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Volume No 32 July - December 2016

Pages 1-23 : AA Thorpe, S Creasey, C Sammon, CL Le Maitre
Hydroxyapatite nanoparticle injectable hydrogel scaffold to support osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells

Pages 24-39 : R Sommaggio, M Uribe-Herranz, M Marquina, C Costa
Xenotransplantation of pig chondrocytes: therapeutic potential and barriers for cartilage repair

Pages 40-57 : AJ Hayes, CC Shu, MS Lord, CB Little, JM Whitelock, J Melrose
Pericellular colocalisation and interactive properties of type VI collagen and perlecan in the intervertebral disc

Pages 58-73 : M Bottagisio, AF Pellegata, F Boschetti, M Ferroni, M Moretti, AB Lovati
A new strategy for the decellularisation of large equine tendons as biocompatible tendon substitutes

Pages 74-86 : C Grässer, C Scheuer, J Parakenings, T Tschernig, D Eglin, MD Menger, MW Laschke
Effects of macrophage-activating lipopeptide-2 (MALP-2) on the vascularisation of implanted polyurethane scaffolds seeded with microvascular fragments

Pages 87-110 : S Verrier, M Alini, E Alsberg, SR Buchman, D Kelly, MW Laschke, MD Menger, WL Murphy, JP Stegemann, M Schütz, T Miclau, MJ Stoddart, C Evans
Tissue engineering and regenerative approaches to improving the healing of large bone defects

Pages 111-122 : TR Coughlin, J Schiavi, M Alyssa Varsanik, M Voisin, E Birmingham, MG Haugh, LM McNamara, GL Niebur
Primary cilia expression in bone marrow in response to mechanical stimulation in explant bioreactor culture

Pages 123-136 : BA Walter, D Purmessur, A Moon, J Occhiogrosso1, DM Laudier, AC Hecht, JC Iatridis
Reduced tissue osmolarity increases TRPV4 expression and pro-inflammatory cytokines in intervertebral disc cells

Pages 137-151 : MP Grant, LM Epure, R Bokhari, P Roughley, J Antoniou, F Mwale
Human cartilaginous endplate degeneration is induced by calcium and the extracellular calcium-sensing receptor in the intervertebral disc

Pages 152-162 : A Kovtun, S Bergdolt, R Wiegner, P Radermacher, M Huber-Lang, A Ignatius
The crucial role of neutrophil granulocytes in bone fracture healing

Pages 163-180 : FC Bach, SAH de Vries, FM Riemers, J Boere, FWM van Heel, M van Doeselaar, SS Goerdaya, PGJ Nikkels, K Benz, LB Creemers, AF Maarten Altelaar, BP Meij, K Ito, MA Tryfonidou
Soluble and pelletable factors in porcine, canine and human notochordal cell-conditioned medium: implications for IVD regeneration

Pages 181-201 : F Diomede, N Zini, V Gatta, S Fulle, I Merciaro, M D’Aurora, RML La Rovere, T Traini, J Pizzicannella, P Ballerini, S Caputi, A Piattelli, O Trubiani
Human periodontal ligament stem cells cultured onto cortico-cancellous scaffold drive bone regenerative process

Pages 202-215 : MW Laschke, MD Menger
The dorsal skinfold chamber: A versatile tool for preclinical research in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

Pages 216-227 : Y-C Huang, J Xiao, VYL Leung, WW Lu, Y Hu, KDK Luk
Lumbar intervertebral disc allograft transplantation: healing and remodelling of the bony structure

Pages 228-240 : C-F Hsieh, P Alberton, E Loffredo-Verde, E Volkmer, M Pietschmann, PE Müller, M Schieker, D Docheva
Periodontal ligament cells as alternative source for cell-based therapy of tendon injuries: in vivo study of full-size Achilles tendon defect in a rat model

Pages 241-256 : EB Hunziker, J Jovanovic, A Horner, MJB Keel, K Lippuner, N Shintani
Optimisation of BMP-2 dosage for the osseointegration of porous titanium implants in an ovine model

Pages 257-270 : S Illien-Jünger, OM Torre, WF Kindschuh, X Chen, DM Laudier, JC Iatridis
AGEs induce ectopic endochondral ossification in intervertebral discs

Pages 271-283 : X Wang, M Ackermann, E Tolba, M Neufurth, F Wurm, Q Feng, S Wang, HC Schröder, WEG Müller
Artificial cartilage bio-matrix formed of hyaluronic acid and Mg2+-polyphosphate

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