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Volume No 20 July - December 2010

Pages 1-12 : M Bohner
Design of ceramic-based cements and putties for bone graft substitution

Pages 13-23 : E Lucarelli, R Beretta, B Dozza, PL Tazzari, SM O’Connell, F Ricci, M Pierini, S Squarzoni, PP Pagliaro, EI Oprita, D Donati
A recently developed bifacial platelet-rich fibrin matrix

Pages 24-37 : B Scholz, C Kinzelmann, K Benz, J Mollenhauer, H Wurst, B Schlosshauer
Suppression of adverse angiogenesis in an albumin-based hydrogel for articular cartilage and intervertebral disc regeneration

Pages 38-44 : E Piccinini, N Sadr, I Martin
Ceramic materials lead to underestimated DNA quantifications: a method for reliable measurements

Pages 45-57 : A Sittichokechaiwut, JH Edwards, AM Scutt, GC Reilly
Short bouts of mechanical loading are as effective as dexamethasone at inducing matrix production by human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells

Pages 58-71 : AJ Wirth, R Müller, GH van Lenthe
Computational analyses of small endosseous implants in osteoporotic bone

Pages 72-83 : O Trubiani, S Fulle, T Traini, M Paludi, R la Rovere, M Orciani, S Caputi, A Piattelli
Functional assay, expression of growth factors and proteins modulating bone-arrangement in human osteoblasts seeded on an anorganic bovine bone biomaterial

Pages 84-97 : S Pauly, F Klatte, C Strobel, G Schmidmaier, S Greiner, M Scheibel, B Wildemann
Characterization of tendon cell cultures of the human rotator cuff

Pages 98-108 : JS Hayes, IM Khan, CW Archer, RG Richards
The role of surface microtopography in the modulation of osteoblast differentiation

Pages 109-120 : C Zong, D Xue, W Yuan, W Wang, D Shen, X Tong, D Shi, L Liu, Q Zheng, C Gao, J Wang
Reconstruction of rat calvarial defects with human mesenchymal stem cells and osteoblast-like cells in poly-lactic-co-glycolic acid scaffolds

Pages 121-133 : A Augello, TB Kurth, C De Bari
Mesenchymal stem cells: a perspective from in vitro cultures to in vivo migration and niches

Pages 134-148 : L Calderon, E Collin, D Velasco-Bayon, M Murphy, D O’Halloran, A Pandit
Type II collagen-hyaluronan hydrogel – a step towards a scaffold for intervertebral disc tissue engineering

Pages 149-161 : K Jähn, RG Richards, CW Archer, MJ Stoddart
Pellet culture model for human primary osteoblasts

Pages 162-177 : S Pina, SI Vieira, P Rego, PMC Torres, OAB da Cruz e Silva, EF da Cruz e Silva, JMF Ferreira
Biological responses of brushite-forming Zn- and ZnSr- substituted beta-tricalcium phosphate bone cements

Pages 178-196 : J Isaac, A Galtayries, T Kizuki, T Kokubo, A Berdal, J-M Sautier
Bioengineered titanium surfaces affect the gene-expression and phenotypic response of osteoprogenitor cells derived from mouse calvarial bones

Pages 197-209 : Q Ye, Q Xing, Y Ren, MC Harmsen, RA Bank
Endo180 and MT1-MMP are involved in the phagocytosis of collagen scaffolds by macrophages and is regulated by interferon-gamma

Pages 210-217 : F Dell’accio, TL Vincent
Joint surface defects: clinical course and cellular response in spontaneous and experimental lesions

Pages 218-230 : JP Gleeson, NA Plunkett, FJ O’Brien
Addition of hydroxyapatite improves stiffness, interconnectivity and osteogenic potential of a highly porous collagen-based scaffold for bone tissue regeneration

