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Volume No 29 January - June 2015

Pages 1-21 : N.C. Nowlan
Biomechanics of foetal movement

Pages 22-34 : AE Rapp, R Bindl, A Heilmann, A Erbacher, I Müller, RE Brenner, A Ignatius
Systemic mesenchymal stem cell administration enhances bone formation in fracture repair but not load-induced bone formation

Pages 35-41 : MT Poldervaart, J van der Stok, MFP de Haas, MC ‘t Hart, FC Öner, WJA Dhert, H Weinans, J Alblas
Growth factor-induced osteogenesis in a novel radiolucent bone chamber

Pages 42-56 : D Neut, RJB Dijkstra, JI Thompson, C Kavanagh, HC van der Mei, HJ Busscher
A biodegradable gentamicin-hydroxyapatite-coating for infection prophylaxis in cementless hip prostheses

Pages 57-69 : V Luangphakdy, K Shinohara, H Pan, C Boehm, A Samaranska, GF Muschler
Evaluation of rhBMP-2/collagen/TCP-HA bone graft with and without bone marrow cells in the canine femoral multi defect model

Pages 70-81 : A Bertolo, S Häfner, AR Taddei, M Baur, T Pötzel, F Steffen, J Stoyanov
Injectable Microcarriers as Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Support and their Application for Cartilage and Degenerated Intervertebral Disc Repair

Pages 82-96 : T Tuna, M Wein, B Altmann, T Steinberg, J Fischer, W Att
Effect of ultraviolet photofunctionalisation on the cell attractiveness of zirconia implant materials

Pages 97-104 : DM Devine, D Arens, M Thalhauser, D Schiuma, S Zeiter, D Nehrbass
Healing pattern of reamed bone following bone harvesting by a RIA device

Pages 105-123 : AR Gannon, T Nagel, AP Bell, NC Avery, DJ Kelly
Postnatal changes to the mechanical properties of articular cartilage are driven by the evolution of its collagen network

Pages 124-140 : KA Kimmerling, BD Furman, DS Mangiapani, MA Moverman, SM Sinclair, JL Huebner, A Chilkoti, VB Kraus, LA Setton, F Guilak, SA Olson
Sustained intra-articular delivery of IL-1Ra from a thermally-responsive elastin-like polypeptide as a therapy for post-traumatic arthritis

Pages 141-154 : J van der Stok, MKE Koolen, MPM de Maat, S Amin Yavari, J Alblas, P Patka, JAN Verhaar, EMM van Lieshout, AA Zadpoor, H Weinans, H Jahr
Full regeneration of segmental bone defects using porous titanium implants loaded with BMP-2 containing fibrin gels

Pages 155-176 : M Shah, V Gburcik, P Reilly, RA Sankey, RJ Emery, CE Clarkin, AA Pitsillides
Local origins impart conserved bone type-related differences in human osteoblast behaviour

Pages 177-189 : F Kunz, H Rebl, A Quade, C Matschegewski, B Finke, JB Nebe
Osteoblasts with impaired spreading capacity benefit from the positive charges of plasma polymerised allylamine

Pages 190-201 : MW Laschke, S Kleer, C Scheuer, D Eglin, M Alini, MD Menger
Pre-cultivation of adipose tissue-derived microvascular fragments in porous scaffolds does not improve their in vivo vascularisation potential

Pages 202-212 : J Mochida, D Sakai, Y Nakamura, T Watanabe, Y Yamamoto, S Kato
Intervertebral disc repair with activated nucleus pulposus cell transplantation: a three-year, prospective clinical study of its safety

Pages 213-223 : P Pagella, E Neto, M Lamghari, TA Mitsiadis
Investigation of orofacial stem cell niches and their innervation through microfluidic devices

Pages 224-236 : CH Zheng, ME Levenston
Fact versus artifact: Avoiding erroneous estimates of sulfated glycosaminoglycan content using the dimethylmethylene blue colorimetric assay for tissue-engineered constructs

Pages 237-249 : CJ Pendegrass, HT Lancashire, C Fontaine, G Chan, P Hosseini, GW Blunn
Intraosseous transcutaneous amputation prostheses versus dental implants: A comparison between keratinocyte and gingival epithelial cell adhesion in vitro

Pages 250-267 : G Bouet, M Cruel, C Laurent, L Vico, L Malaval, D Marchat
Validation of an in vitro 3D bone culture model with perfused and mechanically stressed ceramic scaffold

Pages 268-280 : CM Waugh, D Morrissey, E Jones, GP Riley, H Langberg, HRC Screen
In vivo biological response to extracorporeal shockwave therapy in human tendinopathy

Pages 281-289 : D-Y Kim, J-R Kim, KY Jang, K-B Lee
A new concept for implant fixation: bone-to-bone biologic fixation

Pages 290-302 : Wurihan, A Yamada, D Suzuki, Y Shibata, R Kamijo, T Miyazaki
Enhanced in vitro biological activity generated by surface characteristics of anodically oxidized titanium – the contribution of the oxidation effect

Pages 303-313 : C Yue, B Zhao, Y Ren, R Kuijer, HC van der Mei, HJ Busscher, ETJ Rochford
The implant infection paradox: why do some succeed when others fail? Opinion and discussion paper

Pages 314-329 : NL Davison, J Su, H Yuan, JJJP van den Beucken, JD de Bruijn, F Barrère-de Groot
Influence of surface microstructure and chemistry on osteoinduction and osteoclastogenesis by biphasic calcium phosphate discs

Pages 330-341 : KS Emanuel, P-PA Vergroesen, M Peeters, RM Holewijn, I Kingma, TH Smit
Poroelastic behaviour of the degenerating human intervertebral disc: a ten-day study in a loaded disc culture system

Pages 342-355 : Y-Y Wang, X Chatzistavrou, D Faulk, S Badylak, L Zheng, S Papagerakis, L Ge, H Liu, P Papagerakis
Biological and bactericidal properties of Ag-doped bioactive glass in a natural extracellular matrix hydrogel with potential application in dentistry

Pages 356-369 : KM Elson, N Fox, JL Tipper, J Kirkham, RM Hall, J Fisher, E Ingham
Non-destructive monitoring of viability in an ex vivo organ culture model of osteochondral tissue


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