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Volume No 31 January - June 2016

Pages 1-10 : S Grad, C Bow, J Karppinen, KDK Luk, KMC Cheung, M Alini, D Samartzis
Systemic blood plasma CCL5 and CXCL6: Potential biomarkers for human lumbar disc degeneration

Pages 11-25 : J Bolander, W Ji, L Geris, V Bloemen, YC Chai, J Schrooten, FP Luyten
The combined mechanism of bone morphogenetic protein- and calcium phosphate-induced skeletal tissue formation by human periosteum derived cells

Pages 26-39 : DH Rosenzweig, R Gawri, J Moir, L Beckman, D Eglin, T Steffen, PJ Roughley, JA Ouellet, L Haglund
Dynamic loading, matrix maintenance and cell injection therapy of human intervertebral discs cultured in a bioreactor

Pages 40-58 : BP Fournier, LS Loison-Robert, FC Ferré, GR Owen, H Larjava, L Häkkinen
Characterisation of human gingival neural crest-derived stem cells in monolayer and neurosphere cultures

Pages 59-78 : Y Zhang, S Chen, M Pei
Biomechanical signals guiding stem cell cartilage engineering: from molecular adaption to tissue functionality

Pages 79-94 : FG Meng, ZQ Zhang, GX Huang, WS Chen, ZJ Zhang, AS He, WM Liao
Chondrogenesis of mesenchymal stem cells in a novel hyaluronate-collagen-tricalcium phosphate scaffolds for knee repair

Pages 95-106 : T Nukaga, D Sakai, M Tanaka, A Hiyama, T Nakai, J Mochida
Transplantation of activated nucleus pulposus cells after cryopreservation: efficacy study in a canine disc degeneration model

Pages 107-118 : RDJ Smith, A Carr, SG Dakin, SJB Snelling, C Yapp, O Hakimi
The response of tenocytes to commercial scaffolds used for rotator cuff repair

Pages 119-135 : M Schöne, N Männicke, JS Somerson, B Marquaß, R Henkelmann, T Aigner, K Raum, RM Schulz
3D ultrasound biomicroscopy for assessment of cartilage repair tissue: volumetric characterisation and correlation to established classification systems

Pages 136-159 : MJ Peffers, J Collins, Y Fang, K Goljanek-Whysall, M Rushton, J Loughlin, C Proctor, PD Clegg
Age-related changes in mesenchymal stem cells identified using a multi-omics approach

Pages 160-173 : P Becquart, M Cruel, T Hoc, L Sudre, K Pernelle, R Bizios, D Logeart-Avramoglou, H Petite, M Bensidhoum
Human mesenchymal stem cell responses to hydrostatic pressure and shear stress

Pages 174-190 : WEG Müller, M Neufurth, S Wang, E Tolba, HC Schröder, X Wang
Morphogenetically active scaffold for osteochondral repair (polyphosphate/alginate/N,O-carboxymethyl chitosan)

Pages 191-204 : ARA Hacobian, K Posa-Markaryan, S Sperger, M Stainer, D Hercher, GA Feichtinger, CMAP Schuh, H Redl
Improved osteogenic vector for non-viral gene therapy

Pages 205-220 : A Karim, AC Hall
Hyperosmolarity normalises serum-induced changes to chondrocyte properties in a model of cartilage injury

Pages 221-235 : OFW Gardner, N Fahy, M Alini, MJ Stoddart
Differences in human mesenchymal stem cell secretomes during chondrogenic induction

Pages 236-249 : M Herrmann, JJ Bara, CM Sprecher, U Menzel, JM Jalowiec, R Osinga, A Scherberich, M Alini, S Verrier
Pericyte plasticity – comparative investigation of the angiogenic and multilineage potential of pericytes from different human tissues

Pages 250-263 : RF Godoy, MJ Coathup, GW Blunn, ALG Alves, P Robotti, AE Goodship
Fast plasma sintering delivers functional graded materials components with macroporous structures and osseointegration properties

Pages 264-295 : PM Goggin, KC Zygalakis, ROC Oreffo, P Schneider
High-resolution 3D imaging of osteocytes and computational modelling in mechanobiology: insights on bone development, ageing, health and disease

Pages 296-311 : C Lehner, R Gehwolf, JC Ek, S Korntner, H. Bauer, H-C Bauer, A Traweger, H Tempfer
The blood-tendon barrier: identification and characterisation of a novel tissue barrier in tendon blood vessels

Pages 312-322 : G Hulsart-Billström, JI Dawson, S Hofmann, R Müller, MJ Stoddart, M Alini, H Redl, A El Haj, R Brown, V Salih, J Hilborn, S Larsson, ROC Oreffo
A surprisingly poor correlation between in vitro and in vivo testing of biomaterials for bone regeneration: results of a multicentre analysis

Pages 323-340 : MJ Mc Garrigle, CA Mullen, MG Haugh, MC Voisin, LM McNamara
Osteocyte differentiation and the formation of an interconnected cellular network in vitro

Pages 341-354 : F-Y Wei, SK Chow, K-S Leung, J Qin, A Guo, OL Yu, G Li, W-H Cheung
Low-magnitude high-frequency vibration enhanced mesenchymal stem cell recruitment in osteoporotic fracture healing through the SDF-1/CXCR4 pathway

Pages 355-381 : IS Alencastre, DM Sousa, CJ Alves, L Leitão, E Neto, P Aguiar, M Lamghari
Delivery of pharmaceutics to bone: nanotechnologies, high-throughput processing and in silico mathematical models

Pages 382-394 : B Tonnarelli, R Santoro, M Adelaide Asnaghi, D Wendt
Streamlined bioreactor-based production of human cartilage tissues

Pages 395-406 : S Lopa, C Ceriani, R Cecchinato, L Zagra, M Moretti, A Colombini
Stability of housekeeping genes in human intervertebral disc, endplate and articular cartilage cells in multiple conditions for reliable transcriptional analysis

Pages 407-424 : A Islam, AK Hansen, C Mennan, I Martinez-Zubiaurre
Mesenchymal stromal cells from human umbilical cords display poor chondrogenic potential in scaffold-free three dimensional cultures

Pages 425-439 : BD Markway, H Cho, DE Anderson, P Holden, V Ravi, CB Little, B Johnstone
Reoxygenation enhances tumour necrosis factor alpha-induced degradation of the extracellular matrix produced by chondrogenic cells

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