cartilage abnormalities

Pages 237-250 : JD Twomey, PI Thakore, DA Hartman, EGH Myers, AH Hsieh
Roles of type VI collagen and decorin in human mesenchymal stem cell biophysics during chondrogenic differentiation

Pages 251-263 : S Capossela, P Schläfli, A Bertolo, T Janner, BM Stadler, T Pötzel, M Baur, JV Stoyanov
Degenerated human intervertebral discs contain autoantibodies against extracellular matrix proteins

Pages 264-280 : MM Pleumeekers, L Nimeskern, WLM Koevoet, N Kops, RML Poublon, KS Stok, GJVM van Osch
The in vitro and in vivo capacity of culture-expanded human cells from several sources encapsulated in alginate to form cartilage

Pages 281-297 : NL Davison, X Luo, T Schoenmaker, V Everts, H Yuan, F Barrère-de Groot, JD de Bruijn
Submicron-scale surface architecture of tricalcium phosphate directs osteogenesis in vitro and in vivo

Pages 298-311 : S Lopa, A Colombini, D Stanco, L de Girolamo, V Sansone, M Moretti
Donor-matched mesenchymal stem cells from knee infrapatellar and subcutaneous adipose tissue of osteoarthritic donors display differential chondrogenic and osteogenic commitment

Pages 312-320 : GD O’Connell, RJ Nims, J Green, AD Cigan, GA Ateshian, CT Hung
Time and dose-dependent effects of chondroitinase ABC on growth of engineered cartilage

Pages 321-331 : WM Han, S-J Heo, TP Driscoll, ME Boggs, RL Duncan, RL Mauck, DM Elliott
Impact of cellular microenvironment and mechanical perturbation on calcium signalling in meniscus fibrochondrocytes

Pages 332-349 : JS McLaren, LJ White, HC Cox, W Ashraf, CV Rahman, GW Blunn, AE Goodship, RA Quirk, KM Shakesheff, R Bayston, BE Scammell
A biodegradable antibiotic-impregnated scaffold to prevent osteomyelitis in a contaminated in vivo bone defect model

Pages 350-364 : W Yang, SK Both, GJVM van Osch, Y Wang, JA Jansen, F Yang
Performance of different three-dimensional scaffolds for in vivo endochondral bone generation

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