eCM (Eur Cell Mater / e Cells & Materials) eCM Open Access Scientific Journal
 ISSN:1473-2262         NLM:100973416 (link)         DOI:10.22203/eCM

Volume No 45 January-June 2023

Pages 1-13: KJ Weekes, P Lam, C Kim, B Johnstone
Characterization of temporomandibular joint articular disc progenitor cell clones
Temporo-Mandibular Joint Special Issue manuscript

Pages 14-30: A Merkel, Y Chen, C Villani, A George
GRP78 promotes the osteogenic and angiogenic response in periodontal ligament stem cells
Dental Regenerative Biology special issue manuscript

Pages 31-45: Z Zhu, T Tang, Z He, F Wang, H Chen, G Chen, J Zhou, S Liu, J Wang, W Tian, D Chen, X Wu, X Liu, Z Zhou, S Liu
Uniaxial cyclic stretch enhances osteogenic differentiation of OPLL-derived primary cells via YAP-Wnt/β-catenin axis

Pages 46-59: W Li, S Trbojevic, JB Pineda-Farias, X Liu, MS Gold, AJ Almarza
Mandibular condylar process remodeling in rats with different bite-altering devices
Temporo-Mandibular Joint Special Issue manuscript

Pages 60-71: W Colyn, F Azari, J Bellemans, G Harry van Lenthe, L Scheys
Microstructural adaptations of the subchondral bone are related to the mechanical axis deviation in end stage varus OA knees
Bone Mechanics and Mechanobiology Special Issue manuscript

Pages 72-87: L Paillat, K Coutant, M Dutilleul, S Le Lay, A Camus
Three-dimensional culture model to study the biology of vacuolated notochordal cells from mouse nucleus pulposus explants

Pages 88-112: E Salzer, TC Schmitz, VHM Mouser, A Vernengo, B Gantenbein, JU Jansen, C Neidlinger-Wilke, H-J Wilke, S Grad, CL Le Maitre, MA Tryfonidou, K Ito
Ex vivo intervertebral disc cultures: degeneration-induction methods and their implications for clinical translation

Pages 113-130: M Bagheri Varzaneh, Y Zhao, J Rozynek, M Han, DA Reed
Disrupting mechanical homeostasis promotes matrix metalloproteinase-13 mediated processing of neuron glial antigen 2 in mandibular condylar cartilage
Temporo-Mandibular Joint Special Issue manuscript

Pages 131-142: N Jiang, J Zhang, Z Li, SS Zhu
Scaffold-based tissue engineering strategies for temporomandibular joint disc regeneration and replacement
Temporo-Mandibular Joint Special Issue manuscript

Pages 143-157: V Shang, J Li, CB Little, JJ Li
Understanding the effects of mesenchymal stromal cell therapy for treating osteoarthritis using an in vitro co-culture model

Pages 158-172: M Joyce, T Hodgkinson, M Lemoine, A González-Vázquez, DJ Kelly, FJ O’Brien
Development of a 3D-printed bioabsorbable composite scaffold with mechanical properties suitable for treating large, load-bearingarticular cartilage defects

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