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Volume No 33 January - June 2017

Pages 1-12 : M Orth, NJ Kruse, BJ Braun, C Scheuer, JH Holstein, A Khalil, X Yu, WL Murphy, T Pohlemann, MW Laschke, MD Menger
BMP-2-coated mineral coated microparticles improve bone repair in atrophic non-unions

Pages 13-27 : K De Cremer, A Braem, E Gerits, K De Brucker, K Vandamme, JA Martens, J Michiels, J Vleugels, BPA Cammue, K Thevissen
Controlled release of chlorhexidine from a mesoporous silica-containing macroporous titanium dental implant prevents microbial biofilm formation

Pages 28-42 : A Bernhardt, K Koperski, M Schumacher, M Gelinsky
Relevance of osteoclast-specific enzyme activities in cell-based in vitro resorption assays

Pages 43-58 : MJC Leijs, E Villafuertes, JC Haeck, WJLM Koevoet, B Fernandez-Gutierrez, MJ Hoogduijn, JAN Verhaar, MR Bernsen, GM van Buul, GJVM van Osch
Encapsulation of allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells in alginate extends local presence and therapeutic function

Pages 59-75 : SL Vega, MY Kwon, JA Burdick
Recent advances in hydrogels for cartilage tissue engineering

Pages 76-89 : Ø Arlov, E Öztürk, M Steinwachs, G Skjåk-Bræk, M Zenobi-Wong
Biomimetic sulphated alginate hydrogels suppress IL-1β-induced inflammatory responses in human chondrocytes

Pages 90-104 : I Marco, A Myrissa, E Martinelli, F Feyerabend, R Willumeit-Römer, AM Weinberg, O Van der Biest
In vivo and in vitro degradation comparison of pure Mg, Mg-10Gd and Mg-2Ag: a short term study

Pages 105-120 : M Quade, S Knaack, D Weber, U König, B Paul, P Simon, A Rösen-Wolff, R Schwartz-Albiez, M Gelinsky, A Lode
Heparin modification of a biomimetic bone matrix modulates osteogenic and angiogenic cell response in vitro

Pages 121-129 : A Chatterjea, VLS LaPointe, A Barradas, H Garritsen, H Yuan, A Renard, CA van Blitterswijk, J de Boer
Cell aggregation enhances bone formation by human mesenchymal stromal cells

Pages 130-142 : GM Cunniffe, PJ Díaz-Payno, JS Ramey, OR Mahon, A Dunne, EM Thompson, FJ O’Brien, DJ Kelly
Growth plate extracellular matrix-derived scaffolds for large bone defect healing

Pages 143-157 : M Riool, AJ Dirks, V Jaspers, L de Boer, TJA Loontjens, CM van der Loos, S Florquin, I Apachitei, LND Rijk, HA Keul, SAJ Zaat
A chlorhexidine-releasing epoxy-based coating on titanium implants prevents Staphylococcus aureus experimental biomaterial-associated infection

Pages 158-168 : M Spasic, CR Jacobs
Lengthening primary cilia enhances cellular mechanosensitivity

Pages 169-182 : A Kendal, S Snelling, S Dakin, E Stace, P-A Mouthuy, A Carr
Resorbable electrospun polydioxanone fibres modify the behaviour of cells from both healthy and diseased human tendons

Pages 183-196 : G-I. Im
Clinical use of stem cells in orthopaedics

Pages 197-210 : A Tekari, RD May, DA Frauchiger, SCW Chan, LM Benneker, B Gantenbein
The BMP2 variant L51P restores the osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stromal cells in the presence of intervertebral disc cells

Pages 211-226 : M Croes, MC Kruyt, L Loozen, AHM Kragten, H Yuan, WJ Dhert, FC Öner, J Alblas
Local induction of inflammation affects bone formation

Pages 227-239 : WK Grier, AS Moy, BAC Harley
Cyclic tensile strain enhances human mesenchymal stem cell Smad 2/3 activation and tenogenic differentiation in anisotropic collagen-glycosaminoglycan scaffolds

Pages 240-251 : DH Rosenzweig, J Tremblay Gravel, D Bisson, JA Ouellet, MH Weber, L Haglund
Comparative analysis in continuous expansion of bovine and human primary nucleus pulposus cells for tissue repair applications

Pages 252-267 : A Massa, F Perut, T Chano, A Woloszyk, TA Mitsiadis, S Avnet, N Baldini
The effect of extracellular acidosis on the behaviour of mesenchymal stem cells in vitro

Pages 268-278 : T Später, FS Frueh, MD Menger, MW Laschke
Potentials and limitations of Integra® flowable wound matrix seeded with adipose tissue-derived microvascular fragments

Pages 279-293 : L Xiao, M Ding, A Fernandez, P Zhao, L Jin, X Li
Curcumin alleviates lumbar radiculopathy by reducing neuroinflammation, oxidative stress and nociceptive factors

Pages 294-307 : K Groth, T Berezhanskyy, MK Aneja, J Geiger, M Schweizer, L Maucksch, T Pasewald, T Brill, B Tigani, E Weber, C Rudolph, G Hasenpusch
Tendon healing induced by chemically modified mRNAs


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