Pages 231-244 : F D’Angelo, I Armentano, S Mattioli, L Crispoltoni, R Tiribuzi, GG Cerulli, CA Palmerini, JM Kenny, S Martino, A Orlacchio
Micropatterned hydrogenated amorphous carbon guides mesenchymal stem cells towards neuronal differentiation

Pages 245-259 : S Giovannini, J Diaz-Romero, T Aigner, P Heini, P Mainil-Varlet, D Nesic
Micromass co-culture of human articular chondrocytes and human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells to investigate stable neocartilage tissue formation in vitro

Pages 260-273 : T Calvo-Fernández, J Parra, M Fernández-Gutiérrez, B Vázquez-Lasa, A López-Bravo, F Collía, MA Pérez de la Cruz, J San Román
Biocompatibility of alendronate-loaded acrylic cement for vertebroplasty

Pages 274-281 : U Cheema, T Alekseeva, EA Abou-Neel, RA Brown
Switching off angiogenic signalling: creating channelled constructs for adequate oxygen delivery in tissue engineered constructs

Pages 282-294 : MK Pec, R Reyes, E Sánchez, D Carballar, A Delgado, J Santamaría, M Arruebo, C Evora
Reticulated vitreous carbon: a useful material for cell adhesion and tissue invasion

Pages 295-305 : F Paino, G Ricci, A De Rosa, R D’Aquino, L Laino, G Pirozzi, V Tirino, G Papaccio
Ecto-mesenchymal stem cells from dental pulp are committed to differentiate into active melanocytes

Pages 306-315 : C Schizas, G Kulik, V Kosmopoulos
Disc degeneration: current surgical options

Pages 316-328 : D Vonwil, M Schuler, A Barbero, S Ströbel, D Wendt, M Textor, U Aebi, I Martin
An RGD-restricted substrate interface is sufficient for the adhesion, growth and cartilage forming capacity of human chondrocytes

Pages 329-343 : E Lamers, R van Horssen, J te Riet, FCMJM van Delft, R Luttge, XF Walboomers, JA Jansen
The influence of nanoscale topographical cues on initial osteoblast morphology and migration

Pages 344-355 : L Seefried, S Mueller-Deubert, T Schwarz, T Lind, B Mentrup, M Kober, D Docheva, A Liedert, M Kassem, A Ignatius, M Schieker, L Claes, W Wilke, F Jakob, R Ebert
A small scale cell culture system to analyze mechanobiology using reporter gene constructs and polyurethane dishes

Pages 356-366 : MW Laschke, H Mussawy, S Schuler, D Eglin, M Alini, MD Menger
Promoting external inosculation of prevascularised tissue constructs by pre-cultivation in an angiogenic extracellular matrix

Pages 367-378 : Y Lópiz-Morales, A Abarrategi, V Ramos, C Moreno-Vicente, L López-Durán, JL López-Lacomba, F Marco
In vivo comparison of the effects of RHBMP-2 and RHBMP-4 in osteochondral tissue regeneration

Pages 379-392 : CC Mouline, D Quincey, J-P Laugier, GF Carle, J-M Bouler, N Rochet, J-C Scimeca
Osteoclastic differentiation of mouse and human monocytes in a plasma clot/biphasic calcium phosphate microparticles composite

Pages 393-402 : C Nishio, R Wazen, S Kuroda, P Moffatt, A Nanci
Expression pattern of odontogenic ameloblast-associated and amelotin during formation and regeneration of the junctional epithelium

Pages 403-414 : S Verrier, TR Meury, L Kupcsik, P Heini, T Stoll, M Alini
Platelet-released supernatant induces osteoblastic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells: potential role of BMP-2

Pages 415-430 : C-Y Yang, L-Y Huang, T-L Shen, JA Yeh
Cell adhesion, morphology and biochemistry on nano-topographic oxidized silicon surfaces

Pages 431-442 : NYC Yu, A Schindeler, L Peacock, K Mikulec, PA Baldock, AJ Ruys, DG Little
In vivo local co-delivery of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-7 and pamidronate via poly-D, L-lactic acid

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