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Volume No 36 July - December 2018

Pages 1-14 : MM Gao, QN Su, TZ Liang, JX Ma, MJ Stoddart, RG Richards, ZY Zhou, XN Zou
Transcriptional activation of ENPP1 by osterix in osteoblasts and osteocytes

Pages 15-29 : CL Yang, YH Sun, WH Yu, XZ Yin, J Weng, B Feng
Modulation of macrophage phenotype through controlled release of interleukin-4 from gelatine coatings on titanium surfaces

Pages 30-43 : AK Haudenschild, BE Sherlock, X Zhou, JC Hu, JK Leach, L Marcu, KA Athanasiou
Nondestructive fluorescence lifetime imaging and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy detect cartilage matrix depletion and correlate with mechanical properties

Pages 44-56 : R Bell, MA Robles-Harris, M Anderson, D Laudier, MB Schaffler, EL Flatow, N Andarawis-Puri
Inhibition of apoptosis exacerbates fatigue-damage tendon injuries in an in vivo rat model

Pages 57-68 : J Melke, F Zhao, B van Rietbergen, K Ito, S Hofmann
Localisation of mineralised tissue in a complex spinner flask environment correlates with predicted wall shear stress level localisation

Pages 69-80 : T Onishi, T Shimizu, M Akahane, S Omokawa, A Okuda, T Kira, Y Inagak, Y Tanaka
Osteogenic extracellular matrix sheet for bone tissue regeneration

Pages 81-95 : J Antons, MGM Marascio, P Aeberhard, G Weissenberger, N Hirt-Burri, LA Applegate, PE Bourban, DP Pioletti
Decellularised tissues obtained by a CO2-philic detergent and supercritical CO2

Pages 96-109 : R Castro-Viñuelas, C Sanjurjo-Rodríguez, M Piñeiro-Ramil, T Hermida-Gómez, IM Fuentes-Boquete, FJ de Toro-Santos, FJ Blanco-García, SM Díaz-Prado
Induced pluripotent stem cells for cartilage repair: current status and future perspectives

Pages 110-127 : J Riegger, HG Palm, RE Brenner
The functional role of chondrogenic stem/progenitor cells: novel evidence for immunomodulatory properties and regenerative potential after cartilage injury

Pages 128-141 : L Germain, D Larouche, B Nedelec, I Perreault, L Duranceau, P Bortoluzzi, C Beaudoin Cloutier, H Genest, L Caouette-Laberge, A Dumas, A Bussière, E Boghossian, J Kanevsky, Y Leclerc, J Lee, MT Nguyen, V Bernier, BM Knoppers, VJ Moulin, FA Auger
Autologous bilayered self-assembled skin substitutes (SASSs) as permanent grafts: a case series of 14 severely burned patients indicating clinical effectiveness

Pages 142-155 : J Xu, A Nyga, W Li, X Zhang, N Gavara, MM Knight, JC Shelton
Cobalt ions stimulate a fibrotic response through matrix remodelling, fibroblast contraction and release of pro-fibrotic signals from macrophages

Pages 156-170 : A Martin-Pena, RM Porter, G Plumton, TM McCarrel, AJ Morton, MV Guijarro, SC Ghivizzani, B Sharma, GD Palmer
Lentiviral-based reporter constructs for profiling chondrogenic activity in primary equine cell populations

Pages 171-183 : R Hartman, P Patil, R Tisherman, C St. Croix, LJ Niedernhofer, PD Robbins, F Ambrosio, B Van Houten, G Sowa, N Vo
Age-dependent changes in intervertebral disc cell mitochondria and bioenergetics

Pages 184-199 : N Vanvelk, M Morgenstern, TF Moriarty, RG Richards, S Nijs, WJ Metsemakers
Preclinical in vivo models of fracture-related infection: a systematic review and critical appraisal

Pages 200-217 : DH Rosenzweig, R Fairag, AP Mathieu, L Li, D Eglin, M D’Este, T Steffen, MH Weber, JA Ouellet, L Haglund
Thermoreversible hyaluronan-hydrogel and autologous nucleus pulposus cell delivery regenerates human intervertebral discs in an ex vivo, physiological organ culture model

Pages 218-230 : S Khatab, GJVM van Osch, N Kops, YM Bastiaansen-Jenniskens, PK Bos, JAN Verhaar, MR Bernsen, GM van Buul
Mesenchymal stem cell secretome reduces pain and prevents cartilage damage in a murine osteoarthritis model

Pages 231-250 : A Sadowska, T Kameda, O Krupkova, K Wuertz-Kozak
Osmosensing, osmosignalling and inflammation: how intervertebral disc cells respond to altered osmolarity


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