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Volume No 26 July - December 2013

Pages 1-14 : P Garcia, T Histing, JH Holstein, M Klein, MW Laschke, R Matthys, A Ignatius, B Wildemann, J Lienau, A Peters, B Willie, G Duda, L Claes, T Pohlemann, MD Menger
Rodent animal models of delayed bone healing and non-union formation: a comprehensive review

Pages 15-32 : A Marmotti, M Bruzzone, DE Bonasia, F Castoldi, MM Von Degerfeld, C Bignardi, S Mattia, A Maiello, R Rossi, GM Peretti
Autologous cartilage fragments in a composite scaffold for one stage osteochondral repair in a goat model

Pages 33-48 : C Cluzel, L Blond, P Fontaine, J Olive, S Laverty
Foetal and postnatal equine articular cartilage development: magnetic resonance imaging and polarised light microscopy

Pages 49-65 : F Duttenhoefer, R Lara de Freitas, T Meury, M Loibl, LM Benneker, M Herrmann, RG Richards, M Alini, S Verrier
3D scaffolds co-seeded with human endothelial progenitor and mesenchymal stem cells: Evidence of prevascularisation within 7 days

Pages 66-79 : K Grote, M Petri, C Liu, P Jehn, S Spalthoff, H Kokemüller, M Luchtefeld, T Tschernig, C Krettek, C Haasper, M Jagodzinski
Toll-like receptor 2/6-dependent stimulation of mesenchymal stem cells promotes angiogenesis by paracrine factors

Pages 80-90 : M Beekhuizen, GJVM van Osch, AGJ Bot, MCL Hoekstra, DBF Saris, WJA Dhert, LB Creemers
Inhibition of oncostatin M in osteoarthritic synovial fluid enhances GAG production in osteoarthritic cartilage repair

Pages 91-106 : EL Smith, JM Kanczler, ROC Oreffo
A new take on an old story: chick limb organ culture for skeletal niche development and regenerative medicine evaluation

Pages 107-119 : R Gawri, J Antoniou, J Ouellet, W Awwad, T Steffen, P Roughley, L Haglund, F Mwale
Best Paper NASS 2013: Link-N can stimulate proteoglycan synthesis in the degenerated human intervertebral discs

Pages 120-132 : CM Murphy, FJ O’Brien, DG Little, A Schindeler
Cell-scaffold interactions in the bone tissue engineering triad

Pages 133-149 : C Fotia, GML Messina, G Marletta, N Baldini, G Ciapetti
Hyaluronan-based pericellular matrix: substrate electrostatic charges and early cell adhesion events

Pages 150-170 : C Scotti, MT Hirschmann, P Antinolfi, I Martin, GM Peretti
Meniscus repair and regeneration: review on current methods and research potential

Pages 171-178 : P Abdel-Sayed, A Vogel, MN Moghadam, DP Pioletti
Cartilage self-heating contributes to chondrogenic expression

Pages 179-194 : G-S Huang, C-S Tseng, B Linju Yen, L-G Dai, P-S Hsieh, S-h Hsu
Solid freeform-fabricated scaffolds designed to carry multicellular mesenchymal stem cell spheroids for cartilage regeneration

Pages 195-207 : C Gao, EJ Harvey, M Chua, BP Chen, F Jiang, Y Liu, A Li, H Wang, JE Henderson
MSC-seeded dense collagen scaffolds with a bolus dose of VEGF promote healing of large bone defects

Pages 208-221 : TL Cheng, P Valtchev, CM Murphy, LC Cantrill, F Dehghani, DG Little, A Schindeler
A sugar-based phase-transitioning delivery system for bone tissue engineering

Pages 222-233 : R Walser, W Metzger, A Görg, T Pohlemann, MD Menger, MW Laschke
Generation of co-culture spheroids as vascularisation units for bone tissue engineering

Pages 234-251 : RS Nirmal, PD Nair
Significance of soluble growth factors in the chondrogenic response of human umbilical cord matrix stem cells in a porous three dimensional scaffold

Pages 252-262 : SM Churchman, D Kouroupis, SA Boxall, T Roshdy, HB Tan, D McGonagle, PV Giannoudis, EA Jones
Yield optimisation and molecular characterisation of uncultured CD271+ mesenchymal stem cells in the reamer irrigator aspirator waste bag

Pages 263-271 : SG Yan, J Zhang, Q Tu, JH Ye, E Luo, M Schuler, MM Dard, Y Yu, D Murray, DL Cochran, SH Kim, P Yang, J Chen
Transcription factor and bone marrow stromal cells in osseointegration of dental implants

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