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Volume No 24 July - December 2012

Pages i-ii : MJ Stoddart, RG Richards, M Alini
In vitro experiments with primary mammalian cells: To Pool or not to Pool?

Pages 1-17 : EM Czekanska, MJ Stoddart, RG Richards, JS Hayes
In search of an osteoblast cell model for in vitro research

Pages 18-28 : E Ferreira, E Potier, P Vaudin, K Oudina, M Bensidhoum, D Logeart-Avramoglou, LM Mir, H Petite
Sustained and promoter dependent bone morphogenetic protein expression by rat mesenchymal stem cells after BMP-2 transgene electrotransfer

Pages 29-45 : AH Huang, BM Baker, GA Ateshian, RL Mauck
Sliding contact loading enhances the tensile properties of mesenchymal stem cell-seeded hydrogels

Pages 46-59 : C Galli, M Piemontese, S Lumetti, E Manfredi, GM Macaluso, G Passeri
The importance of WNT pathways for bone metabolism and their regulation by implant topography

Pages 60-73 : E Kaivosoja, S Virtanen, R Rautemaa, R Lappalainen, YT Konttinen
Spectroscopy in the analysis of bacterial and eukaryotic cell footprints on implant surfaces

Pages 74-89 : F Klatte-Schulz, S Pauly, M Scheibel, S Greiner, C Gerhardt, G Schmidmaier, B Wildemann
Influence of age on the cell biological characteristics and the stimulation potential of male human tenocyte-like cells

Pages 90-106 : A Aguirre, A González, M Navarro, Ó Castaño, JA Planell, E Engel
Control of microenvironmental cues with a smart biomaterial composite promotes endothelial progenitor cell angiogenesis

Pages 107-117 : A Carli, C Gao, M Khayyat-Kholghi, A Li, H Wang, C Ladel, EJ Harvey, JE Henderson
FGF18 augments osseointegration of intra-medullary implants in osteopenic FGFR3-/- mice

Pages 118-135 : D Studer, C Millan, E Öztürk, K Maniura-Weber, M Zenobi-Wong
Molecular and biophysical mechanisms regulating hypertrophic differentiation in chondrocytes and mesenchymal stem cells

Pages 136-153 : MI Oliveira, SG Santos, MJ Oliveira, AL Torres, MA Barbosa
Chitosan drives anti-inflammatory macrophage polarisation and pro-inflammatory dendritic cell stimulation

Pages 154-161 : A Boyde
Staining plastic blocks with triiodide to image cells and soft tissues in backscattered electron SEM of skeletal and dental tissues

Pages 162-174 : RM Delaine-Smith, S MacNeil, GC Reilly
Matrix production and collagen structure are enhanced in two types of osteogenic progenitor cells by a simple fluid shear stress stimulus

Pages 175-196 : D Kuraitis, D Ebadi, P Zhang, E Rizzuto, B Vulesevic, DT Padavan, A Al Madhoun, KA McEwan, T Sofrenovic, K Nicholson, SC Whitman, TG Mesana, IS Skerjanc, A Musarò, M Ruel, EJ Suuronen
Injected matrix stimulates myogenesis and regeneration of mouse skeletal muscle after ischaemic injury

Pages 197-210 : K Jähn, N Lara-Castillo, L Brotto, CL Mo, ML Johnson, M Brotto, LF Bonewald
Skeletal muscle secreted factors prevent glucocorticoid-induced osteocyte apoptosis through activation of β-catenin

Pages 211-223 : ND Evans, RJ Swain, E Gentleman, MM Gentleman, MM Stevens
Gene-expression analysis reveals that embryonic stem cells cultured under osteogenic conditions produce mineral non-specifically compared to marrow stromal cells or osteoblasts

Pages 224-236 : M Mumme, C Scotti, A Papadimitropoulos, A Todorov, W Hoffmann, C Bocelli-Tyndall, M Jakob, D Wendt, I Martin, A Barbero
Interleukin-1β modulates endochondral ossification by human adult bone marrow stromal cells

Pages 237-248 : XN Chen, YX Gu, JH Lee, WY Lee, HJ Wang
Multifunctional surfaces with biomimetic nanofibres and drug-eluting micro-patterns for infection control and bone tissue formation

Pages 249-265 : N Bryan, H Ahswin, N Smart, Y Bayon, S Wohlert, JA Hunt
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) – a family of fate deciding molecules pivotal in constructive inflammation and wound healing

Pages 266-277 : MW Laschke, S Kleer, C Scheuer, S Schuler, P Garcia, D Eglin, M Alini, MD Menger
Vascularisation of porous scaffolds is improved by incorporation of adipose tissue-derived microvascular fragments

Pages 278-291 : J Klein-Nulend, RG Bacabac, AD Bakker
Mechanical loading and how it affects bone cells: The role of the osteocyte cytoskeleton in maintaining our skeleton

Pages 292-307 : W Ando, H Fujie, Y Moriguchi, R Nansai, K Shimomura, DA Hart, H Yoshikawa, N Nakamura
Detection of abnormalities in the superficial zone of cartilage repaired using a tissue engineered construct derived from synovial stem cells

Pages 308-319 : A Mehrkens, F Saxer, S Güven, W Hoffmann, AM Müller, M Jakob, FE Weber, I Martin, A Scherberich
Intraoperative engineering of osteogenic grafts combining freshly harvested, human adipose-derived cells and physiological doses of bone morphogenetic protein-2

Pages 320-330 : A Tuin, J Zandstra, SG Kluijtmans, JB Bouwstra, MC Harmsen, MJA Van Luyn
Hyaluronic acid-recombinant gelatin gels as a scaffold for soft tissue regeneration

Pages 331-343 : SI Jeong, O Jeon, MD Krebs, MC Hill, E Alsberg
Biodegradable photo-crosslinked alginate nanofibre scaffolds with tuneable physical properties, cell adhesivity and growth factor release

Pages 344-357 : O Hakimi, R Murphy, U Stachewicz, S Hislop, AJ Carr
An electrospun polydioxanone patch for the localisation of biological therapies during tendon repair

Pages 358-371 : M Mehta, S Checa, J Lienau, D Hutmacher, GN Duda
In vivo tracking of segmental bone defect healing reveals that callus patterning is related to early mechanical stimuli

Pages 372-385 : R Oheim, M Amling, A Ignatius, P Pogoda
Large animal model for osteoporosis in humans: the ewe

Pages 386-402 : A Foka, MG Katsikogianni, ED Anastassiou, I Spiliopoulou, YF Missirlis
The combined effect of surface chemistry and flow conditions on Staphylococcus epidermidis adhesion and ica operon expression

Pages 403-425 : D Mattinzoli, P Messa, A Corbelli, M Ikehata, C Zennaro, S Armelloni, M Li, L Giardino, MP Rastaldi
A novel model of in vitro osteocytogenesis induced by retinoic acid treatment

Pages 426-440 : C Schiraldi, A Stellavato, A D’Agostino, V Tirino, R d’Aquino, A Woloszyk, A De Rosa, L Laino, G Papaccio, TA Mitsiadis
Fighting for territories: time-lapse analysis of dental pulp and dental follicle stem cells in co-culture reveals specific migratory capabilities

Pages 441-458 : J Regelsberger, P Milovanovic, T Schmidt, M Hahn, EA Zimmermann, M Tsokos, J Zustin, RO Ritchie, M Amling, B Busse
Changes to the cell, tissue and architecture levels in cranial suture synostosis reveal a problem of timing in bone development

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