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Volume No 9 January - June 2005

Pages 1-8 : M. J. Dalby et al.
Morphological and microarray analysis of human fibroblasts cultured on nanocolumns produced by colloidal lithography

Pages 9-12 : L. Pramatarova et al.
Hydroxyapatite growth induced by native extracellular matrix deposition on solid surfaces

Pages 13-22 : J.S. Huntley et al.
Use of non-degenerate human osteochondral tissue and confocal laser scanning microscopy for the study of chondrocyte death at cartilage surgery

Pages 23-32 : S. N. Redman et al.
Current strategies for articular cartilage repair

Pages 33-38 : A. Boyde et al.
Combining confocal and BSE SEM imaging for bone block surfaces

Pages 39-49 : U. Meyer et al.
Basic reactions of osteoblasts on structured material surfaces

Pages 50-57 : A. S. G. Curtis et al.
An in vivo microfabricated scaffold for tendon repair

Pages 58-67 : K.H. Chua et al.
Insulin-Transferrin-Selenium Prevent Human Chondrocyte Dedifferentiation And Promote The Formation Of High Quality Tissue Engineered Human Hyaline Cartilage

Pages 68-84 : L.C. Hughes et al.
The ultrastructure of mouse articular cartilage: Collagen orientation and implications for tissue functionality. A polarised light and scanning electron microscope study and review

Pages 85-96 : G.Rh. Owen et al.
Focal adhesion quantification - A new assay of material biocompatibility? : Review


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