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Volume No 37 January - June 2019

Pereira et al. (2019), best graphical abstract January -June 2019

Pages 1-15 A Hannoun, G Ouenzerfi, L Brizuela, S Mebarek, C Bougault, M Hassler, Y Berthier, A-M Trunfio-Sfarghiu
Pyrocarbon versus cobalt-chromium in the context of spherical interposition implants: an in vitro study on cultured chondrocytes

Pages 16-22 S Karbysheva, L Grigoricheva, V Golnik, S Popov, N Renz, A Trampuz
Influence of retrieved hip- and knee-prosthesis biomaterials on microbial detection by sonication

Pages 23-41 A Levillain, RA Rolfe, Y Huang, JC Iatridis, NC Nowlan
Short-term foetal immobility temporally and progressively affects chick spinal curvature and anatomy and rib development

Pages 42-59 JM McKinney, TN Doan, L Wang, J Deppen, DS Reece, KA Pucha, S Ginn, RD Levit, NJ Willett
Therapeutic efficacy of intra-articular delivery of encapsulated human mesenchymal stem cells on early stage osteoarthritis

Pages 60-73 R Duan, LA van Dijk, D Barbieri, F de Groot, H Yuan, JD de Bruijn
Accelerated bone formation by biphasic calcium phosphate with a novel sub-micron surface topography

Pages 74-87 RM Aspden, FR Saunders
Osteoarthritis as an organ disease: from the cradle to the grave

Pages 88-112 AR Pereira, D Trivanović, M Herrmann
Approaches to mimic the complexity of the skeletal mesenchymal stem/stromal cell niche in vitro

Pages 113-133 S Nürnberger, C Lindner, J Maier, K Strohmeier, C Wurzer, P Slezak, S Suessner, W Holnthoner, H Redl, S Wolbank, E Priglinger
Adipose-tissue-derived therapeutic cells in their natural environment as an autologous cell therapy strategy: the microtissue-stromal vascular fraction

Pages 134-152 SM Naqvi, J Gansau, D Gibbons, CT Buckley
In vitro co-culture and ex vivo organ culture assessment of primed and cryopreserved stromal cell microcapsules for intervertebral disc regeneration

Pages 153-174: A Islam, I Urbarova, JA Bruun, I Martinez-Zubiaurre
Large-scale secretome analyses unveil the superior immunosuppressive phenotype of umbilical cord stromal cells as compared to other adult mesenchymal stromal cells

Pages 175-185: I Iezzi, P Pagella, M Mattioli-Belmonte, TA Mitsiadis
The effects of ageing on dental pulp stem cells, the tooth longevity elixir

Pages 186-213: E López-Ruiz, G Jiménez, L Álvarez de Cienfuegos, C Antich, R Sabata, JA Marchal, P Gálvez-Martín
Advances of hyaluronic acid in stem cell therapy and tissue engineering, including current clinical trials

Pages 214-232: MHP Gay, A Mehrkens, M Rittmann, M Haug, A Barbero, I Martin, S Schaeren
Nose to back: compatibility of nasal chondrocytes with environmental conditions mimicking a degenerated intervertebral disc

Pages 233-249: MA Martin-Piedra, CA Alfonso-Rodriguez, A Zapater, D Durand-Herrera, J Chato-Astrain, F Campos, MC Sanchez-Quevedo, M Alaminos, I Garzon
Effective use of mesenchymal stem cells in human skin substitutes generated by tissue engineering

Pages 250-264: C Herrera-Vizcaíno, E Dohle, S Al-Maawi, P Booms, R Sader, CJ Kirkpatrick, J Choukroun, S Ghanaati
Platelet-rich fibrin secretome induces three dimensional angiogenic activation in vitro

Pages 265-276: Z Ferrell, DW Grainger, KD Sinclair
Antibiotic-eluting resorbable bone-void filler evaluated in a large animal infection prevention model

Pages 227-291: C Knuth, C Kiernan, E Wolvius, R Narcisi, E Farrell
Understanding tissue-engineered endochondral ossification; towards improved bone formation

Pages 292-309: JJ El-Jawhari, K Moisley, E Jones, PV Giannoudis
A crosslinked collagen membrane versus a non-crosslinked bilayer collagen membrane for supporting osteogenic functions of human bone marrow-multipotent stromal cells

Pages 310-332: V Graceffa, DI Zeugolis
Carrageenan enhances chondrogenesis and osteogenesis in human bone marrow stem cell culture

Pages 333-346: P Korn, I Kramer, F Schlottig, N Tödtmann, U Eckelt, A Bürki, SJ Ferguson, A Kautz, M Schnabelrauch, U Range, M Kneissel, B Stadlinger
Systemic sclerostin antibody treatment increases osseointegration and biomechanical competence of zoledronic-acid-coated dental implants in a rat osteoporosis model

Pages 347-359: J Antoniou, LM Epure, MP Grant, H Richard, J Sampalis, PJ Roughley, S Laverty, F Mwale
Short link N acts as a disease modifying osteoarthritis drug

Pages 360-381: G Pattappa, J Zellner, B Johnstone, D Docheva, P Angele
Cells under pressure – the relationship between hydrostatic pressure and mesenchymal stem cell chondrogenesis

Pages 382-401: S Rumiński, I Kalaszczyńska, A Długosz, M Lewandowska-Szumieł
Osteogenic differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cells in 3D conditions – comparison of spheroids and polystyrene scaffolds

Pages 402-419: M Croes, MC Kruyt, W Boot, B Pouran, MVJ Braham, SA Pakpahan, H Weinans, HC Vogely, AC Fluit, WJA Dhert, J Alblas, FC Öner
The role of bacterial stimuli in inflammation-driven bone formation

Pages 420-430: RMY Wong, U Thormann, MHV Choy, YN Chim, MCM Li, JY Wang, KS Leung, JCY Cheng, V Alt, SKH Chow, WH Cheung
A metaphyseal fracture rat model for mechanistic studies of osteoporotic bone healing

Pages 431-443: RP Trombetta, KL de Mesy Bentley, EM Schwarz, SL Kate, HA Awad
A murine femoral ostectomy model with hardware exchange to assess antibiotic-impregnated spacers for implant-associated osteomyelitis

Pages 444-466: FI Alagboso, M Budak, U Sommer, S Ray, A Kaiser, M Kampschulte, A Henss, L Dürselen,C Biehl, KS Lips, C Heiss, U Thormann, V Alt
Establishment of a clinically relevant large animal model to assess the healing of metaphyseal bone

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