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Volume No 25 January - June 2013

Pages 1-21 : CC Guterl, EY See, SBG Blanquer, A Pandit, SJ Ferguson, LM Benneker, DW Grijpma, D Sakai, D Eglin, M Alini, JC Iatridis, S Grad
Challenges and strategies in the repair of ruptured annulus fibrosus

Pages 22-36 : F Tamimi, P Comeau, D Le Nihouannen, YL Zhang, DC Bassett, S Khalili, U Gbureck, SD Tran, S Komarova, JE Barralet
Perfluorodecalin and bone regeneration

Pages 37-47 : A Ode, J Schoon, A Kurtz, M Gaetjen, JE Ode, S Geissler, GN Duda
CD73/5’-ecto-nucleotidase acts as a regulatory factor in osteo-/chondrogenic differentiation of mechanically stimulated mesenchymal stromal cells

Pages 48-60 : CT Thorpe, CP Udeze, HL Birch, PD Clegg, HRC Screen
Capacity for sliding between tendon fascicles decreases with ageing in injury prone equine tendons: a possible mechanism for age-related tendinopathy?

Pages 61-77 : AWJM Glaudemans, F Galli, M Pacilio, A Signore
Leukocyte and bacteria imaging in prosthetic joint infection

Pages 78-96 : PPY Lui, YW Lee, TY Mok, YC Cheuk, KM Chan
Alendronate reduced peri-tunnel bone loss and enhanced tendon graft to bone tunnel healing in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Pages 97-113 : J-L Milan, S Lavenus, P Pilet, G Louarn, S Wendling, D Heymann, P Layrolle, P Chabrand
Computational model combined with in vitro experiments to analyse mechanotransduction during mesenchymal stem cell adhesion

Pages 114-129 : A Phadke, Y Hwang, S Hee Kim, S Hyun Kim, T Yamaguchi, K Masuda, S Varghese
Effect of scaffold microarchitecture on osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells

Pages 130-143 : NJ Turner, SF Badylak
Biologic scaffolds for musculotendinous tissue repair

Pages 144-158 : L Tirkkonen, S Haimi, S Huttunen, J Wolff, E Pirhonen, GK Sándor, S Miettinen
Osteogenic medium is superior to growth factors in differentiation of human adipose stem cells towards bone-forming cells in 3D culture

Pages 159-166 : M Clauss, U Furustrand Tafin, A Bizzini, A Trampuz, T Ilchmann
Biofilm formation by staphylococci on fresh, fresh-frozen and processed human and bovine bone grafts

Pages 167-178 : AJ Steward, DR Wagner, DJ Kelly
The pericellular environment regulates cytoskeletal development and the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells and determines their response to hydrostatic pressure

Pages 179-189 : G Kerckhofs, J Sainz, M Wevers, T Van de Putte, J Schrooten
Contrast-enhanced nanofocus computed tomography images the cartilage subtissue architecture in three dimensions

Pages 190-203 : NYC Yu, A Schindeler, L Peacock, K Mikulec, J Fitzpatrick, AJ Ruys, JJ Cooper-White, DG Little
Modulation of anabolic and catabolic responses via a porous polymer scaffold manufactured using thermally induced phase separation

Pages 204-214 : RS McDonald, S Gupta, M Maclean, P Ramakrishnan, JG Anderson, SJ MacGregor, RMD Meek, MH Grant
405 nm light exposure of osteoblasts and inactivation of bacterial isolates from arthroplasty patients: potential for new disinfection applications?

Pages 215-228 : EAJM Schulten, H-J Prins, JR Overman, MN Helder, CM ten Bruggenkate, J Klein-Nulend
A novel approach revealing the effect of a collagenous membrane on osteoconduction in maxillary sinus floor elevation with β-tricalcium phosphate

Pages 229-247 : H Madry, G Kaul, D Zurakowski, G Vunjak-Novakovic, M Cucchiarini
Cartilage constructs engineered from chondrocytes overexpressing IGF-I improve the repair of osteochondral defects in a rabbit model

Pages 248-267 : B Johnstone, M Alini, M Cucchiarini, GR Dodge, D Eglin, F Guilak, H Madry, A Mata, R Mauck, CE Semino, MJ Stoddart
Tissue engineering for articular cartilage repair – the state of the art

Pages 268-283 : P Madiraju, R Gawri, H Wang, J Antoniou, F Mwale
Mechanism of parathyroid hormone-mediated suppression of calcification markers in human intervertebral disc cells

Pages 284-298 : D Tie, F Feyerabend, W-D Müller, R Schade, K Liefeith, KU Kainer, R Willumeit
Antibacterial biodegradable Mg-Ag alloys

Pages 299-316 : P Orth, M Cucchiarini, D Kohn, H Madry
Alterations of the subchondral bone in osteochondral repair – translational data and clinical evidence

Pages 317-325 : K Gellynck, R Shah, D Deng, M Parkar, W Liu, JC Knowles, P Buxton
Cell cytoskeletal changes effected by static compressive stress lead to changes in the contractile properties of tissue regenerative collagen membranes

Pages 326-340 : B Stadlinger, P Korn, N Tödtmann, U Eckelt, U Range, A Bürki, SJ Ferguson, I Kramer, A Kautz, M Schnabelrauch, M Kneissel, F Schlottig
Osseointegration of biochemically modified implants in an osteoporosis rodent model

Pages 341-350 : T Hamza, M Dietz, D Pham, N Clovis, S Danley, B Li
Intra-cellular Staphylococcus aureus alone causes infection in vivo

Pages 351-365 : R Reyes, MK Pec, E Sánchez, C del Rosario, A Delgado, C Évora
Comparative, osteochondral defect repair: Stem cells versus chondrocytes versus Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2, solely or in combination

Pages 366-379 : M Mehta, M Heyland, D Toben, GN Duda
Microstructure and homogeneity of distribution of mineralised struts determine callus strength

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