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Volume No 10 July - December 2005

Pages 1-7 : D Mareci et al.
The electrochemical behaviour of various non-precious Ni and Co based alloys in artificial saliva

Pages 8-22 : I Gerber et al.
Stimulatory effects of creatine on metabolic activity, differentiation and mineralization of primary osteoblast-like cells in monolayer and micromass cell cultures

Pages 23-30 : A Kushida et al.
A noninvasive transfer system for polarized renal tubule epithelial cell sheets using temperature-responsive culture dishes

Pages 31-39 : PL Granja et al.
Mineralization of regenerated cellulose hydrogels induced by human bone marrow stromal cells

Pages 40-50 : M Ulrich-Vinther et al.
Adeno-Associated Vector mediated gene transfer of Transforming Growth Factor -beta1 to normal and osteoarthritic human chondrocytes stimulates cartilage anabolism

Pages 51-60 : E David-Vaudey et al.
Fourier transform infrared imaging of focal lesions in Human osteoarthritic cartilage

Pages 61-69 : L Klembt Andersen et al.
Cell volume increase in murine MC3T3-E1 pre-osteoblasts attaching onto biocompatible Tantalum observed by magnetic AC mode Atomic Force Microscopy

Pages 70-77 : J Harle et al.
Effects of ultrasound on Transforming Growth Factor-beta genes in bone cells


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