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Volume No 44 July-December 2022

Li et al. (2022), best graphical abstract July-December 2022

Pages 1-20: A Gomez-Collignon, R Brown, A Carr, S Dakin, A Lach, C Loizou, M Rogers, R Sharp, A Kendal
Single cell multi-omics characterise discrete human tendon cells populations that persist in vitro and on fibrous scaffolds
Tendon and Ligament special issue manuscript

Pages 21-42: E Bakirci, OT Guenat, SS Ahmad, B Gantenbein
Tissue engineering approaches for the repair and regeneration of the anterior cruciate ligament: towards 3D bioprinted ACL-on-chip
Tendon and Ligament special issue manuscript

Pages 43-55: CJ Peniche Silva, SA Müller, N Quirk, RE De la Vega, MJ Coenen, CH Evans, ER Balmayor, M van Griensven
Enthesis: not the same in each localisation – a molecular, histological and biomechanical study
Tendon and Ligament special issue manuscript

Pages 56-73: D Boaretti, E Wehrle, YD Bansod, DC Tourolle né Betts, R Müller
Perspectives on in silico bone mechanobiology: computational modelling of multicellular systems
Bone Mechanics and Mechanobiology special issue manuscript

Pages 74-89: KH Li, Y Zhu, PH Zhang, M Alini, S Grad, Z Li
Osteochondral explants for diarthrodial joint diseases: bridging the gap between bench and bedside

Pages 90-100: S Huber, S Günther, E Cambria, M Leunig, SJ Ferguson
Physiological stretching induces a differential extracellular matrix gene expression response in acetabular labrum cells

Pages 101-114: I Heggli, U Blache, N Herger, T Mengis, PK Jaeger, R Schuepbach, N Farshad-Amacker, F Brunner, JG Snedeker, M Farshad, O Distler, S Dudli
FGF2 overrides key pro-fibrotic features of bone marrow stromal cells isolated from Modic type 1 change patients

Pages 115-132: V Sotiriou, Y Huang, S Ahmed, H Isaksson, NC Nowlan
Prenatal murine skeletogenesis partially recovers from absent skeletal muscle as development progresses
Bone Mechanics and Mechanobiology special issue manuscript

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